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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a modern-day marketing technique where the promotion of products/services is done using online platforms. This is a great way of marketing your business to reach target audiences in no time. It comprises Social Media, email, and mobile apps. It basically comprises a marketing campaign that appears on a phone, computer, tablet, or any other device. Also, one can use it in various forms, be it online videos, display ads, paid social marketing & social media posts.

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Digital Marketing- A proven way to increase sales, lead and your business!

Over the years marketing has changed so much, and today traditional marketing ways are of no use. In this era of digitalization, even everyone is moving towards the internet, marketing has also found its ways to it. Hence, Digital Marketing comes to live! PNJ Sharptech is a well-known Digital Marketing Company Noida for providing the best digital marketing services. We focus on growing your online business success by implementing the strategies of our digital marketing services.

Whatever be your goal is either conversion rate optimization, traffic to your website, more sales, on-page holding time or other, through our Digital marketing services you will get all these in one packet. PNJ Sharptech is a one-stop digital marketing company which has skilled professional at work to provide the best results to the clients. Let's Check Clients and reviews of Pnj Sharptech company. Our experts design an internet marketing campaign after seeing your company and goals and then move ahead according to the planning. This helps in moving in one direction and protects from falling off the track.

Internet marketing or you can say- digital marketing services are affordable in comparison to traditional marketing strategies. It has lots of benefits and saves your marketing cost in many ways. Let us know about it in detail.

Our Digital Marketing Pricing

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Best Digital Marketing Services for Your Company Growth

Digital marketing services include the combination of such strategies that together bring the best results for your business. Services that fall under the category, we have listed below. Give your glance on the best digital marketing service for your online business.


With digital marketing services, your business can expand to such an extent that you have never imagined. It gives new areas to your business, but to achieve in the large world of internet and search engines you need to hire a professional digital marketing agency. And that’s where PNJ Sharptech digital marketing agency comes into the picture. Here we believe in providing dynamic and versatile digital marketing services to help you outshine the competition. What makes us best is our customized marketing strategy that focuses specifically on your business.

Had any doubt or do you want to clear out the things before signing a deal with us? You can check out our portfolio to get an overview of what we are capable of. Since our inception, we have delivered the best results to various organizations from different industries including individuals.

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List of Digital Marketing Services That You Get with Us

We have mentioned the list of online marketing services that our company includes in the package. This marketing strategy doesn’t do just a little, but it does a lot. Thus, to handle such a thing you will need a professional digital marketing company that is experienced enough to handle all such chores.

Let us discuss more internet marketing services in-depth:



Website design plays an important role in holding the users on the website. Design and how speedily the pages on the website loads- these are the two things that viewers notice, and then they come to content. SEO and digital marketing strategies very much depend on website development of your site and it is also a new parameter on which Google judges your website and decides which rank to give.

Therefore, our designers and developers team work so hard, they always keep themselves updated with all the new trends and templates that famous online brands are using. After looking at your business type, they decide the design and change accordingly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

After SEO here comes Social media marketing, it is also known as SMM and equally needful. As you know that today's social media platforms are not just for chatting and making new friends. So, taking advantage of this advancement you can do social media posting to attract large masses to your business. Social Media Marketing is part of Digital marketing services or internet marketing. We give your cover of best social media posting and handle all the chores it calls for. We have a specialized team for social media work that designs attractive banners for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and all the other platforms.



Almost 80 percent of the consumer’s shop online directly by entering their needs over the search engine- Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Hence, this makes having an online presence an important task to achieve for every business. To provide your online business success over the internet and to maintain your online presence, we cover all the digital marketing services.

To get eh visible results and to present on the top of the list whenever a user search using your business targeted keyword, you should come on the top. And for these SEO services that help in optimizing the website is needed. SEO helps in getting a higher ranking, and if done correctly by keeping all Google algorithms in mind, your website can come on top soon.



Today people like to watch in comparison to reading. Content reading is diminishing in front of visual content today. This is giving rise to the visual content creators and making video marketing an essential part of digital marketing services. Video marketing doesn’t include only making of the video and the script, but it also includes sharing to the right platform and sending it to potential customers.

Here are some facts! Do you know 13% of the total traffic comes from live Youtube videos? As per the stats, 90% of customers claim that video influences their buying decision! Well, then why not include Youtube marketing into your digital marketing strategy.



PPC is one of the most effective marketing strategies, it is the way for getting views of the website fast. This is a kind of paid advertisement in which the advertiser pays to the search engines a small fee whenever a user lands on the website by clicking on the advertisement. This needs lots of planning and creating attractive ads is a very crucial part of the whole process. Because your ad is not enough creative it would not force the audience to click on it. With the expert digital marketing services through our professionals, you are creating ads for your website on the top of the search engine.

Whenever the user searches for the service or product using the key phrase that matched to your business, then your ad automatically come in front of the user. In this way, he or she will feel magnetized towards the ad and will surely click to get more details.



Well, Local SEO is the part of SEO service, and our SEO team covers it in the same package if your small business needs it. Then why we are explaining it separately? Local SEO the most important thing and very much required for small-sized business to increase their business popularity.

Our affordable digital marketing agency has a separate team who is specialized in local SEO and makes strategies that can work for your business. We understand that each business is different from each other. Hence, we design our strategies for each by looking at the business needs, and what are the goals. Local SEO includes digital marketing services and gives amazing results for small-sized businesses. It helps in making a presence in your area, show your presence in the Google map as well and this helps people who either stay nearby or passing from the route can locate you easily.


Research and planning

Our search engine marketing team builds up the strategy to run Google ads and paid advertisements that can gain a good amount of visitors directly on the website. It uses paid advertising techniques to get your website on top. As much as your website entertain the viewer more it will come to a higher ranking. Google wants each online brand to work for customers first and then for other things, so it gives the hints to make the website user-friendly. We combine strategies like AdWords, Bing Ads, PPC, affiliate marketing and much more to get instant growth for your website.

Suitable Design

Content is the king, there is nothing without good and unique content. There is only content on the website which users read to understand your business. Blog pages have informative blogs so that users can stay on the website for a longer time and get some information as well. We have experienced content writing teams who are well skilled to develop the content for your website. This holds the major part in SEO and digital marketing services and also helps in getting a website on ranking.
If your website has good content, then with the help of a few digital marketing practices you can come on the top. After writing and posting the content, there comes content marketing and it is also a very important task. Our trained digital marketing experts know how to do plan for a successful content marketing strategy. Content marketing strategies are important because the content that is published on your website should also get shared. And here comes the use of social media platforms. As you can see that all the digital marketing services are content and depended on each other. Our team is also like this and believes in working together to give good outcomes.
Other than social media help, content marketing also includes- blog posting, Ebooks, Whitepapers, and infographics (a form of visual content). Many people attract through posters that have good, informative and enough understandable content. Visual content helps in showing the information and you don’t need to read. Our visual graphics team and content team work together to design attractive and informative graphics for your website.

Tidy Coding

Analyzing data plays an important role while planning the strategies. It includes- analyzing competitors’ websites and how they work. This helps in selecting targeted keywords, and our team can come up with a better idea to outrank the competitors. Digital analysis strategy is only used by professionals who use advanced tools and have skills for making, and here with our experts, you will find it all. We provide affordable digital marketing services that cover everything that your business requires.
Digital analytics includes the process of analyzing the digital data from various sources, such as websites, mobile applications and among others. The practice provides our team with a clear vision about- how much our strategies are working for your business, is company obtaining leads or not and more. And this analysis further helps in improving our work. Through this, we get insight into the areas where they need improvement.


Our search engine marketing team builds up the strategy to run Google ads and paid advertisements that can gain a good amount of visitors directly on the website. It uses paid advertising techniques to get your website on top. As much as your website entertain the viewer more it will come to a higher ranking. Google wants each online brand to work for customers first and then for other things, so it gives the hints to make the website user-friendly. We combine strategies like AdWords, Bing Ads, PPC, affiliate marketing and much more to get instant growth for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

When all the marketing efforts revolve around the internet and online-based digital technologies, this strategic approach is called Digital marketing. It encompasses email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing and blogging to name a few.

New Digital marketing techniques are introduced every day. Some of the most prominent digital marketing techniques that work for every business are-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer/ Affiliate Marketing
  • Improve Your On-Page SEO
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Mobile Advertising

Digital marketing techniques are the most cost-effective way to market your brand across the web. It is efficient for targeting potential customers on the basis of their need, interests, and demographics. It encompasses strategies like SEO, social media, content marketing etc., which takes time but assures good returns of investments.

93% of users search for services online. If a business fails to make a strong presence on the web, it will lose almost 93% of its audience. Therefore, digital marketing is a must to make your business’s presence worthy on the internet. It is a small investment you can make to earn good returns from your investments in terms of sales and revenue.

The process followed by Digital marketing agencies is very transparent and modified according to the requirement of the clients. However, the blueprint of the work process flows around-

  • Requirement gathering
  • Research about the business and its services
  • Brainstorming and discussion with the clients
  • Proposal submission
  • Marketing Strategies are made
  • Implementation
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Updates and Modification
  • Reporting

The affordability of digital marketing services is subjective. According to a survey, the cost of hiring a digital marketing agency costs about $750-$1,500 per month depending on the package and services included in the package. Therefore, one can always ask for customizable packages while availing Digital marketing services for their business.

At Pnj Sharptech, we believe in growing together. We completely understand, as our client’s business grows, our business grows. Therefore, every team member associated with the project put 100% effort, collectively helping us to deliver the best of our services to our customers. Our years of experience in this marketing segment helps us to identify the technique which will work for you, depending on your business domain.

In addition to the quality work, we believe in transparent reporting. Therefore, we provide periodic reporting to our client, so they can monitor the growth in their business efficiently.