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Easy Ways to Choose Right Social Media Platforms

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Any smart marketer must know how important social media is for growing your business. It is the most effective way to fix the position in the digital marketing arena. If you’re previously using social media for your business, you might be in a large position to influence its scope. And reach in order to capitalize on the chances available on the Internet.

There is no question about it. If you want your business to grow rapidly, you must be in social media. With so many social media platforms on the Internet, the most interesting question would be, which ones must you use for your business? SMO agency In India will also help you to choose the right social media platforms.

The Best Social Media Platforms that You Must Consider for Your Business

The easy way to search the best social media platforms that you must have for your business is to conduct a social media audit. If you’re interested, social media experts will suggest you suitably.

1- Facebook

With more than two billion monthly active users, six million advertisers, and sixty-five million business pages, Facebook is the largest social media channel on the Internet. Important tips on how to use Facebook for your business-

  • Post relevant content twice a day.
  • Ideal length of a Facebook post – 40 words.
  • Ideal length of a Facebook ad – 5 words
  • When you decide to create content, ensure it has value to your followers.
  • Inspire your clients/followers to post comments, reviews, and suggestions.
  • Don’t worry about negative reviews. If you get negative reviews, reply to them in the professional and timely manners.

 2- YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video-streaming websites on the Internet that is owned by Google, a leading search engine on the Internet. It is also 2nd largest social media channel after Facebook with 1.9 billion monthly active users.

Important Tips on how to Use YouTube for Your Business-

  • Keep your videos short. The normal length of a YouTube video is 4.4 minutes.
  • Your call to action must declare during the first few seconds of the video.
  • The length of characters for video title-70 characters.
  • Post video daily.

3- Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular videos and image sharing social media platform that enjoys over one billion monthly active users. This channel is owned by Facebook that must give you more motivation to add Instagram in your social media marketing strategy. Important tips on how to use Instagram for your business.

  • Ideal posting frequency – twice a day.
  • Suggested length of posting captions – 138 to 150 characters.
  • Suggested length of ad captions – 125 characters
  • Full concentration on quality over quantity, and use high-resolution images.
  • Use hashtags to make more followers and increase engagement.

4- Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok is the fast-rising social media platform originated from China. Presently, Tik-Tok has 500 million monthly average users. Tik Tok is the fast-rising platform for short music videos. Even though it is also very popular in Asia, it is also rising in North America. In 2018, Tik Tok beat out Facebook and Instagram as the most powerful social media channels. Important tips on how to use Tik-Tok for your business.

  • Tik Tok asks to young demographic, “tween” up to age 18.
  • You can upload and record video of 60 seconds. You can keep it shorter from 15 to 30 seconds per video.
  • Ideal posting Frequency – once a week.
  • Use the special properties to create more dynamic, engaging, and entertaining videos.

5- Twitter

Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms for social media campaigns that need real-time engagement. It is a big source of information on anything from politics, entertainment, sports, and different special interests. It is the best platform for doing research on your market and making an audience profile. Twitter has 335 million active users every month. Important tips on how to use Twitter for your business.

  • Post your tweets from 140 to 280 characters.
  • Tweet multiple times 15 tweets daily.

6- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular choices of job seekers, influencers, executives, and Human Resource personnel, it is the best platform known as a professional network more than a social network. Important tips on how to use LinkedIn for your business.

  • While sending invitations to connect, ensure to personalize them. It is also better option to add an individual touch to your networking approach.
  • Blog at least double times a week to create your brand and increase your profile.
  • Advertise in LinkedIn. Your personalized ads can be directed to particular inboxes.
  • Update your profile daily.
  • Update your status twice a day.

Conclusion- Searching the right social media platform for your business is very crucial, and it may be a matter of trial before you find out the most effective network. You can use these powerful tips to ignore wasting time on social networks.