Write a Viral Blog Post to Gain Organic Traffic

How to Write a Viral Blog Post to Gain Organic Traffic?

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A viral blog post is a post that’s published by lots of users on the Internet. With the bang of social media, there is more and more potential for any kind of content to go viral. Videos and photos are probably to go viral, and these can be combined into a blog post. These are the photos that spread all over Facebook and YouTube videos that obtain millions of hits. Furthermore, a viral content assists you to obtain numerous high-quality backlinks and your blog will be wide-open to a wider audience. Now, the question comes into the mind, what components make a viral blog post and how a viral blog post may be beneficial for generating organic traffic. SEO Company Delhi will suggest the best ideas to write a viral blog post appropriately. Here are some important tips to write a viral blog post to generate organic traffic.

What Elements Make Something Go Viral?

To be viral, a blog post should be a current topic or a burning issue. To be viral, viral content has the following qualities-

  1. Funny
  2. Controversial
  3. Trendy or Popular Topic
  4. Useful & Unique
  5. Current & Burning Topic

The Secret of Creating Viral Blog Posts

Is there an unidentified secret to create viral blog posts? There is no guarantee that your post goes viral. Yet, if you follow certain things that can increase the chances of a viral blog post.

1. Create Lots of Top Quality Content

Remember that only a great blog post will normally go viral. Therefore, don’t think that everything you write is going to be broadly popular. One of the important tricks to create viral content is to post steadily lots of quality posts.

2. Headlines Matter

The headline of your blog post is very important as it is what people will see first. It has a lot of things to do with how the search engines index your post. Giving you post an impressive and ideal title increases the chance of people sharing it.

3. Use Videos or Images

Video and image can assist to make a blog post more popular on the Internet. You might create a short video where you share your views on a topic. Another, if you try to upload the video into your blog post, it is very important for you that you need to make some relevant comments as well. Photos are also good things for drawing the attention of users and increase the value of your post that is going to post.

4. Influence The power of Social Media

When few blog posts may go viral without the originator making many efforts, this is uncommon. More you share your content, really, it will spread. To do it, you should go out of your way to link with users on social media and social bookmarking websites.

5. Read viral content

If you want to know what goes viral, take a note. Every day, there are new viral photos, videos and blog posts. Go to different websites and observe which posts and other content upsurges to the top. You should not copy other’s content, but you can obtain valuable guidelines.

Thereby following all these tips, you can create a viral blog post and can generate more traffic. Until, if you have any confusions, you can take wonderful ideas from the best SEO company Delhi. SEO experts will provide you complete guidelines to make a viral blog post-thought-provoking.

Conclusion- All these tips will increase the chances of your blog post will go viral, but there is no guarantee that it will go viral. Often, it may seem to be luck. The right topic at the right time that reverberates with readers who share it. It may be just like a hitting lottery when your blog post goes viral.