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Top search engine market share statistics and Facts in 2019

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When it comes to online search, users can select from more than 20 various search engines. You will find the new and greatest SEO statistics, SEO facts, search marketing stats, and figures for 2019. SEO is even varying and so, SEO facts and figures are also changing. It is extremely important to know how the latest trends are also shaping, what the numbers of games are and how customers are using search to find out details online. So, the search engine market share statistics in 2019 hold a few hard true facts and figures.

Google does not directly search engine market share, it governs

Nearly 95% market share in 2019, Google declares the top spot with easiness. When search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu comes at two, three, and four places, their market share does not compare to Google, a major search engine. Google’s power of the search market is unique, resulting in the claims that the firm maintains domination on search. For users, Google gives accurately whatever they need.

Since the search engine started in 1998, it has passed countless updates, refining its algorithm to offer users with relevant and affirmative outcomes, and seamless search experience. The firm’s capability to provide personalized consequences, based on the amazing features such as location and browsing history, and improves its value.

It gives emphasis to which search engine digital marketers must concentrate on SEO. When companies may get website traffic from Bing and Yahoo, it’s Google that sends the huge traffic and establishes higher standards for search engine algorithms.

Amazon thinks again how users find and shop, detaining search market share

In the current years, analysts have observed a change in the search market share between Google and Amazon. Recently, more than 50% of product searches on Amazon, not on Google. While product searches are only one small part of 3.5 billion searches that Google processes day by day, they still contribute to the firm’s search market share. They also affect Google’s business model, which involves PPC advertising. A product search on Google promotes a series of shopping ads, which cheer users to click and purchase the item advertised.

Bing influences Yahoo! to capitalize on its search engine market share

While looking at the search market share of Bing in 2019, a lot of users do not remember about the search engine’s deal with Yahoo, another leading search engine. This harmony distorts the search engine market share of both Bing and Yahoo.

Although Yahoo and Bing operate as separate sites, they rely on the Bing search algorithm. Whether some users may like Yahoo, not several of them realize that their outcomes come from Bing, rather than Yahoo. From a positive perspective, you could see at the search market share of Yahoo as proof of the company’s brand value.

Facebook Continues to leverage through privacy humiliation

In 2018, Facebook passed through a series of setback due to privacy scandals and data breaches. When the click and users are not pleased with the social media network, it continues to do well in the search market and its revenue channels. From a search market viewpoint, Facebook claims nearly 1% of U.S. search engine market share. While irrelevant in comparison to Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, it is an important amount for a social media network.

The global search engine market in 2019

Seeking for a full breakdown of the global search engine market share in 2019? Get full details of top ten search engines globally-

Search Engine                                    Global Market Share

  1. Google                                                                      76%
  2. Baidu                                                                         15%
  3. Bing                                                                            4%
  4. Yahoo!                                                                       2%
  5. Yandex                                                                     0.6%
  6. Ask                                                                            0.2%
  7. DuckDuckGo                                                           0.1%
  8. Naver                                                                       0.1%
  9. AOL                                                                       0.04%
  10. Dogpile                                                                0.03%

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