Some Basic & Essential Pages for a Business Website

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What pages should have on a website? This is a common question for small business people and online entrepreneur ask, while they’re seeking to develop a website. When it comes to content formation for a freshly created website, every trade is unique and needs something different. However, visitors to your website have a complete set of web pages, what information they expect to find out on it and where on your website they expect to find out it. When it comes to making web pages for your website, there is a set of web pages that are normal and standard which all small business website must have. Website developers In India help to create the best, unique and professional website. Here are some common and essential  pages that every website must have, and type of the information these web pages should include.

1. Home Page

This is the first page and very essential pages of any website that people see first. This page should tell one and all who you are and what your firm does. The content on your homepage must be intriguing sufficient to capture the attention of your visitors within a few seconds. Your homepage needs to be well-designed, load quickly and look professional. In the home page, a brief description of who you are and what you do, a brief clarification of your products and services.

2. About Page

Business people do business with other people, and visitors want to earn a bit more about whom people are behind the company. The about page is the most visited page on any website. This page must give a brief summary of who you are, your company history, and what separates you from the competition. A summary of your firm, whom it employs, any special achievements you got, and the ways you differ from others that offer the same products and services.

3. Services Page

You can catalog details about the services that you offer. Start the page with a summary of your services former to outlining them. A summary of services offered links to learn more about the specialized services, bullet points of services with short clarification, the main benefits of using your services, and how they vary from the services your competition proffers.

4. Products page

This is your opportunity to provide details about the products that you sell. Start the page with a short summary of your products before listing them. If you sell multiple products and have broad information on every product, consider dividing them into the categories and adding up a link to their product pages.

5. Contact Page

Your contact page shows potential clients all the ways that can get in touch with you. It is also important to have an email address, physical mailing address, and email address on your website pages.

6. Blog

A blog is a section of a website, made up of locally related blog posts. A blog provides your company a voice, it creates a place where you can tell your company’s story, share your proficiency and engage with your clients.

7. FAQ Page

The FAQ page is your space to answer to the frequent questions that you are asked. The FAQ page will tell one and all on one page, what they need to know exactly.

8. Testimonials / Reviews Page

This is your first chance to boast positive reviews your company has obtained. Where possible, include contact information and photos of the author. It will add authenticity to every testimonial.

9. Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy is must for each website, a privacy policy allows the visitor to your website to know what you will do with the personal information they provide you.

10. Terms & Conditions Page

Similar to the above-mentioned privacy policy, terms of conditions page is normally a must for most websites. This is a web page that outlines the “rules” a visitor to your website should agree to keep to in order to use your website. Website developers in India are highly knowledgeable to guide you which page is very important for your website.

Conclusion– What kind of web page do you have on your small biz website, and what kind of pages do you think everyone small business website owner should have on their website. Have you missed any essential pages? You can follow the above guidelines for an ideal website.