Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO Strategy

Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO Strategy 🤔💡😎

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Not sure why you should use emojis in your SEO strategy, what are the benefits of it, and is it really worth implementing? Well, here all your questions will be answered.

While scrolling the SERP you would have seen the search results with some cute emojis.

Wow! Seems interesting, let’s check it out. That’s what you would have thought after seeing emojis on the title tag.

Hence you click it and give a read to that full article.

Now imagine exactly the same happening with you when people see your website’s title tag with emojis. They will surely click over it as you did and give it a read. 

Now when you landed here, you must have observed that we used three emojis 🤔💡😎 consecutively in this blog’s title. Wondered why! If you analyze it, we have purposely done this to add relevancy to the heading and that’s what Google says. 

Until 2015, there was a big confusion in the SEO fraternity, whether emojis can be used in blogs or websites. Google cleared that it will show up the emojis wherever relevant, useful, and fun. And that statement from Google applies to both desktop and mobile search results. With that being said, it’s pretty clear that now you can leverage emojis in your content to improve CTR, boost relevance on search engines, and get impressive SEO outcomes. 

Emojis and Search Engine

People’s love for emojis is not hidden. They keep using them while texting, in social media chats, or to create an attractive post on Instagram. Emojis come with a lot of benefits too – it removes the language barrier, attracts the audience’s attention much faster, and most importantly it’s fun using it.

Banking on this opportunity, advertisers started overloading their content with emojis resulting in Google removing the cute emoji characters in 2015. Though with time, the use of emojis started again and that made Google allow the usage of emojis. 

Reasons That Why You Should Use Emojis in SEO Campaigns

Before delving deeper into the reasons that who you should make emojis an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, let’s check out some facts that are worth taking note of.

As per a survey:

  • Using emojis on title tags can increase a unique page view by 60%.
  • 92% of the online customers use emojis.
  • Emojis can enhance Click-Through Rate by whooping 300%.
  • In 2017 alone, emojis were used 5 billion times a day in Facebook messenger.
  • More than 50% of captions on Instagram use emojis.

However, some of these numbers can be yours only if you use the right SEO marketing strategy. Now let’s find out why should you use emojis and how to leverage their power to propel your SEO strategy.

1. Emoji can enhance your website’s CTR

Emoji can enhance your website’s CTR

Undoubtedly emojis can spike the Click-Through Rate for your site. When you see a title tag with emojis, it naturally attracts your attention and compels you to click over it to see what’s in there. Such user behavior leads to a massive rise in the CTR along with enhanced online visibility for any website which is appropriately using an emoji.

2. Right emoji character brings search relevancy

Right emoji character brings search relevancy

Just using an emoji won’t work, instead of using an apt one will show up in Google search results. Moreover, be careful in choosing the right emoji as it should go naturally with the flow of the topic. For instance, the topic of this article is emoji itself, hence there is no wrong in using the right set of emojis. Additionally, we can also use the characters in the title and meta description. 

We generally search on Google using normal text, but nowadays people have started using emojis to get the desired search items. With time, that’s going to scale up and we also expect Google to enhance its search algorithm to provide more accurate relevancy to the search terms.  

3. Emojis pumps up the local SEO 

What happens when anyone searches for nearby stores using emojis? They simply get the location of nearby stores just like it happens when we search using words. Here is what we get using 🚗 near me emoji.

Emojis pumps up the local SEO 

It simply indicates that Google correctly understands 🚗 emoji as the car and showing the exact search results. Isn’t it amazing! So, do not underestimate the power of emojis as it can help you in local SEO hence gives you an opportunity to scale up your business locally.

4. Emoji makes you trustworthy 

Emoji makes you trustworthy

Besides enhancing CTR, improving search relevance, and boosting the local SEO, emojis also makes you earn the trust of your audiences. It helps you speak the language of millennials (18-35 years) who heavily use emojis in day-to-day lives. That way you get an opportunity to create a connection with the audiences hence a way to trigger up sales and grab more revenues.

However, a leading affordable SEO services Noida agency suggests that solely depending on the emojis is a wrong way to grab attention as it might be punished by Google. To worsen up the situation, your site or blog might not rank had it been stuffed with too many irrelevant emojis.

5. Emojis enhances User Experience (UX)

Emojis enhances User Experience (UX)

User Experience has always been the highest-ranking factor for Google or any other search engine. Also read here Why should you go with latest web design? Anything that increases the User Experience is always loved and preferred by Google. Emojis serve the similar purpose of enhancing the user experience by including the fun element on the page. Now why we are saying this is – Emojis delivers the results faster without any hassle. Secondly, it breaks the language barrier and shows the search result using the same language code. 

How to Add Emoji to Meta Description and Title Tags?

How to Add Emoji to Meta Description and Title Tags?

Once you learn why you should use emojis, now it’s your turn to know how you should use them. Primarily, you must introduce these cute eye-catching emojis into title tags and meta descriptions and the following are the steps to do it.

Step 1.  Use WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast

What about using an emoji for free! That’s what you get from WordPress SEO by Yoast. Moreover, even a kid can use it as it doesn’t require coding for embedding emojis. It is as simple as copy and paste.

Step 2. Get the emoji you want to use

The next step is to find the emojis that you want to use in the title tag and meta descriptions. Lots of sites offer emojis that go well on Yoast and the one is www.amp-what.com. This site lets you access lots and lots of cute and interesting emojis along with the codes that work effectively on Yoast. Once you land on this website, make a search on top for the emoji you want and choose the one from the results.

Step 3. Copy and paste the emoji code

You can get the emoji code in a quite simplistic way. All you need to do is click over the emoji you want, now you will see an enlarged view of the emoji along with the code written underneath. Copy that code and paste it on the Yoast.

Moreover, you can also change the HTML code to CSS. How! Right on the search field, click the arrow next to the field box. Now you can choose the code in U+0000, HTML Decimal, HTML hex, JSON (JS), CSS and URL (%N).

Once you copy the code, you just need to paste it into the tile tab or meta description field on WordPress website.

Final Thoughts!

Emojis can be a game-changer SEO strategy if used wisely and only at places where it needs the most. On the contrary, if you just want to add emojis to grab the user’s attention without any relevance to the topic, then most likely the strategy will fail.

A premier yet cheap SEO services India company says if a title is catchy enough to get tons of clicks without using emoji, then let it be and do not stuff the emoji just for the sake of doing it. Still, if you have any doubt on why you should use emojis and how then get back to us through chat or simply email us your query.