What is front end web development

What Is Front End Web Development?

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Have you ever wondered how come a website has different pages and then different styles? Well, it is the creation of front-end web development offered by web development services.

Front end web development or client-side development is a technique of producing different web layouts using three essential tools: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

These professional developers use codes, tags and create different web layouts for different websites. A single website can have many web layouts depending on the website owner’s need.

However, the coding, skills, technique, and tools used for front-end website development services are different from back-end development.

Why Is Front End Web Development Required?

Why Is Front End Web Development Required

Suppose you are running a business of toys and that’s working well in the city. Now, as demanded by time and for growth, you want to go to the outskirts but you can’t afford to launch branches just anywhere.

In that case, you will choose to go online, and to have an online presence, you need a website.

This website which will be present on your screen has to be designed and managed. For that, you need a web developer.

While the backend developer will be working on its functionality, the front-end developer will create its layout, put content and images on the website, dealing with fonts, size, colors, display, and many things.

Since a website changes rapidly, web development services are much needed. The experts are well versed in coding and managing websites.

How is Front End Development Different From Back-end Development?

How is Front End Development Different From Back-end Development

The objective of front-end development is to work on the visual elements of a website. They design a website that when opened by a user is accessible and informative.

The front-end developers designed a readable and relevant website. However, a website can’t be static instead has to be dynamic and flexible.

Lately, users are using various devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They can access your website from any device anytime. Now, if it is designed only for laptops, it will not work on smartphones.

Here comes the role of front-end web developers who design a website in a manner that it can come up correctly on cross platforms, cross-browser and cross devices.

On the other side, the objective of back-end development is to develop the server-side logic while working with algorithms and logic.

The back-end developer creates and manages libraries, APIs, and all those things which you can’t see on a website.

They work on the network side as well, so it is also known as server-side development.

What Are The Key Elements Of Front-end Web Development?

A website is basically the face of a business, company, or its owner. It communicates and bridges the gap between the producer and receiver while the website acts as a supplier.

There are many programming languages and each language has its utility. Out of several languages, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the three key languages used in front-end web development.



HTML is a shorthand for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to design the front end that is the visual part of it.

From inserting headings, text, labels to using different headings and splitting paragraphs, only HTML is the backbone of a website.

While Hypertext refers to generating links between web pages, Markup Language caters to the structuring of these pages.

For example:






If you have ever seen a website solely programmed on HTML, you would have felt horrible. That’s where the role of CSS is shorthand for Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS is used to style web pages, to make them presentable on the internet. With CSS you can change colors, move content in different styles, change text and font sizes, and can add animators to make it fascinating.

For example:

body {

background-color: green;


h1 {

color: black;

text-align: right;


p {

font-Times New Roman: verdana;

font-size: 15px;


JavaScript :


Now comes the javascript, to make the website more lively, active, and responsive. Many use javascript client-side for website behavior by creating special effects, dynamic behavior, show or hide elements on a webpage, add keywords, and more.

JS (attributes to javascript) has an advanced level performed by front-end developers to add more creativity and make the website aesthetically savvy for users.

How Do The Front-end Developers Work?

How Do The Front-end Developers Work

Everything that you are experiencing now on this website, color, texture, different fonts, web pages, images, and all sorts of activity, is the outcome of front-end development.

While the content writer creates content, the photographer shoots pictures, and videos, the graphics designer creates logos and graphics, the front-end developer embodies all these elements on the website.

The developers create web pages using all the elements and putting them on HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Where Can I Get The Best And Affordable Website Development Service?

Where Can I Get The Best And Affordable Website Development Service

Although the internet has web development services, choosing one from them is difficult. While you approach an agency or company for website development, many factors are considered.

Web development services list should include web developers’ experience with different browsers, platforms, and devices is an essential factor. Further, the skills and working position also matters.

In a nutshell, front end web development is a basic need for any business or company to come up online. To outshine your website on the internet and be liked by users, a website should be created and managed by experts. If you have further queries or need any website development-related help, feel free to contact us. Our web experts are here to help 24/7 in all parts of the world.