PNJ Sharptech's Online Reputation Monitoring Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple words, the online reputation means the reputation of an individual, company, brand, product, and services on digital mediums and other social media platforms. The online reputation is the crucial aspect that promotes you and your brand by molding the audiences' perception. Various factors impact the online reputation, such as the internet's content (good or bad), your social media activities, and interactions with the customers or audiences.

The online reputation is an essential and decisive tool that impacts the brand sales volume and trust built up. The negative online reputation will affect the brand/individual's credibility, while the positive online reputation will create a never-ending trust between you and the audiences or customers. However, with an optimized Online Reputation Management strategy, you can win the internet hands down.

Indeed the ORM or Online Reputation Management is vital for your business. It makes you aware of what's being said about your brand online. With an excellent ORM strategy, you can maintain a healthy brand reputation and spike up your sales. In other words, a well-managed ORM Services will create a positive brand identity in front of customers.

  • The well-planned ORM strategy pushes the negative news behind in the search engine result page.
  • It pulls up the positive news, good feedbacks, and reviews about your brand in front of the viewers.
  • It helps you recreate your brand image every day.
  • It allows you to control the sales volume indirectly.

There can be no exact answer to this question as the ORM works on several factors and runs differently for every campaign. However, the timeline may vary from 3 - 9 months to ultimately push down the negative search results. At the same time, it can also take more than that if your existing online reputation is terrible. Get in touch with the online reputation managers to know the actual status and real timelines.

An excellent online reputation brings lots of benefits. Here is the list of perks of having excellent Online Reputation Management services.

  • The excellent ORM services portray a better picture of you online, which attracts fame.
  • It helps you get more business or other opportunities.
  • More people want to be attached to you.
  • It gets you a higher sales volume, attracting more money.
  • An excellent online reputation helps to impress the clients, and lesser is the need to convince them.
  • It reduces the marketing cost.
  • Generate massive revenues.
  • It helps you increase the value of the company.
  • Attract potential employees to work in your organization.

A customer always compares the brand on a search engine before buying the product. Hence you cannot afford to have a bad online reputation. Also, you must choose the online reputation managing company wisely after considering various aspects.

At PNJ Sharptech, we devise the exclusive online reputation strategy to promote your brand's positive content to the audiences. We begin the process by scanning the web for an existing image of your brand. We monitor the tags across all social media platforms, blog comments, and reviews forum to analyze the complete fact. After collecting all the data, we proactively let you know the wrong words or feedbacks about you on the internet. Furthermore, we also suggest you the response in real-time to immediately mitigate the negative reviews. Lastly, we identify the happy customers and make them the virtual brand ambassadors to improve your brand image. We use tailored tools as per the different sets of activities and increase your interaction with the customers through social media handles.

No, not all. We can not eliminate the genuine reviews from the web. However, the negative perceptions about your brand allow you to interact with the customers and know the actual reason for disliking. Furthermore, you can understand their needs, implement genuine feedbacks, and launch the improved product. To add-on, these activities show your proactive approach, portraying your right image in front of the customers. After all, caring is the best way of building a business and establishing yourself as a brand.

Yes, it would help if you took note of the negative reviews that people say about your company on any online platform. These days, the reviews impact the buying decision of people; whether to buy a product or not depends on the positive or negative perception of your brand. For instance, you own a hotel, and people have posted negative reviews on trusted websites complaining about the services and dirty rooms. You should never ignore such things and take it as an opportunity to set the benchmark by overhauling your services as per customer satisfaction. We will help you identify such reviews and feedback through several websites to create room for brand improvement.

Apart from Online Reputation Management, we at PNJ Sharptech offers various digital marketing services. We are the industry leaders and use cutting-edge technology for SEO services, Social Media promotion, and Web Development services. We also run the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns to maximize your ROI by increasing sales and generating leads.