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Free Website Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to analyze the website regularly?

Yes. With regular website analysis, you will stay up-to-date and well-informed about the website's performance. It allows you to regularly monitor the positive, negative, or neutral impact on your website after the changes you have made. After getting the comprehensive website analysis report from PNJ Sharptech, you will have to implement the suggestions and keep checking the website regularly. If you correctly follow all the steps, you will surely achieve a good score next time. So, keep a winning edge over your competitors by staying updated with your latest website performance score.

How does the website checker help me analyze and improve my website?

The website checker or analyzer helps you understand your position in comparison to your competitors. It tells you various aspects that are essential for your website to rank and perform well. You will be getting the solid, full-proof information about your website along with recommendations/suggestions to improve. The site analysis tool measures several performance criteria and labels them as per the actions that you have to take. Apart from the weak parameters, it also informs you about the strong points about your website. Such aspects make the website analysis tool of PNJ Sharptech as the most accurate and detailed.

Why do I get my website analyzed at all?

This is a digital era where everybody wants to be on the internet. There are billions of websites on the internet with trillions of webpages. These stats make the competition stiffer to get authenticated and organic traffic. The bloggers, content marketers, and companies want to attract audiences, and hence they must meet the growing demands to influence the people. To ensure that your website is high on standards and welcome enormous traffic, then you must consider the following list.

  • Is your website taking too long to load, or is it facing a slow response?
  • Is the website content optimized for mobile devices?
  • Is your website secured from viruses, malware, and hackers? The SSL encrypted security standard.
  • Is your website visible to the audiences on top search engines like Google?

If you do not know these metrics, then trust upon the PNJ Sharptech for website analysis. We will never let you down.

Can I check my website performance for free using an online tool?

Yes. We at PNJ Sharptech provide you the comprehensive free website analysis report. Fortunately, our website checker tool is highly capable of judging your site on several parameters and concludes the stats in a statement. It tells you the website's performance along with other vital metrics. You can also check the competitor's performance and improve your site to take the lead over others.

Is SEO an essential factor in website analysis?

Yes. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in attracting the traffic, and hence it is one of the crucial factors for website analysis. The on-page SEO tells the search engine crawlers about your site's content and quality. By using the recommendations from our website analyzer, you can enjoy several perks and benefits like:

  • Organic traffic increases heavily on your website.
  • You can redirect the title, description, alt tags, and redirects by using our suggestions.
  • You can improve the SEO ranking positions by increasing your site speed.
  • You can eliminate the broken links as per the recommendations of our website analysis tool.
  • Additionally, it will help you remove several other vulnerabilities that are stopping to lead the market.

How can I assess the impact of the changes that I made on my website after following your analyzer's recommendations?

You can assess the impact by considering several parameters. Here is the checklist that will help you monitor the website's enhanced performance.

  • Is your website's behavior changed?
  • Has the number of visitors increased from before?
  • How many times is the page viewed, time spent on your site, and the percentage of failures?
  • Is the number of visitors returning to your website increased in comparison to the previous period?
  • The position of the specific keyword and impact on the landing page.

These are a few factors that you can consider while monitoring the impact of the website analyzer's recommendations.

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