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Voice Search SEO: Optimization Tips to Thrive Online Business in 2020

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Voice search concept started with smartphones but now it has become the trending and most important topic in the search industry. From smartphones, smart speakers to various voice assistants globally, voice search is everywhere. Digital marketers are working hard to optimize their Voice search SEO strategies because they understand well the importance of this concept.

 For those who already have voice search, ready deserve a big round of applause. They are surely going ahead in the right direction because it is an excellent feature or trend in the search industry that will surely help to boost business. But remember one thing that to beat the high competition in this digital world, having only voice search would not be enough, a well-optimized voice search is must be on the top of the game.


Voice search SEO


Whether you have knowledge about what is voice search or a beginner, this guide about voice search optimization 2020 going to worth reading. Here you would get to know each and every detail of voice search from optimization, tips, advantages, strategies to stats. Let’s be straight and know-

What is Voice search? 

Voice search is a voice recognition technology that allows searchers to search the data online by speaking into a device. Devices for the voice search may be smartphones, computers, home assistant devices, and others. It has been seen a drastic increase in voice searches in the last few years. So, it has become extremely essential for you to understand all about voice search optimization strategy if you are wishing to boost your online business.

Importance of voice search SEO for digital marketers

Voice search has high importance and impact on the digital marketing strategy. It is one of the effective digital marketing strategies that will help to boost the success of the online business. Let’s see the advantages of voices search for business are such as-

  • It improves user experience on the website
  • It is fast
  • Provide convenient results to searchers of your website
  • Aid to boost ranking of website
  • More accurate results

Apart from this, there are several other advantages of adding voice search feature on your website. Now forget the days when back hat SEO tactics and exact match domains work for uplifting the online business. Time has completely changed and from search engines to users, everybody is smart enough to understand which website is ideal or not for them. So, optimize the content of your website along with this feature because it would surely take your business to a new height of success.

Voice Search Optimization Tips-

It is estimated that by 2020 approximately 50% of searches will be voice search. And still, it is cleared from a report that 41% of the adults use voice searches daily. So, now it would be very clear to you how important voice search optimization is. So, here are some effective Voice search SEO tips. Let’s have a look-

Look, it is also cleared by the industry experts that voice search is affecting the SEO strategy and digital marketing strategy. But all these changes are good to become they are improving for the better result in the digital marketing field.

The most effective voice search optimization tip is that you have to make some essential changes in your SEO Services strategy. Let’s have look at methods voice search affects SEO-

  • Focus on featured snippets
  • Significance of authoritative, detailed and relevant content
  • Use of conversational language
  • Transformation of text searches
  • Include the long-tail questions queries

Vital Voice Search Statistics-

  1. Do you know that approximately 60% of people use the voice search at home and 57.8% of people use it on smartphones?
  2. Some industry experts have predicted in their report that 30% of web browsing sessions would be done that even without a screen that means via a voice search by 2020
  3. Over half of voice search users were happy with the experience they have via this feature but 12% were dissatisfied and 38 % were neutral.
  4. Up to 2019, 66 million Americans have bought smart speaker.
  5. It was also come out from a report that out of 3.5 billion searches on Google, 1/3 of those are voice searches.
  6. Voices’ search queries are longer than text searches.
  7. Voice search queries are mainly started with what, where, how, why, who and when.
  8. Searchers in the 25-64 age brackets say that they like to do a search on Google or online via voice search.
  9. It is estimated that 71% of wearable device owners are planning to include the voice search on their website.

Know how to optimize for voice search and boost business-

If you want to optimize for voice search, then you have to first understand the user intent. In order to get success in the digital world, understanding search intent is crucial. You have to write the content on your website that directly answers searcher’s queries.

The advantage of voice search is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology for tracking the kind of queries users are tending to search. AI allows it to cater to the responses according to the searchers’ intent.

Google has stated that voice searches are action queries than text searches. That means optimizing voice search can be highly beneficial for your business. Let’s have a glance at the factors which will help to optimize your website for voice search.

  1. Use the natural-sounding language to optimize for voice search.
  2. You have to form queries into question phrases.
  3. Include and target the long-tail keywords in your content
  4. Just think about user intent and perform the questions and answers according to that.
  5. You have to put more focus on the action queries.
  6. Be concise while writing the answers to questions.
  7. You have to work and tighten up your local SEO schema
  8. Make sure that your Google My Business profile is entirely filled out
  9. Google My Business should include the business hours, name, phone number, address of your business, description, and others.
  10. Your website speed should be fast
  11. Mobile-friendly websites are the best and required for voice search optimization.
  12. Check your website whether it is secure or not.

Apart from this, there are so many other things on which you have to work to make your voice search rock and uplift your business. It would be good practice to avail of the service of a top website development company because they create a trendy business website. Your voice search feature will only work well and generate the desired result if your website is developed by professional web developers and design by skilled website designers.

Apart from this, one should hire the expert SEO agency for the increasing rank of your website and making it favourite of Google and your users. A well-developed website along with voice search will surely take any business to new heights and make the business successful. Whether it is a small, medium or big business, a professional website is a must for every digital marketer.

Hope you would like this guide on voice search SEO 2020. These strategies and voice search tips will surely help to uplift your business. So why wait when it is possible to take the business to the next level with the wonderful digital marketing and SEO trends voice search. Voice search optimization services will boost your business by providing the best experience to your website’s visitors.