We might not know a brand by its name but we surely know it by its logo. The logo design has a great impact on our memories therefore we are instantly able to connect it to the brand.

Logo design services are not there to just create a logo; they are there so that you can be known by your logo in the market. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in a professional logo design company like PNJ Sharptech who understand how a logo can do wonders when it comes to establishing.

Types of logo designs

Before deciding what type of logo you want, it is very important to know your options. When it comes to types of logo designs, they can be broadly put under 5 categories. They are:


A Wordmark is basically the name of a brand that is designed with the input of unique typography. There are a lot of different type-styles to select from and the most common ones are script, sans-serif, and serif.

It is a good decision to use wordmark when you have a new business and the name of the business needs to get out there in the public. Wordmark logos are easy for customers to understand and relate to because of their simple style.

Some famous wordmark logo designs include Canon, Coca-Cola, Google, Disney, etc.


A Brandmark logo is the depiction of your brand in the form of an image. When we see a tick mark, we immediately associate it with Nike or a bluebird to Twitter. Initially, the companies do use text as well but once they gain popularity they remove the words and just use their brand’s image on their products because it’s a no brainer to guess their name.

Your brand mark symbol could be something obvious like WWF uses the silhouette of a panda to express the prominence of environmental sustainability. On the other hand, you might select an abstract shape that stimulates the feelings that you want your audience to experience when they think about your brand.


A Lettermark logo usually includes the initials of a brand. The lettermark is all about keeping it simple. By making the most of just a few letters, lettermark logos are effective at streamlining any company brand if they have a name that is long and tough to remember. We all know what NASA is but not all of us will know what it stands for. It is still able to create a long-lasting impression with the help of the lettermark logo design.

Combination mark

As the name says, it’s a logo that combines both text and logo. Think of the original Adidas logo, Burger King or Tacobell to get a clear picture of it. The combination also allows for easy rebranding; your company name along with an image will be considered as one, therefore, in the long run your customers will only see the symbol and still think of your brand in a snap.

As the combination of a symbol and text create a different image together, these logos are typically easier to trademark than a pictorial mark alone.


An emblem logo is pretty similar to the combination mark logo. However, emblem logos compress these design features within a frame or border whereas combination logos don’t. Emblem logos also use a mascot at times. Any imagery is anyhow more symbolic and it often blends flawlessly with the text. Think of Starbucks, Harley Davidson or Honda to get a better idea.

Emblems are less flexible than combination marks as their features are normally difficult to separate out. Generally used by organisations such as schools, charities, and government agencies, and resembling a badge, this style of a logo can give a touch of authenticity to a modern day brand and a vibe of historical feel too. You can also use it if you want to make your consumers feel like they’re associated with a specific community of like-minded people.

Common logo design mistakes

There are some common logo design mistakes that you must avoid at all costs no matter what. It is better to learn from other’s mistakes rather than making your own. Some of the blunders are:


Thinking you can do it on your own

One common mistake that people do is to think that designing a logo is no big deal and they can do it on their own with any professional’s help. A logo is so much more than it seems to be. There has to be a right combination of images, texts, colors, font and what not!

You might think it is a cheaper option to go with an amateur designer or using one of those free websites but it will have a huge impact in the long run on your brand.

Using more than 2 fonts

A trend that you must avoid is using more than two fonts no matter how overwhelming it appears to be. Several fonts not only cause competition, but also misperception among your customers. They can also present a conflicting brand message especially if the font styles showcase a sharp distinction. Therefore, best is to keep it simple and classy rather than going too overboard and adding all the fonts that you come across.

Using raster images

A logo design will normally use a raster image or a vector image and it is always better to make check with the logo design company that you are getting the vector image for your logo design. A raster image is made up of pixels whereas a vector image is made up of precise points which make sure it stays the same when zoomed in. Raster image on the other hand will get blurred and pixelated and have a poor impression.

Because of the popularity of logo design competition websites among budding graphic designers, it’s common for businesses to accidentally invest in a logo that uses raster images. It will not only get blurred when enlarged but will also stop you from using it for various purposes.


Creating a replica

In today’s world, a word spreads like wildfire thanks to social media. There is nothing which can bypass from the radar of social media be it a design that a celebrity wore in 2019 which was already worn by someone else in 2018. Every little detail is highlighted therefore don’t even think about copying the logo design of your competitor.

Not only it's illegal but someone will call you out on it sooner or later and it will destroy your brand’s image in no time. You can’t scan all the brands in the world but it is always better to look out and examine your competitor and avoid similarities as much as possible.

One such example is a homegrown brand Sardarbaksh who was sued by Starbucks for the similarity in logo design and name. It had to change its name to Sardarji-Baksh after running 25+ outlets successfully. Imagine the burden of rebranding on them just because of a similarity in the logo.

This is not the only brand sued by Starbucks or the only case of failure on creating a replica. Therefore, it is always better to be extra careful.


Being unclear about the brand voice

Your logo must speak on your behalf and if you are unclear about the brand voice then how will the customers seek clarity in it? Be crystal clear about what you want to communicate so that it can be inculcated in the logo design.

Every logo induces a different emotion and you should know what you want the audience to feel. Let’s say you run a pet-friendly restaurant then you should go with a calm design rather than something green for instance.

Therefore, put a great deal of thought in deciding the visual identity communicated via logo design.

Why choose us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It totally depends on the type of logo that you want. Our designers put in their heart and soul to create a unique logo which will help you establish brand identity and it can take anywhere between a week to a month to come up with a masterpiece that you will like.
We will give you a number of options to choose from depending on what we discussed before the process. We try our best to put your idea to reality and share it with you so that you can select the best one as per your convenience.
That is not a problem at all. You can tell us what you don’t like about it or have a chat with our designer and get it done as per your preference. Your satisfaction is our top most priority and we won’t give up till we deliver what matches your taste.
Sure you can. It is your logo and we won’t rest till you like it or think that it is up to the mark. You can let us know what changes you would want us to make in the logo and we will get it done in a snap.
If you want to rebrand and feel like playing around with the design of your existing logo then that can be done as well. Get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can tweak it to make it a better version of its current self. Modification can surely be done.
We get an idea of your business and try to inculcate its vibe into the logo. Our expert designers use professional software to make a creative logo that will be lively and will match your standard as well.
If you ask us, 3D logos can be really distracting. It is best to go with a simple logo design which will be easier for people to remember and make it even more relatable. There is no point in confusing your audience with a 3D design however, if you want it then we can work on it but it is not advised to use this outdated form of logo design as it won’t be easy to use it on your merchandise or wherever you were thinking to use it.
There are broadly 5 categories that you can choose from. They are Wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, combination mark and emblem logo. You can either choose from these categories or we can work on an idea that you have in mind.
Apart from online logo design services, we provide SEO Services, social media promotion, web designing services and web development. In short, we provide all digital marketing services which are required to create a mark in the online world and help you with online promotion. You can get in touch with us to know more.