Outsourcing SEO services isn’t only available to large firms

52% of Small businesses are uplifting their business with SEO outsourcing, India!

Why don’t you benefit from it too?

Earlier, businesses simply needed an online presence to attract customers. But, since the wind of digitization has begun to blow, the competition on the web is increasing exponentially. Today, a business needs more than just a website. They need a holistic SEO strategy that can give them a competitive edge over others helping them to attain maximum visibility from potential customers and that’s where the outsourcing SEO services of PNJ Sharptech comes in.

For us, a good online marketing strategy is where the content blends perfectly with the website code and compliments its structure. Our phenomenal USPs are-

  • 100% White Hat and buoyant outsource SEO techniques.
  • Track record of 99% client satisfaction
  • Experienced team players
  • Transparent reporting
  • Rock Bottom Costs
  • 24/7 Availability for interaction & support
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Google Certified Professionals To Work For Your Cause

Our team of young enthusiasts keep on experimenting with new-age techniques to impress Google and stay on top of the competition. While they stick with ethical SEO techniques, they add innovation and quirk to their content marketing strategies to engage visitors on the website.

Quality Work Delivered That Drive Optimum Results

We have worked with clients from different business segments and identified online marketing strategies that work the best for them. This experience helps us to come up with strategies that increase the brand reputation and generate more sales in a limited period of time. Our outsourcing SEO services are flexible and can be modified easily to manage conflicts and disturbing scenarios, delivering the best outcomes without going beyond the budget.

Rock bottom Pricing Structure

In comparison to the services given by other SEO outsourcing company, our pricing structure is much more appropriate and pocket friendly. Where other agencies offer a whole lot of ineffective services at a high cost, we stick only to the strategies that work for you and your business. Thus, offering you the best of our services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Google Certified Professionals

Easy access to finest SEO Tools

We have unrestricted access to some of the finest tools like ahref, Moz, Google analytics to name a few, renowned in the world for strategizing our outsourcing SEO services seamlessly. They not only help us with their analytical insights but also helps in measuring the performance of each SEO campaign. They highlight all the areas which are working fine and which need updating to drive better results.

SEO Outsourcing In India: Result-Driven Techniques

Outsource SEO Services that actually drive results. The rest of them are just trash.

Website Analysis

Before we begin, to come up with ideas to skyrocket your business, we do analysis. We analyse the current brand reputation of your business’s website with the help of trusted auditing tools both manually and automatically. We identify the key areas of your website which are perfect and the pain points to work upon in order to drive results using SEO outsourcing, India. Once we are done with proper analysis, we will be able to strategize online marketing techniques according to the analytical data that we received.

Keyword Research

Research has always been a part of making marketing plans. In the very beginning of outsourcing SEO, we research a list of Keywords, we must focus on that can attract maximum visitors to the website. That’s why; we deeply research the Keyword, identify highly competitive keywords or search phrases that draw maximum traffic on the web. A keyword analysis is the main phase and foundation of search engine optimization campaigns for your business. Their relevance to your business and higher ranking is the reason why we all are here on this page.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping a keen eye on the competition is crucial if you wish your business to flourish and it is what we have expertise in. We profoundly analyze the competitor’s site using SWOT analysis. Upon completion of the in-depth study on competitors present online, we understand their market value, business strategy and target audience. This consistent tracking allows us to grab every opportunity to enhance the brand’s presence whenever it arises.

On-Page Optimization

Once the website is created by the development team, the next phase involves the optimization of each page regularly to rank higher in Google SERPs. However, your website will be optimized according to keyword research. After outsourcing SEO to us, we will take care of your website in a better way. We optimize the Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Tag, etc. of your content, and enhance the content structure of the website.

Off-Page Optimization

Other than on-page, link building is a way to make your website a reputed business. We are expert as well as experienced in website link building. Being the trusted Outsourcing SEO Company in India, we are known for our exceptional link building works. We clearly know that website authority makes your business brand outreach.


Our SEO team works for website traffic creation and target user engagement. Doing this will be enough for us to be the first priority among the business clients and become famous. Hence, you will surely be happy while choosing our Outsourcing SEO services for your targeting websites. At the end of each month, we send an SEO report based on your site performance and business growth. Because it is our duty to let you know about our dedicated SEO outsourcing services and how much the services are effective for you.

Still can’t figure out, why outsourcing SEO services important for you?

Analytically, we can show a lot of data to justify the need to Outsource SEO services for the consistent growth of your business on online platforms. But, here are a few points that will matter to you and your business the most.

Save money

At Pnj Sharptech, we understand the importance of money. Therefore, we ensure that our outsourcing SEO services are worth every penny. Our packages are easily customizable according to your business requirement. So, with us, you always pay for exactly what you want and nothing more.

Less Employment Cost

Outsourcing SEO services is another way to prevent excess employment cost. As in-house SEO services demand a dedicated resource to plan and manage the campaigns. However, when you outsource, (a) you don't need to pay every single employee’s salary working on your project, (b) don’t need to track their performance (bait around them to get effective results), and (c) get experts to work for you.

Proven SEO expertise

Agencies have a wide experience to work with clients like you. Because they have worked for businesses from different segments, they never run out of ideas to boost the performance of an SEO campaign. In fact, their vast knowledge is capable to deal with every conflict that arises during the implementation of an SEO campaign.

Wide range of SEO services

SEO outsourcing in India comes with its own challenges. However, when you hire an SEO Outsourcing Company like us, you get to choose a package of services that you want to try and implement then with perfection.

Our Process To Manage SEO Outsourcing, India

We offer Outsource SEO Services India for every business so anyone who startup their business can utilize frequently the perfect SEO services and hence enjoy better returns on investment (ROI). We generally provide an affordable cost of SEO Outsourcing services. Our SEO Company implements the strategies unique and effective in order to have a great SEO campaign for both products and services. We however processed your websites in the following manners:

  • First and foremost, we use to analyze the keyword that should be put in your content as using the most searchable keyword in the website content will be easy for you to get ranked.
  • Once you target your specific Keyword, the next step you would get from us to content creation. Out technical writer will create the content by mentioning all the beneficial points which you would like to put in it.
  • Once the content is developed and your business site is ready, it is needed to link building. Don’t worry! We are expert in building the link of your web content.
  • Next, we perform an On-Page Optimization of your single page for ranking the site at top-level in Google.

Are you ready to Outsource SEO? If yes, then hurry! Tell us about your project and plan. We implement your business strategies in an SEO-friendly manner, for sure. We are the only team of professional used advanced SEO techniques and give a proven result. The actual fact for our Outsourced SEO Service is long-lasting results.