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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Pinterest?

Pinterest is very similar to other social media platforms. All you need to be a successful brand on Pinterest is good quality Pins and website where you want to take your audience to drive actual sales and returns for your business.

Simply create an account on Pinterest, fill in all the information about your business and start creating beautiful pins to make your account engaging for the audience.

How many boards should I have on my account?

Successful business accounts on Pinterest have around 30- 50 boards in their profile which clearly shows their expertise and the range of services they offer.

How many time slots should my social scheduler have for Pinterest?

On Pinterest quality matters most over quantity. Therefore, focus on the type of pins you create as it must be engaging for your audience. Other than this, 10-30 minutes on Pinterest is sufficient to consistently create pins on Pinterest if you have a new account.

How many pins from my website do I need to get started?

Understand your pins are the only things that represent you and your business on the Pinterest platform. Therefore, show as much versatility as you can on this platform and make at least 20-30 graphics from a particular genre to show your expertise in that particular niche. The more the merrier. Make sure your pins are relatable to your business and website so your audience doesn’t get confused in between and make the purchase from the website.

Which type of businesses succeeds with Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest is a great marketing platform for every type of business irrespective of the domain. However, some businesses get greater results than the other via Pinterest marketing and they are - bloggers, event planners, tour and travels, fashion and lifestyle, home decor, DIY and craft, and entertainment to name a few.

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