Social Media Channels as an Online Marketing

How to use Social Media Channels as an Online Marketing?

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You have finally decided to jump and invest in social media marketing for business. Really, this is your right choice. Social media is one of the affordable forms of marketing available, and ROI, it’s offering to the business world is growing rapidly. If you are running a small business or start-up business, this is the right time to boost your business fruitfully. But now the big question is that which social media marketing website do you invest in? Or do you invest in all of them? Which social media website for business will offer ROI at the affordable cost? Before choosing social media channels as online marketing tools for promoting online business, let us discuss a little bit more about social media marketing as a whole. By choosing an SMO company, you can get wonderful ideas to choose the best SMO channels for online business.

Top SMO Channels as Online Marketing Tools for Online Business


It mustn’t come as a big surprise that Facebook is No.1 among top ten listed social media channel for business. With 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is extensively used social media platform. While your business objective is lead generation, site traffic, brand awareness or online conversions, Facebook must make a remarkable difference in reaching your objectives when used appropriately.


Instagram is one of the most powerful social media sites among the top ten listed SMO channels. It is a visual platform as you can post your posts that include photos and videos. The Instagram works to your advantage as a business since users remember 80% of what they observe as opposed to what they hear or read.


Pinterest is a very effective social media marketing channel. It has 175 million monthly active users. Out of those users, 93% of active pinners, 81% are women. They use Pinterest, a social media platform for purchases and 87% people, who have purchased something because of this channel.


Snapchat is a powerful app and SMO channel that permits users to send snapchat both another user or their Snapchat story. A snapchat sent directly to another user can view once, but a snapchat on a story is visible for up to 24hrs after publishing.

In Snapchat, 300 million monthly active users, and 187 million daily active users, and 71% of those users are under 34 years old. Especially, almost half of its users have age between 18-24 years. Indeed, Snapchat has more than ten million daily video views.

5.YouTube- A Powerful Video Platform

YouTube is a powerful video platform which permits users to watch videos or upload them. Youtube has 1.57 billion monthly active users, giving your trade the golden chance to share company content with over 30+ million daily active users, who are probably to watch it.

6. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most older and effective social media platforms, and it has 300 million monthly active Twitter users. You can publish photos and upload videos along with the character-limited copy, but Twitter recognizes for its food of real-time updates. Twitter is a popular social media channel for engaging new potential clients through its use of hashtags.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for business, people include more accurate details about their working e-mail addresses, job positions, employers, and many more. Users can use it for personal use. LinkedIn has 250 million monthly active users.

8. Google Plus- An Influential Social Media Channel

Google plus just like as YouTube is another social media platform owned by Google. Compared with other SMO channels, Google plus can play a big role in improving your SEO rankings organically on Google. Posting on Google plus daily will not only expose your company to its 395 million monthly active users, but also it assists Google to obtain smarter at identifying what your site is about, and what it must rank for on Google.

9. Yelp

It is the first app for SMO users that plays an important role in maintaining your firm’s brand and image. Yelp has 145 million monthly visitors, and those visitors involve people, who want the world of mouth authorization of whether your trade offers a positive or negative experience. By doing it, you create an organic sense of transparency and faith between your trade and your customers, and this can play an important part in growing and retaining your client base. Apart from all these SMO channels, you can know more about SMO channels from the best SMO company in India. SMO professionals are very knowledgeable to provide the best ideas to choose the best social media channel.

Conclusion- Social media channels are the best online marketing websites to promote your online business effectively. If you don’t how to use and manage them, you can choose a successful SMO company.