Maximum Customer Reach

With 442 million active users worldwide, Pinterest is the only platform that works as a search engine for images as well as an interactive social media platform. Small businesses from distinct domains have witnessed more than 100 million views of their pins within a month. Therefore, it has the potential to make your brand reachable to a wider audience without splurging a lot of money in Pinterest marketing packages.


Improved Business Credibility

Businesses that focus on expanding their business via online marketing must build credibility. Pinterest allows your customers to show trust in your business by saving the pins to their board for further use in future, sharing your pins or even commenting on the pins. This will show your prospects that your customers trust in your business and they can trust too.


Enhanced Market Potential

Unlike other social media platforms which users find a way of communicating with their friends and relatives, Pinterest provides users with a way to interact with the brands. Users don’t stick to the platform all they long to pass their time, they go on the platform to search for something specific and when they find it they pin it for future purpose. This has enhanced the market potential as well as the engagement with customers.


Long Term Marketing Strategy

Pinterest marketing works like marketing on Google with comparatively lesser competition. It reaps long term results as they pin you publish on the platform today can go viral today or a year later depending on the engagement it gets. However, the pin will continue to bring traffic to your website till the time your audience find the pin relevant for them. You can also update the pin after some time to get more engagement.


Increased Traffic To Website

While publishing a pin to your Pinterest board, users can add multiple links to the website, blog posts or videos relevant for the audience. If the users find the pin useful, they can click on the link and will reach the registered website directly from Pinterest and make the purchase or drop a query to connect with your business. Thus, this platform is great to increase the traffic on the website or blog posts.

Our Pinterest Management Service Offerings

Determine Pinterest Audience

Depending on the type of business you have, we perform audience research to target a specific audience that might be interested in your business. When our Pinterest marketing experts perform audience research, they will get to know how much audience reach they can expect out of 442 million. They will also get to know the demographic which includes an approximate idea of the location from where you can get traffic, the age group of the visitors, the devices where they are surfing the Pinterest application and much more. The outcomes of this research will help in creating a proper Pinterest marketing strategy that engages the maximum audience, brings maximum traffic on the website and drive the best results.



Strategic display of work to showcase your expertise

Some say Pinterest is an ultimate social media platform whereas some treat Pinterest as a search engine for images but according to the experts it is somewhere in between both the utilities. Pinterest allows small businesses to showcase their product or services in the form of engaging images, videos, infographics and other similar ways.

These impressionable representations are known as pins which help users to remember the brand for a comparatively longer time, making the brand much easily recognizable and popular.

Being a trusted Pinterest marketing agency, at PNJ Sharptech, we create a monthly strategy for publishing pins on the platform that can bring maximum engagement and traffic to the website. We also get it checked by the clients to ensure nothing inappropriate goes on the profile which could hamper the business reputation. Thereafter, we work as planned to get the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful business accounts on Pinterest have around 30- 50 boards in their profile which clearly shows their expertise and the range of services they offer.
On Pinterest quality matters most over quantity. Therefore, focus on the type of pins you create as it must be engaging for your audience. Other than this, 10-30 minutes on Pinterest is sufficient to consistently create pins on Pinterest if you have a new account.
Understand your pins are the only things that represent you and your business on the Pinterest platform. Therefore, show as much versatility as you can on this platform and make at least 20-30 graphics from a particular genre to show your expertise in that particular niche. The more the merrier. Make sure your pins are relatable to your business and website so your audience doesn’t get confused in between and make the purchase from the website.
Pinterest is a great marketing platform for every type of business irrespective of the domain. However, some businesses get greater results than the other via Pinterest marketing and they are - bloggers, event planners, tour and travels, fashion and lifestyle, home decor, DIY and craft, and entertainment to name a few.