Still can’t figure out, why outsourcing SEO services important for you?

Analytically, we can show a lot of data to justify the need to Outsource SEO services for the consistent growth of your business on online platforms. But, here are a few points that will matter to you and your business the most.

Get Rich Features Set With cPanel

We help you set up and install the cPanel website hosting control panel, which provides you the graphical interface and simplifies the hosting process. To add-on, it also provides you with automation tools for the best user experience. Now easily manage the backups and security with cPanel software.

WordPress Hosting Services

With our WordPress experts' support, you can power-up your site speed by eliminating the outages that eventually help you increase the prospects-to-client conversions. Our experts will optimize your website for the best user experience. Is your WordPress hacked? Do not worry; we will clean it up and secure it from hackings.

Pro Joomla Hosting Services

We have a team of experts to help you kick-start a new Joomla site or improve an existing one. Our plans also include Joomla hosting services to boost your website along with protecting it from hackers. Our experts also keep on monitoring the vulnerability in Joomla sites and create a firewall to save your website when needed.

Best Linux Website Hosting Services

We host your account on the high-performance platform that is supercharged by the Turbo servers. For optimized performance, the best Linux software, along with the fast servers, is essential. With our ultra-reliable and best web hosting services, we promise you the 99.9% Uptime.

Best E-commerce Hosting Solutions

Our e-commerce or online store hosting solutions will ensure that your website loads the fastest when it's needed. The slow e-commerce website directly impacts and lowers the sales volume, affecting the reputation of your e-commerce business. Do not let it slow down and immediately take our prompt services.

Reliable DNS Domain Services

At PNJ Sharptech, we provide you the concrete solutions for your website domains. With rich experience in handling the DNS management solutions, we know how to make it secure and reliable. Get your domain settings fixed with support from our prompt and responsive technical team. We ensure the uptime while keeping you updated with real-time DNS.

Get Your Preferred Domain Name

We help you to get your preferred domain name along with the best web hosting services. Create a new website for your unique brand and launch it with the well-chosen domain name. We assist you with global domain registration along with assigning the domains to groups, departments, and trademarks.

Secure Your Domain With Ultra-Level Security

We ensure that your domain portfolio is safe from hackers and other malicious activities. Get the optimized security settings through our reliable systems. We have collaborated with the leaders in the industry to provide the best online store hosting and security solutions.

Domain Consulting and Password Management

We make it possible for you to manage and register your global domains under one roof securely. We have customized solutions to analyze your domain portfolio and web hosting account password. Forgot the password? No worries, reset it with our simple tips. Apart from it, we can advise you on the challenges you face in the domain market with our tailored solutions.

Website and Mobile App Development Services

In PNJ Sharptech, the highly experienced experts cater to your needs of website design and development. As per the client's needs, we can provide a clutter-free and highly intuitive web interface. With our vast range of services and 24/7/365 support, 100+ and still counting happy customers are attached to us.

On-Demand Resources To Manage Your Website

Besides providing the website hosting services, we also help you sort any technical issues on your site. We hate slow or sluggish websites, and we won't let you the face this challenge at all. Be it any complex problem; we can sort out any website-related issue.

Your Website Will Be Safe With Our Award-Winning Security

We do not compromise with website security. That's the reason we have deployed the best of industry security features to safeguard your site and eliminate any malicious activity. We scan, analyze, and deliver the best security standards. We are 365 days and 24 hours on the job to thwart any suspicious activity.

PNJ Sharptech: A Smart Pick For SSL Certification

SSL or widely known as Secure Socket Layer, is a kind of digital certificate which activates an encrypted connection and offers authentication for a website. The SSL certification simply means that the web service host has demonstrated the domain ownership to the certifying authority at the time of issuance. For instance, you can consider SSL security as a sealing of the envelope with a letter inside.

During online store hosting, the e-commerce company needs the SSL certification as it secures the credit card or other personal information. The SSL protected website ensures the shoppers can buy a product using their financial details without being hacked. We at PNJ Sharptech are very particular for SSL certifications and have provided services to various clients.

Our encrypted SSL ensures the data passed between the customer and online platform remains private and secure. It helps prevent hackers from stealing your personal information like address, financial details, card number, etc. Here is why most clients prefer our SSL certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is a process of providing the space to your website data on the server, which makes it possible for you to access the website files on the internet. To proceed, you need to buy a domain that is provided by a website hosting company. The PNJ Sharptech offers you different packages tailored as per your needs, and the best part is you need to pay for the resources that you require. Depending on your usability, you can scale up your hosting package in the later stages. Hence, kick-off with the basic one and move on to the advanced plan later on.

The domain hosting is the service that the company offers to host the domain names for an individual or a corporate entity. Many companies provide both domain hosting and Web hosting services; that's why they sound interrelated. However, they differ from each other- the web hosting provides the server space to let the user store the content, like the website. While the domain hosting provider offers the domain name so as to help the visitor access the webpage.

The process is simple. Once you buy your preferred web hosting plan, we will allocate you space in servers where all your website files and data will be stored. We will assign a DNS to your website, which serves as an address to your site data and files. People wanting to surf your website will enter this DNS address every time to land on your webpage. It's just similar to own a space on lease and storing your luggage inside.

Off-course you can. Anybody can use our website hosting services- be it a novice user or a highly experienced web developer. We also have a 24/7/365 available technical support team to assist you if you are stuck in between.

At PNJ Sharptech, we offer different web hosting packages depending on your website needs. For example, you want to create a shopping website, blog, or host a podcast, all sorts of web hosting plan you can get from us. Need help? Get in touch with our experts for pro tips.

Once you purchase the web hosting plan, it merely takes a few minutes to complete the setup process. You simply need to create an account and proceed with filling in some personal information. Now login to your newly set up accounts and start using the web hosting services.
The SSL or Secured Socket Layer certification uses a cryptic key which links your company identity with the files stored in servers. An authenticated SSL certificate ensures that the visitors don't access the sensitive areas on the website. For an e-commerce website, the SSL certification eliminates the risk of a hacker stealing the personal information of your customers.