Node JS vs ASP.NET Which One Is Better

Why Node.js Is Better Than ASP.NET

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Whenever the latest and advanced technology lands on the market, it will always have its advantages and disadvantages for its operations. There are two contemporary platforms for server-side development: Node JS vs ASP.NET . On one hand, ASP.NET has built up a strong and sturdy impact among industry leaders throughout the past several years and on the other hand, Node.js is speedily attaining popularity as a viable opportunity. In today’s technologically advanced world, numerous big enterprises like Netflix, Walmart, LinkedIn, Uber, and others are using Node.js for building their unmatched solutions.

But still confused Node JS vs ASP.NET, the latest server-side development platforms? To learn and understand which server-side language is the better, just keep reading this blog post.

Node.JS – A Quick Overview

Node.JS - A Quick Overview

Node.JS was designed and developed by Ryan Dahl. A server-side scripting language is an open-source framework permitting the development of cross-platform applications. Node JS is a JavaScript runtime environment, which is able of implementing JavaScript code at the server-side. Prior merely JavaScript was used for any authentication to be done at the patron side only. With the arrival of Node JS, it is now possible to accomplish scripts for both the front end as well as the backend with ease.

Predominantly, Node JS is a platform made using Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine. It facilitates to development of scalable networked applications. It generally uses a nonblocking I/O model that is event-oriented and this makes it a perfect choice to develop data-intensive applications.

What Node.JS Tries To Accomplish?

In simple words, Node JS was developed with one objective in mind. To be capable to effortlessly add performance as well as scale with several diverse applications. It permits high performance along with greater stability as well as workability.

When it comes to investing in a great performance app, Node JS has always stayed a favoured selection of business website development services providers as well.

This latest technology can scale extremely competitively with a growing number of users in such a way that there is no specific change in the functioning and performance metrics of the web apps.

Salient Features Of Node JS

Salient Features Of Node JS

First of all, Node JS is highly able of providing excellent performance as well as speed. It is the perfect framework for the development of messaging or talking applications.

Mainly, it is very useful for designing and developing heavy load applications and e-Commerce internet sites that only depend on the speed of processing power.

In addition, Node JS makes the best use of a solo threaded model along with event looping.

Uses Of Node JS

Uses Of Node JS

This particular kind of event mechanism assistances the server to reply in a nonblocking fashion. Node JS is developed on the V8 JavaScript engine. This helps in making it the quickest code execution library.

There is no buffering included in Node JS. The application yields the data in the form of pieces.

Subsequently, Node JS is generally used for solo page applications. This makes the best use of unblocking or nonblocking fashion.

Node JS is mainly used for unmatched performance applications that scale very well. This is concerning great productivity and high performance in maximum traffic environments.

Advantages Of Using Node JS

Advantages Of Using Node JS

Asynchronous and Event-Driven – Node JS library’s all APIs are absolutely asynchronous, which is, non-blocking. It fundamentally means a Node JS- based server not ever waits for an API to return data. The server travels to the subsequent API after calling it and an announcement mechanism of Events of Node JS facilitates the server to get a reply from the prior API call.

Extremely Quick – Being developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, the Node JS library is very quick in code implementation.

Solo Threaded But Absolutely Scalable – Node JS uses a solo threaded model with event looping. The event mechanism facilitates the server to reply in a non-blocking method and makes the server finely scalable as opposed to outdated servers which generate restricted threads to manage requests. Node JS uses a solo threaded program and the similar program can give service to a much higher number of requests than out-of-date servers like Apache HTTP Server.

Buffering Not Involved – Node JS apps not ever buffer any data. These applications purely output the data in portions.

ASP.NET – A Quick Overview

ASP.NET - A Quick Overview

ASP.NET is a web application framework that was designed and developed by Microsoft. By using this app, we can design and develop advanced generation websites using JavaScript, HTML5, web forms, etc. This application is a nonentity but a server-side scripting language that develops dynamic web pages. It permits website designers and developers to make dynamic striking website pages.

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It gives an extremely simple to use, drag and drop internet site framework IDE in order to develop the internet site compared to other frameworks such as Java, etc. ASP .net was initially released in the year 2002 by Microsoft with version 1.



  • Microsoft performed numerous advancements as time passed away. It is a replacement for Microsoft’s Active Server Pages.
  • WebForms assistances in developing web apps. ASP.NET is shipped with built-in web form controls that are absolutely accountable for developing the user interfaces.
  • They can hand mirror distinctive HTML widgets such as text boxes as well as buttons.
  • If these controls do not exactly fit your requirements, you are completely free to use your own tailor user controls.

Programming Models: Used To Develop The Web Applications Offered By ASP.NET

  • ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) – The MVC facilitates in the making of web apps where the view is nonentity but the forward-facing end model for the business reason and the controller is fully answerable for the mapping between the view as well as the model
  • ASP.NET Web API – It is an amazing application programming interface for developing the API for a website application, which functions on top of the .NET framework. A programmer or developer can easily design and develop as per the business needs with the support of these APIs on top of the .NET framework in a well-organized way.
  • ASP.NET Web pages are capable of demonstrating the data dynamically in an HTML page and are extremely effective for making web applications. Its syntax is quite simple as well as very lightweight.
  • ASP .NET WebForms – It can be highly supportive in making modular website pages of diverse formats as well as components. UI events are implemented on the server-side.
  • ASP .NET WebHooks – It is mainly used for subscribing as well as publishing events via the HTTP protocol.

A Final Verdict

Making the final verdict of the selection of the framework needs thinking about the future of your enterprise application.

ASP.NET has been around for pretty some time and relishes the authenticity and confidence of the industry. It has proven its competence in terms of high scalability, outstanding performance, and strong community support, particularly in the case of resource-intensive large-scale applications, which makes it a harmless choice.

But Node JS is evolving to be a highly famous selection for businesses, that have numerous services as well as functions built-in the similar application.

Both advanced and latest frameworks adore huge support from a big community and manifold tools for improving performance.

At last but not least, we have understood the clear difference between the two language frameworks (Node JS vs ASP.NET).

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