How to Check Website Traffic Free

How To Check Website Traffic Free

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Everyone wants more traffic for their online business site, right? Having consistent traffic for any website is not something like a piece of cake. It is vital to analyze your site performance and drive estimated traffic up a storm for your product hype. Though, there are numerous fruitful Website Traffic Checkers Tools that will permit you to identify your web traffic. In this guide, we will show you How To Check Website Traffic using several other online tools. You can effortlessly evaluate your as well as your competitors’ web traffic and optimize the site if necessary. Hence, check the traffic now and target your audience to visit your site limitlessly.

Why You Should Check Website Traffic Regularly

Why You Should Check Website Traffic Regularly

The main purpose of creating a business website is to deliver correct as well as to-the-point information to the visitors. So, once the webpage is been produced & published on the web, keep regularly checking and analyzing what needs to improve. You can see the range of traffic like how many visitors have been visiting and showing their interest. However, as much as your site gets traffic, it will rank on the top. The actual reasons behind time-to-time checking and analyzing Website Traffic is:

  • You can see how your website is performing.
  • Your web traffic data will inform you where your traffic is coming from.
  • You will also get to know how visitors engage with your site and react when they reach it.
  • Able to check whether or not digital marketing strategies working accurately.
  • You will get more email subscribers, more sales for your products, more ratings, more reviews, top rank.
  • With Best SEO Services, you will know where your site exactly stands and what additional information is required. This helps to enhance your site performance.

Reasons Responsible To Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic

Reasons Responsible To Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic

When you investigate your Competitor’s Website Traffic, quality and informative information will be easily revealed. Here’s a couple of data you can track:

  • The pages and posts that make the most traffic.
  • Which keywords your competitors use to rank their site.
  • The channels that are driving for their incredible site traffic.

After collecting all the above information from your competitor’s site, you can make your website better and get estimated traffic. To develop your site, you can use your competitor’s Content Marketing Strategy, link building, keyword research process, and more. Furthermore, you will be able to target the keywords and topics that your competitors in order to generate more traffic.

The Most Generic & Optimum Tools Utilize To Check Website Traffic

There are a huge number of free as well as paid online tools you can frequently operate to Check Website Traffic. Each tool has unique features that help to conveniently verify your web traffic statistics and make better performance by adding relevant info. Let’s give a glimpse of some sorts of best effective tools to gain more traffic in less time:

1. SEMRush:


SEMRush is an all-in-one traffic analyzer tool that is the best in identifying and monitoring traffic for any website. We despite offering top-notch SEO Services In Noida, also access this tool for keyword research, tracking site rankings, and more.

Advantages That Can Obtain Grab Using SEMRush Tool:

  • Simply, after entering either of these domains, keywords, or URLs, you will get a detailed breakdown of your web traffic. The total number of traffic will display on the screen so that you can easily analyze and improve.
  • Check-out the fundamental website metrics like the volume of monthly traffic, traffic distribution by country, and a lot more.
  • Additionally, will be able to detect the keywords that bring the site the most traffic.
  • Compare your site with your competitors around 200 websites.
  • Can avail the benefit of the 14-days free trial or the limited free plan.

Features Of SEMRush

  • Traffic Analytics: This tab enables you to identify the number of inimitable visitors, total visits, average visit duration, and a number of page views. This is also productive to detect the bounce rate that the site receives till now.
  • Bulk Traffic Analysis: It is another astounding feature that enables you to effectively analyze traffic levels for multiple competitors at once.

2. SimilarWeb:

SimilarWeb is a free online website traffic checker tool generally utilizes to view your competitor’s traffic. Using this tool, you will know which valuable channels are mostly used in the website.

Advantages That Can Grab Using SimilarWeb Tool

  • In spite of offering traffic from search, you’ll get all-inclusive reports of a website that has a traffic strategy.
  • When you access any website, you’ll get a breakdown of the entire traffic, including a country-by-country report.
  • Get the bounce rate, number of pages viewed, average visit duration, and the top traffic sources for a specific website.
  • The keywords that bring the website traffic.
  • The most precious social channels for your Website Traffic.
  • Know the number of audiences to get breakdown while accessing the site.
  • The audiences’ interest, the top referring site, a list of competitor sites.

3. Google Search Console:

google search console

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to analyze and Check Website Traffic Free. When you access this tool, a complete picture related to your site will be viewed. The only thing you need to do is to add your website to this tool. After doing so, you can start viewing the entire data used on your site.

Advantages That May Obtain Using Google Search Console Tool

  • Will get to know the keywords that are ranking for your website.
  • The search volume that brings the web traffic.
  • Get the whole information and analyze it to boost your web traffic.
  • Optimize the blog post to drag your site into the first page if it is ranking in the 10th position.
  • View the web pages that are indexed.

4. Ubersuggest:


Ubersuggest is both a free as well as a premium tool that provides you to identify the constructive data of your website traffic. It is very easy-to-access and the interface is built for beginners.

This tool makes it simpler for a newbie to search the keyword or analyze the traffic. No matter whether you have done it before ever or it is your first time, you will be capable enough.

Features Of Ubersuggest

  • Traffic Analyzer: It is the most cultivated feature helps you to view the detailed breakdown of your competitor’s traffic. Analyze the keyword that brings the most traffic. And also the most popular pages available on the site.
  • Traffic Overview: You can gain the keywords that are organically used on the site that ranks. Find the monthly traffic, domain authority, and the complete backlinks used for the site. Also, view each section’s deeper insight for the traffic report.

5. Ahrefs:


Ahrefs is one most prominent SEO tools trusted by several brands like Netflix, Uber, Facebook, and more. Using this tool, you can analyze the number of traffic that your competitor obtains. Furthermore, you will identify and conclude the reason for their site ranking so high.

The tool is very simple and user-friendly in terms of accessing it. Simply, you need to enter the website URL in the search field and tap the Search button. The tool will immediately give you the entire valuable information available on a website. So, you can analyze, outbreak your competitor’s site, and get more traffic in a limited time period. Hence, overview the organic search traffic of a site that receives, the domain authority, check the biggest competitors, and much more.

6. Serpstat:


Serpstat is an ultimate all-in-one website analysis tool that is straightforward when it comes to Check Website Traffic. It offers a wide range of different SEO tools to recognize the site traffic and enhance the performance simultaneously. Even though it’s packed with outstanding features, it’s still very easy to implement. Only need to enter the URL into the search field and the tool will generate a traffic report within a pinch. Traffic checking features are ultimately available along with the backlinks analysis, site auditing, and rank tracking tools. The following useful website data will get viewed:

  • The organic and paid keywords that are driving traffic.
  • The average number of visitors the site gets per month.
  • The specific pages of the site that get the most traffic.

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