Top SEO Companies in India To Grow Your Business

Top SEO Companies in India To Grow Your Business

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“Did you know? 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.”

The new age has brought a change in the way a brand or a company operates, online presence being a key factor here. Every year, companies aim to establish a strong presence on digital platforms and acquire a position in the list of the top SEO agencies in India. SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, increases the visibility of a brand and generates new traffic to the company leading to more potential customers. This blog has a curated list of the top SEO company list in India to help you find the best fit for your brand.


While many have heard and know about SEO and it being a necessary digital marketing tool, the importance of SEO is something which only a familiar few understand. In simple words, SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website, the consequences of which are greater visibility and wider reach.


In India, the market is booming with a good number of SEO agencies who work brilliantly. If you are looking for an SEO company to work with, then this list is for you. Mentioned below are a few of the SEO agencies in India which have earned their place in the top 10.

1. PNJ Sharptech

PNJ Sharptech

With 5+ years of experience, PNJ Sharptech has paved its way into becoming India’s #1 digital marketing agency. They serve as a one-stop destination for all required services which, apart from digital marketing tools, go to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology services. This company is also certified in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video. They provide packages which are easy on the pocket and make sure to analyse on a weekly basis for results. Serving in 5+ countries and having handled 500+ projects in which the clients include Tata Group and The News Fetcher, you can count on them to achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

2. SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2006, SEOTonic is a full-time marketing agency committed to delivering results. They provide services for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, PPC Management and a lot more! Their clients include Bussani Mobility Team, DTDC Australia, United Better Homes, etc. SEOTonic is committed to help their clients, whichever time zone they may be in, deliver results and gain maximum results on their investments.

3. Webspero Solutions

Webspero Solutions

Webspero is a Shopify Web design and SEO company which has been featured in Forbes, Reuters and CMSWire. This award winning digital marketing agency provides services in SEO, PPC management, WordPress, BigCommerce, etc. they have custom internal developed processes which bring desired results to their clients. It is also a Premiere Google Ads certified partner.

4. EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings

This agency is your one stop solution for all your needs. They provide services ranging from Search Engine Marketing services to Reputation Management. Although based in India, their clients are from all over the world. They also provide suitable and affordable packages for small scale business and also to enterprise level businesses.

5. Obelisk Infotech

Obelisk Infotech

Obelisk InfoTech provides high quality web solutions, SEO solutions and marketing solutions to all its customers. Based in Chandigarh, India, they have helped some big names in the industry reach high search engine ranking. If you want to boost your business’ presence in the online worlds, then these are the people you must go to.

6. Techno Infonet

Techno Infonet

Based in India, this digital marketing agency has its roots in the UK and the USA. They have 16+ years of experience in providing Web Development and Digital Marketing Solutions. They follow the “Make It Easy” ideology when providing their clients with advanced solutions. Other than SEO, their services also include Specialised Mobile Services, Web Outsourcing, E-Commerce and much more. They have completed over 1300 projects with unparalleled quality of customer service resulting in 92% client retention.

7. Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech

Since its inception in 2008, Saffron Tech has been delivering development solutions and IT solutions to its clients all over the globe. Their clients include the Times of India group, Fab Alley, ezy Qatar and much more. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Saffron Tech has successfully completed more than 1500 projects for their clients. They also are Microsoft Gold certified which has spiked the quality in their services.

8. Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway

Based in Chennai and having branches in the USA and Australia, Dot Com Infoway comes with an expertise of more than 18 years in this industry. Around 95% of their clients are based overseas, their goal is to provide quality products on-time and within budget. Dot Com Infoway provides 360° Mobile and Web Solutions to help reach your target customers.

9. Webential


This company based in Ahmedabad get its name from the statement – everything essential for the web aka Webential. Branched out in Australia and in the USA, Webential has 10+ years of expertise in this sector. Some of their services include Magento Development, Hubspot Development, Search Engine Optimization, Design and so on. Their clients include Hills Self Storage, Petra Development, SniffSpace, etc.

10. Cheenti


This agency follows the ideology and the working mannerisms of ants, hence the name “Cheenti”. Their services range across so many different industry verticals like healthcare, fintech, wellness, education, real estate and so much more. They take much pride in the fact that their client retention rate is around 82% of which some clients are Springwel, Alstrong, Fincart, to name a few. They provide services in Search Engine Optimization, PPC and Social Media Optimization.


If you wish to achieve heights in the online platform and in the industry overall, selecting and working with the best agency for your business is crucial. The list above of the SEO agencies in India might help you select the right fit for your business. Evaluate the agency you work with and make sure you get the best SEO packages for your business and ‘SEO’ yourself making it big in the market!