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Why SEO for eCommerce stores shouldn’t be ignored?

An eCommerce company with a strong product line up but with weak marketing is heading towards no man's land. Nowadays marketing isn’t just promoting your eCommerce store on media channels, print ads, or other such mediums, but it’s all about More Online Visibility. The more you are visible, on the web, the more the sales will increase. That’s where the SEO comes into action. By hiring the right eCommerce SEO services India agency, you can expect the best outcomes on board in a shorter time interval. A professional eCommerce SEO agency understands the search engine algorithms, that will help you in increasing organic visibility and get tangible results.

Search engine optimization or SEO comes with several benefits and it doesn’t discriminate between industries. Especially the businesses selling their products on eCommerce platforms shouldn’t ignore SEO to power up their online sales. Using the best eCommerce SEO services the online stores can reach more qualified leads. These SEO services are strategized in such a way so as to increase the reachability of the relevant shoppers. The keyword research tool and optimization is something that helps in analyzing what your potential customers might be searching while scrolling the web. Our SEO strategists keep in mind the intent of the buyer while evaluating the best search terms that are relevant to your business.

PNJ Sharptech Dreams

ECommerce SEO services by PNJ Sharptech

PNJ Sharptech is a leading digital marketing company with an outstanding track record of delivering the best results on-board. Our proven and best eCommerce SEO services will help you move your website on top of the organic search results for the specific keywords relevant to your business and products. Besides, we also specialize in website design to help you establish your virtual shop. Here is what you get in our eCommerce SEO packages which can be tailored as per the specific business needs.

How do we deliver the best eCommerce SEO services?

Attracting the right set of customers to your website is the mantra for successful results. All that happens by using the right keywords on your online store’s page content. Search engines analyze the keywords that you have used on your website and then direct the relevant customers to it. That simply means, using an informative and descriptive text in your eCommerce website can you bring successful outcomes. However, you don’t have to worry about researching relevant keywords or phrases, as our eCommerce SEO specialist will do it on your behalf. Here is how we strategize the complete eCommerce SEO services to deliver the best to our clients.

We research, identify the relevant keywords and phrases

Keyword research is of utmost importance before practicing SEO on any website. And that’s what is in our DNA. We always begin with research to identify the key-phrases and keywords that should be included in your eCommerce website content. We use the keyword research tool, add it with our experience, consult with you on the relevant keywords that you know are already successful, and strategize to get top ranks on the search engine. Our focus while choosing a keyword is always on your eCommerce portal’s theme or the product you are selling. Additionally, if you have invested in content marketing, then you can also leverage the power of a blog post to describe the product, its benefits, etc. The keyword research and identification is always a critical part of our eCommerce SEO services India packages which in turn becomes an effective strategy for your business.

We implement the high-value keywords in your website

After completing the keyword research, we implement these high-value keywords in your website in specific areas that serve the purpose of ranking your website for relevant search terms. Our eCommerce SEO specialist includes the keywords mainly in the following areas.

  • Page title.
  • Meta description.
  • Homepage.
  • Product description.
  • Image Alt text.

As a professional eCommerce SEO agency, PNJ Sharptech does not compromise in optimizing your website for the relevant search terms. Without keyword implementation or optimization you cannot expect good results, even if you are selling a world-class class product. It gets difficult for your potential customers or search engines to find your eCommerce website if you have not optimized your site for the relevant keyword. At PNJ Sharptech, we also provide complete digital marketing services including SEO content writing and copywriting services to implement those high-value keywords.

We implement the high-value keywords in your website

Product page optimization by the eCommerce SEO specialist

Product page optimization can never be missed when it comes to eCommerce websites. These are the pages that are most likely to rank for the specific search terms or rather we should say long-tail keywords. Our eCommerce SEO specialist focuses on optimizing the product page while considering the appropriate long-tail keywords. Here is what your product page will include.

  • The title with a keyword.
  • Image of the product that you are selling.
  • Add keyword in the image alt text, image file name.
  • Keyword-rich product description explained in one or two paragraphs.
  • You may also include the product model number so it may also appear in the search results.

Navigation optimization that reduces the bouncing rate

Our eCommerce SEO packages India is not limited to just ranking your website on top of the search results, but we also make your eCommerce website user-friendly. Easy navigation encourages users to stick to your eCommerce store for a longer time and eventually end up buying a product. On the contrary, if your website is messed up and confusing, then shoppers are most likely to drop off and that is known as bounce. The highly user-friendly website leads to a lesser bouncing rate and vice versa.

Bouncing rate is a metric that tells search engines about the worthiness of an eCommerce store or any website. A higher bounce rate can become a reason for the drop in rankings that negatively impacts sales and conversions.

Why choose PNJ Sharptech as your eCommerce SEO agency?

Benefits of having eCommerce SEO packages

  • Targets the buyer with the right intent: With eCommerce SEO you will connect to your target audience and high-value shoppers. Our eCommerce SEO Packages help you to show up for the keywords with high buying intent.
  • The entire product line is optimized: You might not be limited to a particular product or segment, hence with eCommerce SEO each of your products is optimized. That helps users to search your goods online easily.
  • It increases your online visibility: ECommerce SEO services improve your online visibility on search engines. With that, your potential customers can easily find your website online due to which the sales and revenues grow. While ignoring the search engine optimization for your eCommerce portal can lower the search result rankings, reduce the purchase orders, and kicks down the revenues.
  • ECommerce SEO does not burn the pocket: Considering the current market scenario, the eCommerce SEO is extremely cost-effective without having to invest a bag full of cash. You can start with little and get the tailored SEO services that fit the needs of your business. As your business grows you can pump-in more efforts to the SEO plans.
  • You will be blessed with long-term revenues: With eCommerce SEO services you can increase the sales conversion to up to 20% and that revenue grows with time. However, you shouldn’t expect quick returns as SEO is an ongoing practice and takes some time to get some practical results on-board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCommerce SEO and is it really important?

ECommerce SEO refers to the SEO practices that are specially designed for eCommerce websites. In comparison to the traditional SEO methodologies, eCommerce SEO services use different strategies and techniques to enhance your online portals’ ranking on search engines. ECommerce SEO works as your sales booster if done effectively. Indeed, eCommerce SEO should be an integral part of your business which works as an interactive multimedia advertisement for your product line up. Using the right SEO techniques for your eCommerce business, the web crawlers find it easy to locate your website out of thousands of other competitors in the same segment. With that more customers are attracted to your online portal, purchase the products, and generates revenues.

How much time should I expect to rank through eCommerce SEO?

Just like the traditional SEO, eCommerce SEO also takes time to rank the website and that may stretch from one month to six months or maybe higher. Sometimes, the results appear faster within two or three months, but still, there is a strong need to put in more effort consistently to top the charts. The search engine rankings and website traffic also depend on several factors like the competitiveness of your industry, since how long your eCommerce website is existing and what is your current position on search engines. At PNJ Sharptech, the eCommerce SEO specialist always considers all these factors while working to enhance your ranking and improving website traffic.

What exactly is covered under eCommerce SEO services and how much does it cost?

ECommerce SCO services focus on eCommerce specific tactics such as using a product markup in order to increase your online portal’s visibility on search engines. This differs a bit from the traditional SEO services and the overall objective is to generate sales and increase revenues for an eCommerce website. The prices of eCommerce SEO services vary depending on the eCommerce SEO packages you have purchased. At PNJ Sharptech we also provide customized SEO solutions to cater to the needs of our esteemed clients.

How does PNJ Sharptech execute the SEO for eCommerce websites?

Keyword research and market research are the DNA of PNJ Sharptech. Our eCommerce SEO packages are customized as per the needs of particular eCommerce websites. We read the market, understand your business, and develop the customized eCommerce SEO strategies that are best to boost your organic rankings. Our work includes finding the best keywords for your eCommerce website and implementing those keywords in the sections or pages of your online portal that are most viewed by search engines. We focus on site structure in a way that the search engines like Google, Bing can easily detect, analyze, and list all of your pages. That’s no magic! But the hard work that we put in to make the most for your website.

How to kick start the search engine optimization for my eCommerce website?

Great! We will be delighted to help you launch your fully-loaded eCommerce website and our dedicated eCommerce SEO specialist will assist you from scratch to the final steps. You just have to give us a call at (number) or email us at (email address). We will have a one-on-one discussion about the specific needs of yours, briefing you on your goals and expectation settings. We will provide you the customized SEO campaigns that suit your website’s goals so as to get the desired results on board.

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