AngularJS for web development

Reasons to select Angular JS for website app development!

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by committed developers from Google in order to simplify front-end development. The resource comes with various plugins and frameworks for designers and developers. It’s tough to think about the development of a modern single-page application without Angular JS. It helps developers to build maintainable applications. This is one of the reasons why AngularJS is also termed as the next big thing for web applications.

AngularJS for web development

It’s an open-source framework that allows creating the hip and handy single-page applications (SPAs). After its launch in 2009, Angular JS has become viral in the sector and has been at its position ever since. It is indeed the most popular JavaScript framework — it has been holding first place on GitHub by forks and stars for quite some time.

Here are few reasons to use Angular JS for website app development services:

  • Understandable

AngularJS is an easy-to-comprehend framework. With good knowledge about HTML, Javascript and CSS; Angular JS is very easy to learn for developers/individuals.

There are many resources and tutorials for AngularJS available online that too free of cost. Tutorials can help you learn how to set up an application and test the various components of an Angular JS web application. Gaining knowledge about Angular JS can improve your skills and shoot up your demand in the web application development industry.

  • Simplifies Testing Process

Developers need to revise and modify their web application to solve any problems as well as for seamless execution. If your web application cannot be tested easily, it will be difficult for you to identify what needs to be fixed. Dependency Injection (DI) is one of the major features of Angular JS that makes testing easy.

It divides the application into units and tests them in an isolated manner. Unit testing can help the developers diminish the chances of any issues that appear later and the errors the users may come across once the web application is deployed.

  • Time saving

Usually the coding process is hectic and it takes several attempts to get it right. Angular JS simplifies this long and complicated coding process; thereby helping developers to save their time.

They can be much more productive as they do not need to spend their valuable time on figuring out what each component or utility does with Angular JS. The cost of web development reduces as the developer spends less time on coding.

  • Credible

Since Angular JS is backed by none other than Google, it has credibility. Therefore many developers opt for this framework. There is a big community of skilled web app developers and designs who come up with innovative upgrades for Angular JS. This framework is reliable as it is maintained by a brilliant team of Google engineers. Google apps utilize this framework which will not make you doubt its stability. There are various developers working globally with this open-source framework and are ready to resolve all your queries and to help you build your web application in a smooth manner.

  • Facilitates Parallel Development

Parallel development is a boon when it comes to developers collaboratively working on a big scale project. Maintaining dependencies is a major challenge when multiple developers are working on the same project. Angular JS facilitates developing multiple versions of the same web application simultaneously.

  • Code Reusability

It is time-consuming and difficult for developers to design new codes. One of the major advantages of using Angular JS is the scope for code reusability. Code reusability is essentially using similar code, software components, test suites, designs and documentation for a variety of functions. Developers can reuse existing codes and add new features to it to develop the web application further.

It is a lot easier for programmers to develop a mobile application by using the same backend code they wrote for the web application.

  • Extends your HTML Vocabulary

Many developers use HTML to design static web pages but for dynamic websites the HTML code falters. Angular JS allows you to extend your HTML vocabulary for your web application with new tags and attributes called Directives. Directives are a distinct and powerful feature of Angular JS that helps developers build dynamic web pages.

  • Enables optimal App management

Normally the developers need to break down the code into the multiple MVC components and after that combine the code of these components manually. Angular JS saves developer’s time and automatically strings the code together.

The model component maintains the data, the view component displays portions of data to the users and the controller coordinates the model and the view part. The controller essentially takes input from the user, validates it and then runs the operations. Using this MVC pattern, it is much easier to manage the app database and the user-interface part of the application.

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