How To Write a Targeted Keyword Blog Post?

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When we talk about a targeted keyword blog post, SEP tips help you to improve the website’s chances of ranking (SERPs) on search engine results pages. It teaches you how to write targeted or SEO friendly blog posts, so every page you post assists appeal to both search engines and readers. Latest SEO services help you a lot to write targeted keyword blog post. Here are some important tips to write targeted keyword blog post.

Three Phases of Writing Targeted Keyword Blog Post

Phase One-Choose Your Keywords

Before starting to write a targeted keyword blog post, firstly, you should choose the best keywords for every page.

Classify One Primary Keyword

To optimize content for blog SEO, begin just by performing research and recognizing one primary keyword that-

Is closely associated with your blog posting-

Seek for a phrase that detains the main theme of your content and is naturally attached to your topic.

Is very popular with users-

Select a variation of the phrase that is regularly used by searchers.

Has very low competition rate-

Find out a variation of the keyword that has a completion level you can fight with. To struggle for a term, the phrase should have a few brands challenging for the term and your site should have authority sufficient to compete for the term. For the great success, pick up low competition keywords that are within your reach.

Recognize A Few Secondary Keywords-

Once you recognize a primary keyword, select 2 to 4 secondary keywords to use in your blog post. Secondary keywords, known as Latent Semantic Indexing keywords (LSI keywords) are related keywords which are closely tied to your main keyword. By adding a few secondary keywords in a blog post, you assist search engines to understand and rank well your SEO blog posts.

Phase 2- Write Your Content

Top quality content is useful and practical for both search engines and readers. Use these blog SEO tips and tricks to learn how to optimize posts for search, when keeping the readers in the mind.

Write for readers, not search engines-

You should write the blog posts for readers, not search engines. As your blog post is improving your SEO, you do not need to make any changes.

Write more than 300 words-

Writing 300 or more than words gives sufficient information to help search engines to understand the page and rank it well.

Use the primary keyword throughout the text-

Using the primary keyword throughout the text assists search engines to understand and classify the page

Phase 3- Optimize Your Post

Use the primary keyword in the page title-

The page title is the real name of the page that readers can see on the page. Use the primary keyword in the page title. If possible, attempt to put the keyword toward the starting of the title.

Use the primary keyword in SEO Title-

The SEO title is a secondary title for the page which is used as a main description of the page. It is more visible on search engine results pages and assists to understand search engine crawlers what is on the page.

Use the primary keyword in the Meta description

A Meta description is a recommendation that describes a web page. Like SEO title, SEO Meta description adds backend details that tell search engine crawlers.

Allot appropriate categories and tags-

Tags and categories are classification systems used to arrange the blogs posts on a website. You can allow the tags and categories to every page to connect them to specific themes and topics.

Use the primary keyword in image alt tags-

Adding the images to a blog post creates it look useful and reliable to both readers and search engines. So, you should use at least one image in your content. Plus you need to use the primary target keyword in the image, “alt tag”, which is a brief text description of the image visible to the search engine crawlers but not to the users.

Conclusion- Writing interesting content and choosing the right subject is a very crucial stage for creating a successful blog post with the right selection of the right keywords. In this post, some important SEO tips are very helpful to write SEO friendly blog post. So now we are available to help you to write the targeted keyword blog post.