How to submit a website to Google

Stepwise Guide to Submit Website to Google & Other Search Engines in 2020

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Submitting a website to Google and other search engines is necessary for gaining the organic traffic which is essential for the growth of a business. It helps to get the rank in the search engine result pages. In this read, let’ have the look at the topmost search engines and the process of submitting a website to the Google and other search engines along with its benefits. Let’s dig deep and understand all about it.

How to submit a website to Google

But first, see what are the most popular search engines across the world on which submitting your website would be the smart choice.

Famous search engines to submit a website

Although there are numerous search engines where you can submit your website but the most popular ones are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. You can submit your website to any of these search engines because they are most known. The best thing about these search engines is that they are acknowledged and used across the world. They serve the result for your website based on the reputation, proximately of the users and others. The most prominent search engine is Google. It is great to opt the Google to submit your website.

The ideal part is that you don’t need to pay any money for submitting your website on any of the search engines. Submitting a website to Google and other search engines are completely free.

What is the need to submit a website? 

After developing an incredible website with wonderful design and putting the relevant and high-quality content, then every website owner would like to share it with the world. But for doing this, what you need to do is publish your website. After publishing, it would be visible in the Google and other search engines. Google & other search engines would crawl and index the content on your website. This process may take time such as a few days or weeks.

But this time can be reduced if you would manually submit your website to Google and other search engines. It is an ideal way of accelerating the process.

How Google find new pages on the website?

Are you worried that whether Google would recognize the new pages on your website or not? If Yes, then don’t think too much. You don’t need to tell Google and other search engines about your new pages on the website if your site is already indexed. When a fresh page or content is updated, it was crawled by Google because it loved the fresh, relevant and quality content.

When it finds the decent quality of webpage or content, Google itself visit your website more often to rank that particular page or content that even for free.

Steps to submit a website to Google! 

First of all, before starting the processing of submitting the website to Google and other search engines, a registration process with the search console is required.

Let first have a glance to submit a website to Google.

  1. You can either add an updated sitemap to Google account.
  2. Or, you can submit an indexing request to the desired URL through fetch as Google.
  3. For launching a new website for the first time, you need to verify it within the Google search console. After that, you would see an option ‘Submit it here’. Then another option i.e. submits a sitemap would be seen once you would land on this page.
  4. Or, you can visit the Google search console home page and click the website which you wish to submit. For that, you would require the Google webmaster tools.
  5. After that, you can click on the fetch as Google from the crawl menu on the Google Search Console dashboard.
  6. For the special web page, you can type the URL of that particular page that you want to search engine to crawl. Otherwise, you can leave it blank if you want Google to crawl the homepage of your website.
  7. After that, click on the fetch button. Wait until the status becomes successful & now click on submit to index.
  8. Now, it would be your choice whether you want to submit the single URL or URL along with all pages linked from it.
  9. Finally, your website would be submitted to Google after pressing the OK button in the end.

Steps to submit a website to Yahoo & Bing!

Are you aware that when you submit a website to the Bing, it automatically submits to the Yahoo search engine as well? Yes, it is true because the Bing search engine feeds Yahoo’s web search index. So, let’s have the look at the submission of a website to Bing.

  1. For submitting a website to Bing, you need to have the Bing Webmaster tool account set up.
  2. Open submit the site to Bing form.
  3. Type the URL of the page which you want to crawl by the search engine. It can be the URL of the home page of the website or any other specific page.
  4. After that, a Captcha would text would be displayed. Submit that captcha to complete the process.

 Benefits of submitting a website to Popular Search engines

When you manually submit a website to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, it enhances the chance that search engine spiders would increase your website’s chance to index quickly. It helps spiders to come to your new content. That’s the reason why people prefer manual submit a website to search engines. Getting a faster index is the prime benefit of this process.

To submit a website into Google and other search engines is really a simple and few step processes. Hope this blog would make it clear to you all about the process of submission of a website and the benefit of it. So, if you are thinking to apply it, then go ahead and rock your business.