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Android or iOS: Which platform is the Most Appropriate For the Business Mobile App?

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In the fast-growing technology, Mobile app has become an essential need of the hour. Having a business mobile app has countless benefits. Picking up the right platform Android or IOS is a daunting task while creating a business mobile app. There is a sort of confusion among the business owners about choosing the most appropriate platform for mobile app development. There has been a lot of discussion on the viability of different platforms owing to their own advantages and disadvantages. However, Android and IOS have emerged as the top runner for the best platform for app development. Both of these platforms have their own specifications that have drawn a lot of businesses across the world to rely on them. The iOS and Android app development platforms have a big customer base spread unequally in all over the world. Mobile application development services will help you a lot to get the best ideas about both platforms.

Top Five Factors to consider choosing between Android or iOS development

Target Audience

Business owners should decide about the target audience before creating an MVP. When you know rightly who target audience is, you must figure out which platform to choose. For instances, Android is a big increase in developing countries such as Asia, Africa, and South America. While in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, iOS has a big demand in the market.


A timeline is another important factor that you should consider. How fast do you want to launch your mobile application to the market? Always remember that the longer development time will increase the cost of mobile development. While you create your app on Android or iOS, the release procedure takes more time. Mobile app developers play an important role in the development timeline. So, make sure that they have rich knowledge and expertise to speed up the release procedure.

Desired Features

Before choosing a mobile add development platform, you should analyze its features incorporated into it. App developers can create a powerful application that should have test driven features.

Budgeting the app

Budgeting the app is one of the most deciding factors that influence their choice to select a specific platform to launch the mobile app development procedure. Creating an app for either Android or IOS is steadily affordable than doing both the platforms together. In the case of budget limitations, it becomes important more progressive to pick up the appropriate platform for your mobile app. The time it takes to create an app has a direct link with rates. Creating an app on the iOS platform takes less time to consume than creating the same app for an Android platform.

Revenue Goal

Creating an app and maintaining the app is an expensive affair as you want to make money out of your developed app. Do you plan to provide your mobile app free or with a premium model or would you like to take charge for your app for the store? Android has numerous free apps supported by marketing, while iOS has more apps that should be bought and more customers that will play for them.

Android vs iOS development: Which is the best option for a mobile app?

Nowadays, Android or iOS are two remarkable mobile operating systems. Nearly 75% of people use Android, while 19% use iOS globally. So, undoubtedly, Android is the winner. Android development is very popular in the global up and coming markets. Mobile application development services may be better options when you make your right decision according to your business goals.

Conclusion- To summarize Android and iOS have made substantial contributions in mobile app development. While every operating system has its pros and cons yet both are highly preferred platforms, when it comes to mobile app development. In addition, the operating system you determine for your business app development will mainly depend upon your experience and your target audience. Therefore, choosing the right platform takes your business to the next level with big success.