Conversion rate optimization- All that you need to know in one place!

Conversion Rate Optimization- All that you need to know in one place!

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No matter what you sell online, your main agenda is to convert the visitors into leads. This requires effort and you must understand the whole process of conversion rate optimization so that you can work in a better way. You don’t have to worry as we are here to walk you through conversion optimization and CRO marketing. Once you are done with it, you will know all about CRO services and how it can transform your business!



Understanding the concept of CRO


It is very important to understand the basics if you want to get clarity on the whole concept. We will be telling you all that you need to know regarding the conversion rate optimization.


What is a Conversion?


You might have different expectations from your website. When a visitor fulfills them then it is called a conversion. Let’s say that you sell homemade pickles and if someone browses your website and purchases it then it will be called a ‘conversion’. Conversion can be classified into micro conversion and macro conversion.


Micro conversion


This is a smaller conversion that can take place before the user completes the macro conversion. It could be:


  • Creating an account
  • Building up the cart
  • Signing up for newsletter


Macro conversion


When a user fulfills the end goal then it is called a macro conversion. Your primary goal depends on your business model and the services/product that you offer. It could be:


  • Buying a product from the website
  • Asking for a quotation
  • Getting the subscription


What is a Conversion Rate?


The site’s conversion rate is the number of times a user completes the objective divided by the traffic of the website. If a user can convert in every visit then divide the number of conversions by the number of sessions. Sessions are the number of unique times a user visited your site. If you sell a subscription then you can divide the number of conversions by the number of users.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


What is conversion rate optimization


Conversion rate optimization is the process of enhancing the percentage of conversions that takes place from a website or mobile app. Conversion rate optimization services usually includes producing ideas for elements on your site or app that can be upgraded. They are further validated via A/B testing and multivariate testing.



CRO Marketing – Conversion Rate Optimization and Limited Traffic


You might not have great traffic but if you work harder then the conversion rate can highly be improved. You can try to use the following steps in order to enhance your conversion rate by working on the traffic:


Make drastic changes


Do you want to get noticed? If yes, then don’t be afraid when it comes to making drastic changes. When you try out the split test, you require several actions to conclude the statistical significance so that you know that the results are legit and not based on guesses.

Testing more radical changes between page versions will result in great differences in conversion rate. It means that you need fewer page impressions before you can come to a conclusion.


Put your goals to test with a better conversion rate


You have a lot of options to optimize for and usually, it’s best to optimize for things that truly produce revenue. You can optimize for sales or lead generation.

However, they commonly have a lower conversion rate which means that they are time-consuming when it comes to testing.


Test pages with higher traffic


Test pages with higher traffic


You can start with optimizing your checkout page or your contact form.

It is a slight possibility that your home page gets more distinct visits than any other page on your website so you start with optimizing this page too.

Testing your home page will perhaps be much faster than testing your checkout page. It means you will see enhancements quicker and that will y mean that more traffic funnels down to those other pages that will make it easier to test them later.



Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate


You might be experiencing a low conversion rate but there is nothing that can’t be improved. You can work on the conversion rate optimization by making a few changes in the strategy and see what works best for you.


Add a popup


Add a popup


When you have a popup, it prompts the users to spend more time on the website which can be better for you.

You can try a number of offers like premium content, different products and other free stuff until you know what works the best. You should also make it easy to exit the popup rather than hiding the cross button.

You should set up a cookie so the pop-up only appears once as per every user.


Add reviews and testimonials


Add reviews and testimonials


When we visit some websites, we give a lot of importance to the reviews and testimonials. It is so because it is a human element and works like a charm when it comes to CRO marketing.

When you see someone endorsing a product/service, you tend to trust it. It also works the other way around. When we see a negative review, it influences us even if it happens to be from an anonymous account.

If you work on the conversion optimization by adding reviews and testimonials then it will surely have an impact on the traffic of your website.


Get rid of the distractions


When you have a number of elements that can distract the consumer then it is going to get irritating. When you visit a website and get pulled into a number of directions then it is definitely not a good sign.

If you think like this for other websites then people are going to think this way for your website as well. You should make it a point to have a clear landing page that is easy to navigate. If you think that you don’t need it then don’t include it as well. It is not a formality that you have to adhere to.

You should refer to the points mentioned below if you think that you can implement them:

  • Headline and subheadings
  • Benefits and features of the products/services that you offer
  • Testimonial and reviews as we have mentioned already
  • Don’t be text only, try to inculcate visual elements too

Other factors that you can consider are a video, live chat box and social proof. Your main agenda should be to remove the distractions so that the visitor doesn’t get confused and the conversion takes place.


Have a sales funnel


Have a sales funnel


At times, you might end up killing the conversion yourself because of a rookie mistake. If the visitor is casually browsing around and not ready to make an investment instantly but you ask them to take an action then it is obvious that they will exit your website.

It is always a good idea to give the visitors some time to get familiarized with the website so that they can make an informed decision. If you are offering a product that is complicated then people will need some time before they are ready to commit.

If you are offering software products then you can probably offer a demo or a free trial and not ask them to sign up or buy on the spot. Building a sales funnel is important for conversion optimization to gain trust, prove your expertise and build a fruitful relationship.


Have an easy buying process


If you want a better conversion rate then provide a better experience, it is as simple as that. Your users shouldn’t look at your app/website like it a mystery that they have to solve to reach the final destination. It should be easy, effortless and self-explanatory.

When you get your website designed, always think from the viewpoint of someone who isn’t that tech savvy. Will they be able to buy from your website? Is the navigation map easy for them to excess?

Don’t give them too many options because the more the options, more the confusion. You should also ask them to fill out as few fields as possible and tell them what to do next. If you put in efforts then you will surely have a better conversion rate.

Another pro tip is to offer free shipping. The user will not mind spending 50 bucks extra on the product. However, they might reconsider their whole cart if the shipping price is 50 bucks.

We hope that you might have got clarity by now on conversion rate optimization. If you need to know anything else then you can get in touch with us.