Improve your campaign with the help of PPC Services!

Improve Your PPC Campaign With The Help of PPC Services!

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Does it ever happens to you that you created an amazing PPC campaign with the best of your knowledge but it fails to perform? If this is the case then you should consider PPC services in India.

This is so because a PPC campaign can get highly technical and who better to do it if not a professional, right? Just to give you an idea, there are a few things that you might be doing wrong. You can consider the tips mentioned below to improve your PPC campaign.



Enhance Your PPC campaign With These Amazing Tips



  • Go For Manual Bidding


Go for manual bidding


The automated bidding option might be the easier option to go for but it is always best to choose manual bidding. You should use your campaign data to set the competitive bids for the keywords and then observe the performance carefully.

You might not be able to notice the difference at the very first second but gradually, you will see how this small change is able to advance your PPC Campaign. This is one thing that we take care of as a part of our PPC services.

If you decide to upgrade your PPC performance with manual bidding then you must check your campaigns on a regular basis. Skipping campaign check-ins can result in over or under bidding, which can take a toll on your ROI.

When campaigns have at least a month’s data, it offers you with supportive information that you can use to fix your bids.



  • Use Ad Extensions


Use ad extensions


Ad Extensions are the ad formats that display surplus information about your product. When you show additional information about your products, you help your customers to get to know you and your products in an ideal way.

Ad Extensions also advance your visibility, upsurge the CTR and develop the overall ROI.

In order to make sure of the fact that the PPC campaigns profit from the Ad Extensions, you need to choose the correct Ad Extension:

  • Sitelinks Extensions are the extra links in the ads that direct visitors to reach their preferred location on the website. These extensions offer links to supplementary landing pages to give more detailed options.
  • Call Extensions will allow the visitors to call you with just one click. This makes it convenient for your probable visitors to call you.
  • Location Extensions improve your ads by showing your physical address, contact number, and a map to show directions to reach the location.
  • App Extensions are the links just below your ads and direct the visitors to the App Store or deliver a download link of the app.
  • Review Extensions come from online reviews that online customers usually give a great deal of importance to.



  • Pay Attention to the High Performing Keywords


Pay Attention to the High Performing Keywords


In order to optimize the PPC campaigns, it is suggested to check the performance of the keywords from time to time. As they are the foundation of the PPC services in India, it is important to keep a close eye on them.

When you review the keyword’s performance report, you can see the keywords that are performing the best and putting your money to great use.

The top performing keywords are the ones that get more business which is why you must focus on them.

However, you must keep in mind that just because a few of them are performing well you should not let them be on their own. You still need to monitor the performance. You should make a change here and there to track the optimal bid for every keyword.

The quality score is the performance indicator of the keywords therefore you should check the quality score for all the keywords to keep an eye on the consistent top performing keywords.



  • Make a Negative Keywords List


Make a negative keywords list


If your budget is constantly draining out and you don’t have a negative keywords list then this is where you are losing out.

Negative keywords are significant keywords that save your ad budget by stopping your ads from getting initiated by unrelated search queries. They help you to make sure that your ads come up only in front of those who are truly looking for what you are offering.

Negative keywords give you a chance to filter out any unwanted traffic and save some money that would have been wasted by the irrelevant clicks otherwise.

As negative keywords make the ads more targeted and focused, the clicks that are generated are more conversion-oriented. When the CTR and conversions increase, your cost-per-click lessens which in turn improves your overall quality score.

You will surely be able to see a great deal of change in your results when you inculcate these tips in the strategy. If you wish to avail the best of PPC services in India then do connect with us.