SEO Services in Delhi- Get organic traffic and ranking!

We, PNJ Sharptech provide the best SEO services in Delhi for all types of industries. Our smart SEO service assures first-page rankings as well as immense traffic on your business website.

Our strength lies in the analysis and the modern SEO approach. Being the expert SEO Company in Delhi/NCR, we contribute our work in web property by connecting your website to the domain of the particular niche.

Our USP is that we carry out a complete website research and repair the elements that have been holding you back from getting a ranking or traffic. Be it non optimized content, broken links, incorrect keyword research and targeting, structural errors, coding issues, incorrect on page or off page activity; we can take care of everything and get your site back on track.So, leverage the best seo services in delhi to buid online reputation.

We have elite SEO Packages that have been created in such a way that all the errors could be handled in a proper manner. Our strategies are totally customized so that you achieve the best possible results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Delhi Offered by us!


Enterprise SEO

It comprises factors that boost enterprise presence for enhancing Search Engine Ranking among target audiences. Things like scaling content, ongoing technical SEO management, and automation bring more audiences to the websites, which is very helpful in increasing ROI.


Local SEO

Using Local SEO marketing techniques forlocal businessmen to improve visibility in Google SERP. It starts increasing the chance for local businesses like shops, restaurants, or agencies to grow. A GREAT FACTOR to increase local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness.


E-commerce SEO

Provides an excellent platform to SEO for creating and optimizing pages (to rank higher in Search Engine Ranking. The architecture of the website defines the ecommerce SEO success. Nowadays, the success rate of any ecommerce site depends on how smartly ecommerce sites are optimized.


Google recovery services

An excellent service to find recoverable services. It gives you vital notifications and makes it extremely helpful to retrieve credentials of lost account. You no longer have to worry about retrieving that confidential information.


Web analytics

Proper Web Analytic Tool makes you do timely health checks of the website and optimization. All such factors make this viable measuring criteria. It analyzes the behavior of the website by tracking, reporting web data to optimize pages.


Mobile SEO

Incorporating the right Mobile SEO strategy expedites crawling & indexing for improved ranking of the website. Entrepreneurs across the globe take maximum advantages for Mobile SEO. Hence, achieves better ranking using Mobile SEO.



App Store Optimization increases app visibility and download. The technical configuration, relevancy of content, and link popularity of the website enhance faster download. It makes your business app a huge revelation.


Video Promotion

Promoting Videos hooks up your potential audiences to products & services. The most rhetorical method that speak volumes. In modern times, the penetration of business services depends how hooked up candidates are for your services.

Inclusions of our SEO Services

SEO Consultancy Services

Our SEO specialists invest ample time in understanding your business objectives. They research and study the market competition accordingly to outline and develop genuine SEO techniques.

Our Google certified professionals have good knowledge of Google’s updates and guidelines to work on your website and bring it in the top ten pages of search engines. Get quick guidance from our SEO team and open a whole new door of opportunities.

Technical Audit

On page SEO is one thing and technical audit is another. It is like a framework on which a successful website is built.

Our technical experts analyse your website closely to make it even more SEO friendly. We optimize your website in such a way that it can index, crawl, and get discovered without any trouble.

We evaluate your website for various aspects such as page loading time, HTML code errors, quality content & Meta tags, keyword effectiveness and page ranking on top search engines and link popularity.

Market and keyword research

A strategy cannot be formed without research. It is very important to know what the competitors are up to not to copy them, but to make sure that we do nothing like them or come up with better ideas.

We carry out extensive research to dig out the highest ranking keywords which will help you get more traffic and clicks.

Onsite SEO

We study your website’s structure and internal architecture and see what needs to be changed, keeping ranking factors and algorithms in mind.

Our SEO team will share their thoughts and findings with you which will eventually result in the betterment of your website.

Social media optimization

It is extremely significant to inculcate the use of social media wherever it is relevant because we all know about its crazy reach. Everything has the potential to turn into a viral trend overnight so how can we miss out on such an opportunity?

Not only this, social media is also great to interact and engage with the audience. Our SMO experts will leave no stone unturned when it comes to reaching your target audience through the apt social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to name a few.

Penalty recovery services

It is very important to maintain a positive image online because all it takes is bad reviews to get you down, even if they happen to be anonymous.

We create a trustworthy, marketable and strong online reputation with an expert’s guidelines. We create search profiles, build blogs of top quality content, intensify and create positive reviews, create profiles and executive reputation.

If you have any strikes by Google, we know how to take care of it too. Hence, we are the best SEO Company in Delhi.


We will help you to outreach remarkable influencers online relevant to your niche which will surely help you out with the visibility and brand awareness.

With the help of influencers, you get access to their followers which means popularity for you!

Analysis and reporting

After fully analyzing the website and checking the loading time, HTML code, content Meta tags and link popularity; our experts prepare a full-fledged report highlighting the corrections and scope of improvement.

Customer Review Management

Believe it or not, reviews and ratings hold a great deal of significance. People read reviews online even if they have to buy a new variant of a biscuit. They are so important that even anonymous reviews are trusted.

We assist you to hear the feedback, take timely action and build an effective online reputation management because everyone respects a brand who can act upon reviews without a delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do have a provision of local SEO services that you can use to your advantage. Your client will be able to find you exactly when they need a service that you offer. It will not only boost your popularity but will also help you get in the light when you need it the most.

The necessity for local businesses is to be searchable in local searches and find through industry-relevant keywords. Local SEO services in Delhi can assist you to lessen the gap with your clients.

Yes, we can. We understand the importance of having an online store and no matter what your product or service is, we will understand it and set up a digital store. We will make sure that we take care of all your requirements and give you what you need.

SEO Services is as vast as an ocean and has a number of things. It comprises of SEO consultancy services that includes a great deal of research and formation of strategies.

There is a technical audit which is like a framework on which a successful website is built. Our technical experts analyze your website closely to make it even more SEO friendly. We optimize your website in such a way that it can index, crawl and get discovered without any trouble.

Once we get a hang of your business, we will be able to suggest you the services accordingly because just like one shoe doesn’t fit all, the service might not be suitable for you as it might be for some other business.

That is not a problem. We will study your website and then see what can be improved. If there will be anything else that we will need then we will connect with you for the same and then see what can be done.

We will talk to you about the changes and how they are beneficial for you. You don’t have to worry about anything as no decision will be taken before consulting you.