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Why Responsive Web Design is Necessary for Good Ranking?

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Today, we are living in a mobile-first era and prefer a mobile-first index. That’s because users are addicted to the smartphone and tablets. This latest trend of using mobile is not changing in the coming years. In this environment, responsive design is no longer a modernization. In its place, it has turned to be a standard component of any SEO plan, irrespective of industry. Responsive web design is a big and important factor in boosting ranking. In the case of affordable SEO services, responsive design keeps a great matter. Let’s discuss the importance of responsive web design in the search engine rankings.


Why You Need Responsive Web Design?


The web has moved forward at an unbelievable rate over the previous years. Among several changes, the unavoidable happened. Mobile web browsing left behind desktop as the device of the first choice for internet users. Google is made for users, who search the web. In a digital world where those users are easily accessing the web through mobile devices, then Google is acting accordingly. Google gives the importance for that website, which is fully optimized for users using mobile and smartphone devices. Those websites are naturally the ones that have built-in a mobile responsive design.


  • Improved Website Usability


Google identifies “time on the page” as a basic signal of a website’s value for any given query. Responsive web design builds your website much simpler for visitors to read and navigate. The possible result is an enhanced user experience and normally a greater time on the website. Good usability scores lead to repeat visitors and improved conversions. Mobile responsive design is the basic factor to positive user experience, and Google is going to reward the websites that match with users with such an experience.


  • Faster Page Speed


Page loading times are an important ranking factor. Each site must be optimized to load quickly to assist the odds of it ranking higher in the search engine results. The steady message from Google over the years has been the fast-loading websites are favored in the search results. So Google strongly recommends only responsive web design. Websites that are mobile responsive will normally load faster, resulting in positive user experience and boost in the ranking well.


  • Less Duplicate Content


As Google algorithms are changing, it still needs the direction from you on which of your website’s content are vital ranking factors. Those users, who have determined to fall the path of a separate mobile website have a hard time managing duplicate content errors. Using a separate website from your mobile customer needs a separate URL.

The main difficulty is that the content on the desktop and mobile URL is similar, although the URL is quite different. This duplicate content can seriously affect your rankings.


  • Improved Social Sharing


Responsive web design is created to make social sharing simple for the most dominant demographic online mobile users. Even though social media can assist in search engine optimization, social shares will not have a direct influence on the rankings. But it will assist you to grow an audience. A larger audience can mean more engagement and traffic and more search demand for your brand, which will really make Google take notice. A website that is not fully optimized for smartphone and mobile users is going to have a hard time in compelling its users to navigate the embarrassed and poorly designed social sharing buttons that are specially designed for purely desktop use. Affordable SEO services need a responsive web design to rank well in the major search engine results.




Responsive web design is really an important factor in boosting the search engine ranking. This latest design trend can boost your website ranking. It is true that responsive web design has great importance for higher ranking in the search results.