Online Brochure Design Services

A brochure can prove to be beneficial for your business in ways that you might have not even imagined. When we talk about a brochure, there are a number of things that have to be considered which is exactly why a brochure design company should be hired.

A brochure literally works as a summary of your business and if you don’t get it right then your clients are surely going to have a hard time in understanding what you do.

It might not be possible to have a one on one conversation with all your clients. However, with the help of brochure designers, you can exactly you’re your audience what you want them to know about your business that too without meeting them personally.


How is a brochure important for my business?

If you think that a brochure might not be for you then you need to reconsider that thought. A brochure comes with its own set of benefits.

Has a lot of information

When it comes to a brochure, you can share a great deal of information with your potential or existing users. From your services to contact information to map, you can have it all that too at one place.

It is also considered to be a great promotional tool. You can blend in a coupon or an offer inside your brochure. One trend that is being appreciated is using reusable paper. You can try out printing your brochure on a seed paper which turns into a plant when planted. This is a great way to ensure that the browser actually proves to be beneficial in more than one way rather than ending up in the bin.

They are cost effective

Brochures are a low-cost marketing technique as compared to the other options. It is also useful to know that the brochure design company will work closely with you to design and present amazing brochures that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

When you buy brochures in a large quantity, they come at a really low price which is again an added advantage for you. As we already mentioned, brochures happen to include details about your business that make them useful in a number of ways.

You can share them with would-be clients, faithful customers, business associates, and other individuals. You also save time and money when you have a brief of your products and services available at that very moment in your brochure.

Highly customizable

A brochure is like a blank canvas which you can paint with as many colors as you like. Let your imagination run wild, think of out of the box ideas and have it in your brochure!

You can use images, texts or a combination to communicate with the audience as you please. The best part about brochure design is that it knows no limits. You can have your services listed down, details about the products that you offer, the location that you cater to and so much more.

A brochure does not have to be boring; it can be as quirky or as chic as you like keeping your audience in mind.

Great options for distribution

There are so many places where you can’t reach, but your brochure can. Let’s say you own a travel company and you have to attend two travel fairs in a day. Now, you can’t be present at both the places to explain about the destination or the itinerary but you can have your brochures placed with the relevant info and the contact details.

Another way to display the brochure is by keeping them at the reception or the waiting area. It is a great way to keep your visitors engage and if they don’t know about you, they can probably have some information in the meantime.

You can also post the images of the brochure on your website or social media feed if you don’t wish to get it printed.

You can keep it in your presentation folder and distribute it to the clients. It reflects the efforts and will show them how well prepared you are.

Grabs the attention

We all know that if we don’t catch the client’s attention in the initial seconds then we lose them forever. The attention span has a lot to do with interest and if the brochure is not interesting enough, it is of no use.

A well designed brochure determines whether the client will invest their seconds in going through it or not.

As an experienced brochure design company, we know exactly what elements and colors to use to not only attract the prospects but to keep them interested as well.

This also offers an opportunity for the customers to go through the products, give services a read and then make an informed decision when it comes to making a purchase.


Authentic source of information

A brochure comes from the official source and not third party or reviewers. It has a great element of trust. Just to simplify it to you, let’s say Starbucks runs an offer and shares the details via a brochure and there are other not so trustable websites that gives the same details.

We will definitely believe the brochure issued by Starbucks because it is just more credible and the information is directly shared by the source. It is also said that people tend to trust something which they can look and feel or get a physical experience from rather than just visuals.


Brochures can be broadly categorized into three types.


Gate fold brochure

A gate fold brochure design comprises three parts, i.e. a middle section which has one-half of the total length as its width, edged by two others that are half as wide.

This type of brochure is made of premium quality at a high level and for ensuring a nice shelf life. What sets it apart is that its inward folding that makes it compact and easy to carry around. It offers an 8-panel structure with sufficient space to talk about your products or services, along with some visual aid. The regular size of the gatefold is 8.5 x 11.

This fold comes in handy for single product presentations, designs with strong graphics, menus, and creative designs.


Bi Fold brochure

Bi fold or half fold brochures are issued for informational or promotional purpose. As the name reveals, it has 2 folds that size up to 4 panels.

You need to cover the front cover, back part and two more panels to share the information about your firm, brand and the products offered.

The regular size is 8.5” x 11” and is used for simple product presentation, programs, pricing, maps, offers and what not!


Tri fold brochure

Tri fold brochure design services deal with creating a 6 panel brochure divided into three parts.

Trifold brochures break a huge chunk of information into smaller segments. They use both sides of an A4 sized paper. Hence, it gives a great deal of space for text, images and charts. When you fold it then the brochure becomes just a third of the size.

It breaks up the information for creating a better impact on the audiences.

When it is about a flyer or a poster, you manually require a design segments of the page to divide up products. With a trifold brochure, the 3-folding form of the leaflet provides panels to break up the information.


While designing a brochure, it is very important to ask these questions. Answer them in a sensible way and you will have a brochure which will be impossible to ignore.

Fonts and color play a major role in a brochure. After all, the brochure must be aesthetic and attractive to look at. You can’t really make it attractive by just using any color or font randomly.

It is important to follow a color scheme and use a specific font size throughout. You can’t have one heading in size 14 and Calibri and another one in size 18 and times new roman.

The same goes for the colors. If you are highlighting one heading in red, make sure you use the same color in the next heading as well so that it falls into place. Avoid using colors that are too light and make the audience stare too hard to get what you are trying to say.

Ask yourself, is there a requirement of images or just the content will do? Don’t clog up your brochure with just words as it will make the person lose interest in a snap and all that money and efforts will go to waste which is definitely not an ideal situation to be in. If you are using images then use text as well to explain them otherwise it will be open to interpretation and not everyone will get it in the way you want them to understand.

If you are using text on the image, make sure you keep the opacity in check so that it is not too hard to read.

If you don’t know who you are designing for then you need to reconsider so many things. If your brochure is meant for parents to be then you are obviously going to use images of new born babies and not anything out of the blue.

Part of the strategy is to pay attention to the target audience and then make a plan which is going to appeal to them. You have to take care of their tastes and preferences so that you are able to convert them from the audience to clients.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can. We can have a look at your current brochure design and see what changes can be done to give it that X factor. We can work on the content and the design of the brochure so that it gets decked up with a new look to it.

You can get in touch with us and share your current brochure and we can see whether it is good to know with some minor edits or you need one from the scratch.

It is your brochure and if you have any ideas regarding the elements, they are very much welcomed. You can let us know what all do you want and how do you want it and we can let you know if that is possible to do or not and even give you a professional’s point of view.
It is perfectly fine if you don’t like the first brochure design proposed by us. We can talk about it and we are always open to feedback. You can tell us what changes are required or we can suggest you other ways in which it can be evolved. We can see what fits best and then make the necessary changes and share the final work with you.

There are a number of ways to promote brochures online if you don’t just want it to sit in the rack next to your reception. We can upload it in a specific grid design on your Instagram feed or even post it on Facebook. We can also put in on your website with an option to download it or just as a web page.

There are various ways in which it can be promoted based on the services you offer and keeping your target audience in mind.