21 top-rated on-page and off-page SEO strategy that works in 2019

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With the emergence of the year 2019, various SEO professionals are awaiting the new online business trends which really work in a real-time scenario. Amid the year 2019, current SEO professionals should insight on effective and incredible SEO strategy. Do not be in hurry and sequentially read that hierarchy to get the most suitable result. We know that ranking the business keyword is not one-day game the quintessential thing is to dive into the combo pack of time and effort. All business organizers do not equal passion and they are seeking the best way to rank their website. So, it would be recommended that you should not get panic and impose only that SEO technique which is easy to implement. In fact, we believe that you would get a definite business ranking result.

It is the general postulate that an SEO professional does their best and probably do everything. Many times, it is observed that you would have to go through the spoiler alert. While you are implementing the all advanced SEO strategy, it is the expectation of many people to obtain the quick SEO ranking. Many times, it is observed paying lots of effort and high timing involvement does not tend you on the verge of high ranking. Taking the full overview is that website it is seen that some basic things such as title tag and meta description have been missed a lot.

Before starting your business work, you must go through an audit. The site audit is not the subject matter of website size, but doing it is not the simple process as an individual keeps the hypothesis in their mind. Actually, it is the sequence what action should be done in an organized way. But it is not sure to apply which technique to apply a certain kind of results.

1. Using SEO strategy for title, meta description and heading in your web page:

In case you are running the website to enhance the business ranking, then you must top-rated keyword in the title tag. Thereafter, you must give the second priority to less search and low traffic keyword. It would be great to boost the click-through rate.

2. Fill the preference page in website navigation:

Navigation is an inseparable part of your business and availability of navigation in both header and footer part. The presence of left side navigation and its submenu becomes the favorite aspect of Google’s eye.

3. Add breadcrumb in your website:

For the promotion of e-commerce enabled website, it would be beneficial to create breadcrumb in it. The first choice of adding this navigates to create structure on the website. By doing so, you can get an effective result on this website.

4. Get the tracking of your website:

Tracking in the important part of your website especially you do on-page optimization. With the tracking of website, you can get an exact report of traffic and ranking. Now, it would be easy to diagnose the issue remarks on the website.

5. It would be bit recommended that you must install the SSL certificate on your website:

Since 2014, the inclusion of SSL certificate is must offer the security. With the passage of time, there has been seen the substantial growth of cybercrime. In case you do not have any idea how to install an SSL certificate.

6. Try to secure Map listing:

In order to enhance the business ranking of your keyword, you must use the google my business. The main benefit of using this map is that your website can be listed in Google maps many times.

7. Compress and optimize image:

In case the image loaded in your website take a long time to load, then it would be an alarming signal for enhancing the conversion rate. How it is possible to compress the image. You would have to use short pixel API and tiny ping to reduce the image size without disturbing its resolution power.

8. Increase site speed to process well:

Page speed is one the great issue that hampers the bounce rate. So, it would be great to monitor website speed either GT matrix and page speed insights. Apart from this, you can use W3 total cache to attain the fast loading time.

9. It would be obvious that both internal and index page with keyword-rich anchor text:

Interlinking is one of the beneficial activities to achieve the maximum link juice. It is a bit safer technique rather than building backlink. In WordPress based site, you can use interlink manager plugin to achieve the internal linking.

10. Make them relevant and high authority link:

The first priority goes to effective and valuable content, but ignoring the importance of backlink is not the safe criterion. So, it is advised to get the backlink from high domain authority in the relevant business category. Choosing wrong, the business category even though backlink creation can impose the penguin penalty. Healing such harmful penalty is not easy for any customer.

11. Get the security of social media profiles:

For increasing the popularity of your business, it would be purposeful to share the important business activities on social media. Furthermore, you must do sharing, retweeting, pins, etc to achieve the best possible result.

12. Try to do share your page and post as you can:

Placement of share and like button on the front of the website page. Be it an index or internal page for achieving the best result.

13. Do the sharing of other contents?

Try to share most interest able and meaningful content on your website even it is not created by your hand. There is no hard and fast rule to share own. We know this fact that sharing is caring. Once you share other contents on your website, other professional can share your content. The plus point of engaging in this process in that personal profile has not indexed with the reference to google caching and search engine index.

14. Insert review with the aid of customer and friend:

Doing the review on your website is good for everyone as it gives the high vision to search engine to see the usability.

15. Create a custom design page 404:

Addition of custom design 404 page gives the surety that your website ranking should not be affected by broken link effect.

16. It is the best requirement that you would have to post fresh and high-quality content:

There is no secret behind the creation of fresh and quality content in one day. But, one thing is sure that effective content is helpful to drive maximum traffic on the website. As a result, the visibility of your website will be automatically increased.

17. Make the deserved amendment in your existing content:

Always it is not essential to create new content, you can add a new piece in these posts and share it again. By doing this, you can in the trap of keyword cannibalization.

18. Repurpose existing content:

It does not mean that you ought to make some change in your work. It would be better to convert the word document content into a portable document file. In addition to this, you can build into an email list. By doing so, it can convert into video or podcast effect.

19. Make your website responsive to be mobile friendly:

In comparison with the general website, the google gives preference to mobile index website. It simply indicates that google ranks the website page according to mobile devices.

20. Invest in advertisement with the no-follow link:

It is the mindsets of many people that purchase backlink brings you in trouble. Consideration of this thing is either black hat and white hat SEO part.

21. Fetch the link of competitors:

In order to get the rank higher, you must know the exact knowledge which link has been created by a competitor. It would be great to work on that link.

Conclusion: Depending upon keyword proximity and traffic, searches and completion available, one should have to go through 2019 analytics graph to cross-check which business strategy really works. If you want to maintain the well understanding to do work in a real-time scenario, then you do not take much time to select the leading name for an SEO services company in India. Now, you do not keep any confusion in your mind and put the ranking related query to PNJ Sharptech. From time to time, our expert changes the way of improving the click-through rate with this service. Our website audit service is available at a cost-effective price. I have the strong belief that all customers can benefit from this service.