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SEO Services Company in Gurgaon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why SEO Services Is Required For Online Business?

Living in the internet world where more than 80% users search for a product or service online, having a web presence has become requisite. If your developed website gets first page rankings, this means your future customers bestow more trust and are interested to buy from you. At PNJ Sharptech, our main motto is to deliver world-class SEO Services to fetch top spots on search engines for your target keywords.

What Services Are Being Proffered in SEO Package?

The services provided by us are completely depend on the current status of your website, the keywords you are putting effort to rank for among major factors. We will create a customized package depending on your desired requirements and the level of SEO needed to boost your website and bring it at the top of the Google search engine rankings. We are not money minting SEO business, so you can expect more from us with complete transparency.

What Time I Expect For My Business Traffic and Top-Ranks?

It’s next to impossible to decide the time limit and comment even without knowing where your site stands at the moment and the product you are launching in. As certain industries and keywords take more time to rank than others. But, with consistent efforts, every mountain can be scaled. Generally, duration of 6 months to 1 year is recommended to get the visibility results.

Why Should I Continue SEO After Getting The Top-Rank on Google?

Your business can go down if you stop optimizing it online. Therefore, continue SEO service even when you are on top of Google search results. There are always changes and fluctuations in search engine algorithms, so rankings might slip if you don’t update it. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to not discontinue your SEO efforts.

What Makes PNJ Sharptech The Best Digital Marketing Company In Gurgaon?

The simple and sweetest answer to this question would be, “because we offer what we promise”. We do not follow the practice of ‘one-size-fits-all’. Instead, we are a tailor-made for digital marketing strategies and services. We usually take several times to research, analyze and evaluate to understand the client’s business so that we could deliver the optimum results.

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