Why Link Building Is A Must For Businesses Today?

Link Building offers a doorway to bring maximum potential customers directly on the website. Though it is an outdated concept and changed a lot with time; very few agencies have mastered this technique with time. Some still stick with the conventional methods of Link building services in India, whereas some actually put a thought to it and create links that actually matter to the audience and the bots.

Today, Link Building is indirectly referred to as link bait, natural link acquisition, and backlinks to describe the same thing. However, its significance is still the same in the online marketing landscape. It is no longer up for debate that Quality Link building outreach services are the best way to increase good traffic on your website and followed by ranking higher in the Google SERPs.


Links are basically small pieces of information left on various platforms from where the audience that interests in your business read that information, clicks on the link and gets redirected to your website conveniently. Some of the agencies that claim to have pseudo- expertise in Link building generally prove their worth by showing an increasing count of links. They make backlinks on various bad websites with very few visitors. They do so to increase the count of links they made despite their uselessness for visitors as well as the search bots.

Therefore, before you move forward in partnering with any Link building agency make sure you understand what they are promising you and how you can benefit from their services.

2. Editorial Links From Guest Posts

The Domain Authority of a website gets a significant boost when your website acquires a good amount of Editorial Links. Unlike others, Editorial links are links from websites with good quality content and relevance. These are not paid websites and do not entertain direct writeup submissions.

Our approach to getting editorial links is by making stronger relations and continuous interaction with the top readers’ websites. We provide these websites with research based content in return of getting quality links, making a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

  • We build strong relations with websites that relate to our client’s marketing focus, targeted audience and brand values.
  • Work together with their experienced content editors and community managers to curate insightful content for your business.
  • Bring innovative content ideas that engage more audience keeping them connected with the business.
  • Strategizing content to be published on social media according to the trends and making each post count by promoting it across different digital platforms.

Ways In Which Our Clients Benefit From Our Services


Customized Campaigns

Not everything works for everyone. We make link building strategies according to the type of business you have that gives exceptionally good results.


Improved SERP

Our Link building services aim to create good quality backlinks from reputed websites that drive good-quality traffic and improve rankings in search results.


Generate Revenue

The chances of a sales conversion increase when you get relevant website traffic. So by investing a minimal amount in Link building you will now get much more revenue.


Target Audience

With our strong and effective link building services, your business will be able to engage with a wide audience that is interested in your services and convert into a customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to do it on your own, buying tools can be very expensive. Therefore, most of the companies either take help from the online freely available tools with various limitations. On the other hand, relying on a link building agency will always be beneficial as we use the best and most advanced tools available in the market to over a competitive edge to our clients.
In comparison to other digital marketing services, link building services do reap faster results. However, it highly depends on the current status of the client’s business, their website, online reputation, authoritativeness etc. Once the services help us in adding some credibility to the website and business, the traffic to the website will increase exponentially. The more the traffic of potential customers on the website, the more will be the conversion rate. Hence, an increase in revenue.
External links are referred to those links which connect different websites while internal links connect the internal pages of the website to one another. For example, if you are on an ABC.com website which takes you to an XYZ.com website, the link will be an external link. However, if you are on ABC.com/aboutus and on clicking a link you move to ABC.com/services, it is referred to as internal linking. For a Google search algorithm to work in your favour, your website needs more externals linking than internal links.
Various agencies provide different Link building services packages depending on the techniques they are going to use to create the links. Make sure you choose the package which is best for your business type and be a little flexible with the budget so the agency can perform its best to reap the best results for your business.