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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a process of providing the space to your website data on the server, which makes it possible for you to access the website files on the internet. To proceed, you need to buy a domain that is provided by a website hosting company. The PNJ Sharptech offers you different packages tailored as per your needs, and the best part is you need to pay for the resources that you require. Depending on your usability, you can scale up your hosting package in the later stages. Hence, kick-off with the basic one and move on to the advanced plan later on.

What is domain hosting, and how it differs from website hosting?

The domain hosting is the service that the company offers to host the domain names for an individual or a corporate entity. Many companies provide both domain hosting and Web hosting services; that's why they sound interrelated. However, they differ from each other- the web hosting provides the server space to let the user store the content, like the website. While the domain hosting provider offers the domain name so as to help the visitor access the webpage.

How does the website hosting work?

The process is simple. Once you buy your preferred web hosting plan, we will allocate you space in servers where all your website files and data will be stored. We will assign a DNS to your website, which serves as an address to your site data and files. People wanting to surf your website will enter this DNS address every time to land on your webpage. It's just similar to own a space on lease and storing your luggage inside.

I am not technically sound. Can I still use your web hosting service?

Off-course you can. Anybody can use our website hosting services- be it a novice user or a highly experienced web developer. We also have a 24/7/365 available technical support team to assist you if you are stuck in between.

What type of web hosting service should I prefer?

At PNJ Sharptech, we offer different web hosting packages depending on your website needs. For example, you want to create a shopping website, blog, or host a podcast, all sorts of web hosting plan you can get from us. Need help? Get in touch with our experts for pro tips.

How much time does it take to set up a web hosting account?

Once you purchase the web hosting plan, it merely takes a few minutes to complete the setup process. You simply need to create an account and proceed with filling in some personal information. Now login to your newly set up accounts and start using the web hosting services.

What is an SSL certification? How'll I be benefitted from it?

The SSL or Secured Socket Layer certification uses a cryptic key which links your company identity with the files stored in servers. An authenticated SSL certificate ensures that the visitors don't access the sensitive areas on the website. For an e-commerce website, the SSL certification eliminates the risk of a hacker stealing the personal information of your customers.

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