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Social media platforms are one of the convenient ways to promote your brands and services. With billions of users on social media, it has proven itself an excellent marketing strategy. The reason being, it gives you an opportunity to attract millions of authenticated and organic traffic. One such platform worth praising is Twitter. Yes, a social media network, with an image of keeping you up-to-date with the latest news around the world. But most of the people do not know the prowess it has to market the brand and boost the promotion. In a way, Twitter marketing can help you increase the sales of your product by reaching out to the millions of people worldwide. Instead, it's not just a million, but you got an opportunity to showcase your product to 330 million active monthly Twitter users. A mammoth figure.

Do you know Twitter exceeds Facebook in a few stats? Indeed a shocking revelation for you. As per research, on Twitter, 37% of the users' age 18-29 vs 30% on Facebook. In addition, the 40% of users on Twitter are college-educated vs just 28% on Facebook. Also, 30% of Twitter user's income exceeds $80k vs 25% on Facebook. These demographics compel the business owners to be serious about Twitter marketing services and, most importantly, selecting the right Twitter marketing agency.


Partner With Top Twitter Marketing Company To Boost Your Revenue

Twitter has more valuable users, and that's why Twitter marketing has an added advantage of generating more significant revenue in comparison to other social media campaigns. In fact, 60% of social media marketers consider Twitter as the best way to increase ROI. Why is Twitter emerging as the best campaigning media? It's all because of the way people engage and communicate with brands. More engagement means more room for sales conversion and more revenue.

With all these things in mind, there is a need to choose the best Twitter advertising company which can help you optimize and sell your goods and services in a well-planned manner. The agency should have an expert team that is well-versed with the latest tools and techniques to run a successful Twitter marketing campaign.

Running an advertising campaign on Twitter is not a one-shot task. Instead, it takes effort along with following the best practices to reach the mass. The Twitter marketing agency must have experience with a proven track record to bring sales and boost revenue. In general, it's not a one-way-fit for all approaches. Instead, the agency must incur the tailored Twitter strategy for a particular business, considering the budget and size. Occasionally, the agency will have to adjust the Twitter ads as per a specific set of audiences. The company that is flexible for brands while considering the consumers at the same time should be chosen for Twitter marketing services.

PNJ Sharptech – The Premiere Twitter Marketing Agency

PNJ Sharptech is the leading Twitter marketing agency with a team of social media marketing experts who have delivered the proven results. Our accurate Twitter marketing strategy and dedicated data-driven solutions have generated the sales for hundreds of clients on Twitter. Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have maximized their ROIs by taking our Twitter marketing services and growth-driven approach. We lead because we focus on businesses along with their customers.

Our tailored campaigns have won us accolades from several industries. PNJ Sharptech's marketing strategy consists of the creative team and social media advertising professionals. We have trained our team with the required tools to launch the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns as per your business's needs. Moreover, you can measure the success with the hard data and analytics that we will provide you. With this, you can drive further development and strategize the Twitter ad campaign.

We provide Twitter marketing services right from the beginning of the product launch until it becomes successful. You can expect the best ROIs with our premiere Twitter advertising strategies. Get in touch with the PNJ Sharptech's marketing team and unlock the potential of your business to skyrocket the revenues.


How We Launch Your Twitter Marketing Campaign?

We work and treat your app just like ours and make every move that gives the best results. Understanding how much effort it takes to invest and dedicate the time to build an app, we ensure that we make a huge reach. We use white hat techniques so that nothing comes in between in your success.


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Understanding the hardships faced by an app maker we have created a comfortable platform for our clients who believe in better ROI and quality. Our working procedure and quality never compromise with the prices. We offer affordable solutions to our clients with effective growth. We try to put our client’s least investments and make it an outstanding growth each time we work on it.


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We do not follow the one-size-fits-all strategy and instead work on each and every app in a unique way. We offer customized solutions like a strategy for reaching a maximum number of users, engagement, popularity, app structure, budget, etc. We work differently on apps by analyzing their capability and reach.


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Our professionals from reputed backgrounds keep a proper knowledge and study of marketing strategies for online business. Using the right tools to make the app popular, it delivers the quality-oriented approach from our ASO services company.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best Twitter marketing strategy consists of planning, creating, publishing, and promoting the content on Twitter by focusing your audiences. It can help you attract new followers along with enhancing the interaction with existing customers. The goal of Twitter marketing campaigns is to boost sales, increase conversions, and generate leads and improve brand recognition. The well planned Twitter marketing strategy consists of the following steps.

  • Research the market for potential customers and know about your target audiences.
  • Create an attractive, engaging, and unique content.
  • Scheduling if your tweets and posts.
  • Check the results and analyze the impact on audiences.

Twitter is one of the most authenticated sources to attract potential buyers for your product and services. With almost 300 million users on Twitter, outnumbers various other social networking sites, making it the best platform to reach a massive number of customers. Apart from them, the following reasons make Twitter the best way to promote your brand.

  • Twitter is a free to use social networking site, which means a cost-effective way to endorse the product/services.
  • It allows you to share the content and promote the brands in less time.
  • Twitter helps you reach a massive userbase, increasing the probability of sales.
  • By using Twitter, you can be well-connected with the clients this providing prompt customer support.
  • You can analyze the marketing strategy of your competitors, which always keeps ahead in the competition.

Your goals should be in a SMART format. To elaborate - Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Before asking for the Twitter marketing services, you should have a well-planned goal. This will help you notice when you reach the desired results and set new standards. Success in every field starts from having clear and concise targets. It takes a long time to get the maximum benefit from Twitter marketing, and without setting goals, you cannot track the strategy and its impact. You must create the goals that align with the objective of your company. Further, you will have to break it down into measurable steps. For instance, you can set the target of an increase in organic traffic from 1.5% to 2.5% in three months' duration.

At PNJ Sharptech, we offer you a complete Twitter marketing strategy along with content creation and page growth. Firstly, we learn about your company, gather knowledge about your product and then devise well-structured and customized Twitter marketing services. Additionally, we deploy the hashtags that will help you expand your reach to grow the audiences. The content is the soul of an efficient marketing campaign, and we help you develop the one to outnumber your competitors. Another essential service that we provide is Twitter page growth and monitoring. We set new goals for every week/month, hit the target, and set new standards for next-level development. We believe in consistency and increasing Twitter followers organically. Get in touch with our Twitter marketing experts to avail of the best-tailored services.

Generally, we post to your Twitter account 5-6 times a week. However, the accurate figure depends on the Twitter marketing services that you have opted for. We also include individual posts/tweets to increase your brand awareness and boost sales. Our strategies help you grow your brand with well-planned tweets every week to increase the interactions with the customers.

The answer is yes. Without any doubt, Twitter is one of the best social networking platforms, loved by famous personalities and big businesses. For the small or mid-sized business person, it can be the best way to showcase the worth of your product and services.

Yes, we will provide you a dedicated Twitter marketer who specializes in Twitter promotions. You can be in touch with the expert anytime to ask any query related to Twitter marketing and endorsements.