SEO Myths for Quick Rankings in 2019

You Must Know SEO Myths for Quick Rankings in 2019

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Search engine optimization is the current, indispensable, and searchable topic for web entrepreneurs. It plays a big role in boosting the business on the web platform. It is the most powerful way of bringing the business website in the search engine results. Most business people think that how SEO is beneficial for business. Talking about SEO is really necessary for today business people. There are so many SEO myths and misconceptions that you should avoid for top rankings in 2019. To know a little more about them, the best SEO services in Delhi are the best options. So let’s discuss SEO myths of 2019.

1. SEO is a Scam

The Myth- Fast-talking SEO specialists take more charges to offer services without any clear clarifications that do nothing but penalize your website.

The Reality- SEO is not a scam. This myth is possibly fixed in the false idea that search engine optimization includes easy and quick wins with little efforts. It doesn’t. It is a continual investment, but it is more valuable. Prevent making senseless SEO faults and keep the quality work up.

2. Reacting Speedily to Algorithm Updates Make You More Successful

The myth- Google updates its organic search ranking algorithm from time to time. You should make changes to your website as soon as possible to stay ahead.

The Reality- Each search engine is constantly working to boost its search algorithms. Google changes its search algorithm nearly 500 times a year. You need to worry about the updates of major algorithm updates.

While happening so, the smart thing to do is to wait and see if your website has been affected. If you are doing SEO properly, your website will not affect and you can see a boost.

3. If you optimize for Google, you’ve covered for all websites

The Myth- If you have optimized your content for Google, it is not necessary to optimize the content for other search engines.

The Reality- Google search may include more than 60% of the search market, but Bing’s share is boosting gradually. Bing is a big illustration of a website that works gradually different from Google, major search engine and rates your attention.

4. HTTPS is not important if not, you’re selling gear

The Myth- You should trouble with HTTPs encryptions, if you are into e-commerce otherwise new HTTP protocol works perfectly.

The Reality- Absolutely wrong! At the beginning of 2017, the global volume of encoded internet traffic exceeded the regular volume of unencrypted traffic.

It clears that when you move on a website, it shows that you came through HTTPS when compared with plain old HTTP.

5. H1 Tags Boost Search Rankings

The Myth- Using H1 Tags is necessary when it comes to good SEO exercise.

The Reality- Technically, it is not at all true. Although H1 tags help to make content more organized for the reader and make it simpler for web developers to design your website. They do not contribute to the search engine optimization process directly.

6. Link-Building Is Black Hat and Invites Google Penalties

The Myth- Google dislikes Black Hat Link Building

The Reality- This is certainly hysterical. Google, a leading search engine rewards your website for backlinks but these backlinks have obtained from relevant and reliable sources.

If you post your website’s links on spammy & unrelated websites, articles farms or those websites, who have malware and other mistrustful scripts. If yes, you may be penalized for back-linking.

7. Content Is King

The Myth- You need to create top quality and useful content to rank well in the search results without more help from search engine optimization.

The Reality- Content is king, this is absolutely correct. But when publishing relevant, well-researched and relevant content is the most valuable and great. It is not going to obtain you on the top of Google alone.

8. Hosting Location Is Very Important

The myth- If your site has not situated in the country that you’re targeting, you may forget about success.

The Reality- It is important for you to host your website in the country that you’re targeting. It is not necessary. Google is very smart to show the correct country version of your website to the right audience. All this study shows that Google prioritizes top quality details over local content.

9. Having an XML sitemap will improve your search rankings

The myth- Installing an XML sitemap can assist to boost your search engine rankings.

The Reality- XML sitemap does not affect the rankings of your web pages, even though it makes them more crawlable. Sitemaps provide more details about your website to Google and so make sure it indexes quickly.

10. Keywords in Title tags and comments Afford SEO Juice

The myth- The planned placement of keywords in title attributes and HTML comment tags of IMG and a href tags will assist you to win at SEO.

The reality- Rankings do not work this way. Importantly, comment tags indicate that the content is out of Google’s observation for calculating ratings. Secondly, title attributes have not assumed to assist you with SEO.

Apart from all these SEO myths, the best SEO services in Delhi can help you to get more ideas about SEO myths and misconceptions. It is also important for you to get an opinion for SEO experts.

Conclusion- There is no accurate science to SEO, and because the digital landscape is continually varying, it is hardly surprising that there is a lot of half-truths out there. Digital marketers, programmers, webmasters, designers, small businesses and entrepreneurs must remain up to date with SEO updates in 2019.