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Frequently Asked Questions

What is keyword stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is the practice of filling your content with irrelevant keywords multiple times in an attempt to manipulate where the page ranks on search results pages. Adding a variety of keywords where they add no value creates a bad experience for users and will get you in trouble as it may also cause your page to rank for unrelated queries.

Google explains keyword stuffing as:

  • Repeating the same word again and again without making any sense
  • Listing irrelevant phone numbers
  • Blocks of text listing cities and states a web page is trying to rank for

What are the major Google updates?

They are Panda and Penguin that came out in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Panda has an impact on the whole website therefore if you have a few pages that are seen as having “thin content’ then your entire site will be affected.

Penguin was intended to penalize websites that used spammy tactics to boost their rankings. Penguin affected approximately 3.1% of English language search queries and it is also known as the Webspam update.

What is a penalty?

A Google penalty means that your site is either not listed on search results anymore or that the ranking for your targeted keywords has dropped radically. When your site is hit by a Google penalty, your target audience can't discover you. When you are invisible to your target audience then your traffic and revenue takes a fall eventually.

What are the types of Google penalties?

They are of two types. One is the Algorithmic Penalties that happen mechanically and are caused by one or more of the algorithm updates.

The other one are the Manual Penalties that are given by Google’s teammate and are applied manually on your website. Manual penalties are usually far more severe, and you will often find that your website is removed from Google’s search results completely if they feel that your website is extremely harmful, spammy, or don’t adhere to the rules of Webmaster Guidelines.

Can you help me to reverse the penalties?

Yes, we can. We are known to help out websites to get in the good books of Google when they have got penalized in the past. We can do the same for you. Get in touch to know more.

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