Understand Users Behaviour Via Incredible Mobile App Tracking Tools and Methods

Understand Users Behaviour Via Incredible Mobile App Tracking Tools and Methods!!

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Most people think that hiring the best mobile application development company, launching the app and they are done! Sorry to say, it is not like that in reality. First of all, you have to understand is that there is no set-and-forget formula to make your mobile app successful. For driving huge benefits for business from the mobile app, understanding the customers’ behaviour is very important.


Mobile-app tracking plays a crucial role to understand the customers’ behaviour well and includes the features according to that. It helps to provide the best customer experience and your mobile app will become famous and generate immense profit for your business. 


Today let’s have a glance at the wonderful mobile app tracking tools which would help you to better understand the customers’ behaviour. After analysing and knowing the customer behaviour, you would be able to plan your next step very cautiously that will help you to lift your business to the new heights of success. 



Top tools and methods to understand users’ behaviour



Session recording


Session recording


It is one of the incredible to bring all the customers’ actions in highlight. By the session recording, you can keep an eye on every action that the user will take on your app. It is a great way to understand the users’ frustration points and making changes accordingly.


If users will frustrate at certain points, then he/she will return and search for the next point. Like this, you would understand where your users are not getting what they want. Also, you can compare the loyal users’ sessions to understand the issue is deep and where you need to modify the loopholes in your app.



Navigation Path


For the detailed outline of the visitor journey in your app, the navigation path is the best way. It is an incredible way to analyse the whole activities of the customer right from installing your app to purchasing the product/services that your app offer, you can understand each and everything.


This method will aid you to understand the loopholes in your business app. And, you can take the necessary actions to enhance your users’ experience. Apart from this, you can hire an experienced mobile app Development Company for improving your mobile app functionality and making it better.



Action Cohorts


Action Cohorts


Action cohorts allow you to analyse the activities of the customer about other activities. By it, you can understand the behaviour of customers and determine which action will be suitable to encourage them to purchase your app. 


By the action cohorts, you can also track the time difference between the customer’s first actions to the second one. 


We know that it is a little difficult. If you are finding this method very complicated, then it will be better to hire the professional mobile app developers for it and understand it with the help of them.



Touch Heatmaps


Touch Heatmaps


See, it is not easy to completely understand every user behaviour because every person is unique in his /her way. 


For getting an accurate understanding, it will be a better option to hire a third party. A third-person the perspective will help you to make the required modifications in your action. But this will not be able to resolve the problem completely. 


You have to use an effective tool to identify the subtlest behaviour of the customers. For it, you can use touch Heatmaps because it is best to deliver amazing results. Touch Heatmaps are a wonderful tool that filtered by several parameters. For finding the last gesture of the customer, carefully watch out the screen of this tool. And, also check out how many times the ‘pay’ button on the payment screen is tapped by the customers.



Conversion funnel


Conversion funnel


This is another best mobile app tracking tool that displays a breakdown at every stage of the funnel to check out users who drop out. It is an incredible tool to watch out the behaviours of users in areas that can be harmful to your business. 


These are essential and great tracking tools and methods that will help you to understand the user’s behaviour on your mobile app. Apart from this, if you fail to do it by yourself and feel that process is complicated, then you can take help from the trusted app and web development agency