Which PHP framework Is Best For An e-commerce Website - Laravel or Magento

Which PHP framework Is Best For An e-commerce Website – Laravel or Magento?

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E-commerce solutions are the latest trend in the business. An e-commerce platform can get you unlimited business choices. Recognizing the advantages of e-commerce platforms, more business companies are switching over to them. In a rush to join the bandwagon, the business companies are picking up e-commerce packages rather than a tailored-designed e-commerce platform.

Here lies the big problem. An e-commerce package will not be right for your business. Every single business is different. Therefore, the e-commerce platform should be designed according to the product as well as the company. The complete customized e-commerce solution only can deliver you the envisioned result.

Alas, it will be too late by the time you exactly identify the problem. Moving to a new platform can create anarchy as well as confusion. You are therefore affecting the business. Potential patrons, tired of the constant bugs, struggle in browsing an unorganized website, might stop using your online platform. It will be a great thing to develop a tailored-designed e-commerce website according to your product/ service/ business/ requirement. Thus, you can add all your important features efficiently along with precisely formulated modalities.

‘Framework’ Explained

Some functionalities of e-commerce platforms are usual across all shopping sites. This comprises a shopping cart, history, payment selections, filter options, and so on. The framework encompasses a collection of source files with crucial utilities embedded into it. You can use the frameworks, thus evading wastage of time revamping the subject functions.

In fact, if you have a Magento-based eCommerce platform, incorporating the use of Magento 2 form builder extension is a plus. It allows you to create unlimited custom and eye-catching web forms through simple drag-and-drop operations. Thus, reducing the complexity of work.

In simple terms, using framework is like building a house with cement and bricks. You do not have to make either of those. You can purchase the material for building your home from the market. Won’t that be silliness to manufacture everything by yourself?

When you can easily use the already obtainable raw material, why waste time on that? Just categorize your exact requirement, gather the materials/ functions, and accumulate it to suit your needs. So that you can design the e-commerce platform in a short period itself and make the website live, additional, it will also give sufficient time to address the teething difficulties.

Designing and developing an e-commerce website is a difficult task. It requires the close involvement of experienced UI designers and knowledgeable UX developers. They are to work in tandem with each other to accomplish a productive output. The proficiency of the developers and e-commerce solution providers matters a lot in making sure an efficacious e-commerce solution.

The e-commerce solutions and web development company in Delhi should also be well versed with up-to-date technological advancements. To integrate those efficiently into your e-commerce website. The website design must be future-proof to permit easy adaptation of the latest technologies as well as updations.

Laravel vs Magento, Which Is Better?

Laravel vs Magento, Which Is Better?

This question has been disturbing customers who think of e-commerce development. The lack of detailed knowledge about both is resulting in a dilemma. Here, we will look into the advantages and disadvantages of both Laravel and Magento. You can evaluate the benefits of both and decide on it.

Magento: Magento development came into reality about a decade ago. It has been the most favourite of e-commerce developers. Estimated to have over lakh e-commerce platforms have been developed using Magento. The platform, Magento, is considered an all-encircling one and henceforth a “matured” platform for developing e-commerce solutions.

Laravel: Developed in 2011, Laravel was reformed in the year 2013. It flies on the wings of advanced technologies. Hence, Laravel development has acknowledged more receipt than Magento in recent times. Subsequently, the demand for Laravel (PHP web framework) has been rising bizarrely, with more developers selecting it for the development of e-commerce platforms.

Experts Availability

Experts Availability

Since Magento (PHP web framework) is a relatively old platform, you can find a greater number of effectively-experienced developers. Thus, you will get knowledgeable developers at comparatively a lesser amount of payment.

There is a scarcity of knowledgeable Laravel developers. This causes the companies to pay higher for the Laravel professionals for designing as well as developing e-commerce solutions. As a result, the development price becomes bigger. Due to this, several companies still prefer Magento to Laravel.

You might consider using Laravel if monetary constraints are not there. Also, PHP experts with good experience in the MVC platform could be trained to use the Laravel framework. As Laravel is also an MVC-based platform, they will be able to learn swiftly.

Coding Issues

Coding Issues

Magento was developed more than 10 years ago. During the years of existence, it has gone through numerous alterations, updations, and amendments. This has augmented the complexity of the code. Therefore, Magento becomes sluggish and redundant rapidly. Further, the code could be tough to read, debug, defect and fix investigation/ troubleshooting.

Magento is a convenient, simple-to-use platform. Nevertheless, the difficulties overshadow the positive aspects. Besides, it will be hard for a person to read the code written by someone else. This will be a problem when your employee is replaced.

Laravel uses ORM (Object Relational Mapping) based coding. It is therefore making the database operations much simpler with PHP-based syntax instead of outdated complex SQL scripting. It is also simple for every qualified person to easily read the coding. The MVC framework facilitates easy understanding, troubleshooting, and debugging.



Magento, being a very old platform, there are a lot of technical professionals aware of the in and out of it. In case of any problems, you will get community support effortlessly. There are various forums, communities, and groups extending assistance regarding Magento.

Laravel experts are very less in number. Henceforth, it will be a problematic task to get strong community support, proper guidance, and good advice if you face any problems. Your expert must have the general knowledge to liquidate the defect.

Open-Source Platform

Open-Source Platform

Both Magento, as well as Laravel, are open-source platforms. This facilitates the developers to tailor the platforms according to the need. However, the know-how of the developer matters. As any dodge in the basic structure or coding of the platform can cause attacks from hackers.


Despite all the stats regarding Laravel, such as a lesser amount of community support and restricted availability of developers etc, it is the great preferred PHP development platform for e-Commerce websites.

Though Magento has a big pool of developers; a long development history; and strong community support, it has a lot of slow code. This makes coding more difficult and databases tough to maintain. When compared against the other existing PHP frameworks such as Yii, CodeIgniter etc, Laravel has a large number of skilled developers.

This is simply because it has an ORM-based data access model, well-ordered coding, MVC architecture, and ready-to-use simple e-Commerce solution features.

Moreover, Laravel is a consistent and robust open-source platform providing a surplus of exceptional benefits. Hence, it permits developers to build safe and secure websites swiftly. The unmatched part about Laravel is that it allows you to develop everything right from scratch and gives you a wonderful opportunity to easily define the scope of the e-Commerce site.

So, lastly, in case you wish to develop a good e-store for your business, start with selecting an experienced web development company in Delhi that has an experienced crew in Laravel.

This will permit you to have a more constant product with great performance with a spontaneous user interface.