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with professional SEO reseller services


Prompt after-sales support

Our support team is always ready to assist you no matter what the situation is. As your SEO resellers provider, we will work hand in hand with you, get feedback from your clients, and modify our SEO strategy accordingly. We always believe in long term relationship, be it with you or with your clients. We are known to align the SEO strategy to match your needs and that with the latest trends.


Cost-effective approach

For obvious reasons, money is an essential part for you and us to keep running the business. But we give it a last shot, as for us, what matters the most is customer satisfaction. PNJ Sharptech offers several plans to choose from, along with the customized plans that suit you the best as per your business strategy. You can straightaway compare our packages with any SEO resellers; guaranteed; you will find us better than the rest. But still, don't trust what we say, instead try us and experience our top of the line services.


We believe in transparent business

We believe in surprising the clients with excellent work instead of shocking them with hidden charges. Our business ethics are simple and straightforward. Be it guest posting, high-quality link placement, or associated content, we always believe in transparency and long-term relationships.


Our activities are aligned with your targets

Generally, the agency partners are in the hassle of availing of services and forget to review the deliverables. Here we won't allow to proceed further without reviewing each and every point. That's indeed the USP of PNJ Sharptech, where we keep reviewing our plan to ensure that they are aligned with the client's requirements. Our tailored SEO strategy is always result-oriented, which is planned, considering the client's needs. Here is a glimpse of what activities we perform for our clients – keyword research, organic link acquisition, on-page optimization, lead conversions, and website traffic analysis.


Familiarity with the advanced project management tool

Our SEO reseller India experts are well versed with advanced project management tools, which allows them to provide the reports on-the-go. Due to which our digital partners don't have to wait for 30 days to see what changed. We believe in making communication and reporting stronger.


Data-driven results

PNJ Sharptech, your preferred SEO reseller services India, believes in delivering the best results, and nothing can be better if it's data-driven. Whatever commitment you make to your clients depends on the timeframe and commitments as per your preferred SEO reseller. We at PNJ Sharptech always strive to provide data-driven results that meet the pre-decided timeframe and as per the commitments between you and your partner. Several factors help us measure the results for your clients, such as ranking improvements, website traffic improvement, conversions, and the total number of targets achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have a small business. Is SEO worth the time and effort for me?

Search engine optimization strategy is created with a long term perspective and benefits. One of the most critical aspects of using SEO is online visibility to your potential clients, making marketing very simple. Whether you have a small, mid-level, or a big business, SEO can be highly beneficial in creating awareness about the product or services you sell, which eventually helps gain high revenues. The right SEO strategy will make you appear right at the top of search results when a potential client will search for services that you offer. The more visibility you gain, the more clicks will fall on your website resulting in massive traffic flow.

Can I talk to the manager before taking SEO resellers service?

Of course, you can, that's what we recommend for all our partners. You can share with us about the clients, agency, or leads; we will let you know how to pitch and what to offer. In case you are not clear about your client's requirements or have any doubt on how to generate leads, no worries, we are here for help. Our project manager will be in close communication with you, keep you updated about the work progress and outer performance reporting.

How long does it take to get higher search engine rankings?

Achieving top search engine ranking depends on several factors, mainly the targeted keywords and how competitive they are to rank for. The expected time frame to get ranking can be anywhere between one month to a year, depending on the niche segment or the highly competitive one. Besides, numerous factors contribute to the success of SEO. Talk to the SEO experts at PNJ Sharptech before committing any time frame to your clients.

What do you offer in SEO reseller services?

We offer the following SEO reseller services:

  • Conduct keyword research.
  • Link building.
  • On-page search engine optimization.
  • Site architecture recommendations.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Content creation.
  • Local SEO.
  • And much more.

Contact our SEO experts for any specific query.

How do you deal with search engines when it updates or changes the rules?

Being a dedicated team of digital marketers, we always need to be updated with search engine requirements. The algorithms of search engines keep changing all the time, be it minor or major. We have a big network of testing sites to check the latest ideas and keep ourselves updated with any search engine algorithm change. These testing sites give a lot of feedback, so as to give the best services to our customers. Once you take our services, you don't have to worry about any search engine calculation changes. We will take care of that on your part.

I am not able to find the package that I want?

Don't worry. You can simply contact us on our customer care number and provide us details of the services you are looking for. Once we through your exact requirement, our SEO expert will get in touch with you with the customized package as per your business need.

How can I resell your SEO packages?

There is no single way to resell SEO packages; that's the beauty of this business. However, the approach to selling can be a bit different for newbies and SEO pros. If you are just entering into this market, you can bug in with reselling SEO services to your close friends, familiar, or acquaintances (whosoever needs SEO). This way, you can start selling the white label SEO reseller services to diversified businesses and start earning revenues. Moreover, there won't be any set target or expectations between you and us. If you find it difficult to explain or sell the services to any individual, you can contact us and help you close the deal. It's that simple.