Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress Free

Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress Free

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Are you searching for the top Instagram Plugins for WordPress?

In today’s social media world, Instagram is one of the leading and outstanding marketing platforms especially for bloggers and small businesses. With this platform, you could share details and information about your business in a visually spectacular style and connect to your precious audience that could probably be your next customer.

So why not use this wonderful and striking platform to enlarge your reach and perhaps produce more sales? The excellent method to do that is by connecting your Instagram profile to your business internet site. With that approach, you could reach out to a broader audience and enhance the prospect of converting more quality leads.

If you are pondering how to link your Instagram profile to your business internet site, then don’t worry, we have got you wrapped. WordPress presents piles of plugins that allow you do that smoothly.

In this blog post, you will find the top ten Instagram plugins for WordPress that will permit you to show your Instagram feed precisely on your WordPress internet site.

Top 10 Instagram Plugins For WordPress

If you wish to show alluring photos from Instagram on your WordPress internet site, irrespective of your financial plan of SMO Services, there are some extraordinarily exciting Instagram plugins for WordPress to help you do so.

· Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre allows you to exhibit your Instagram photographs on your internet site in a visually remarkable way. The plugin comes with numerous layout choices and presents three fully responsive templates as well. The plugin is completely responsive, meaning your photos look excellent on a mobile, computer, or tablet.

Also, this wonderful plugin comes with various visual effects to keep your visitors always amused and engaged. Right from different layouts, delay intervals, to effect speed, this plugin has a big bucket to offer. Moreover, it is compatible with the hottest versions of WordPress.

· WPZoom Widget for Instagram

WPZoom Widget for Instagram

WPZoom Widget for Instagram is an absolutely free Instagram plugin for WordPress that is extremely simple to use. The plugin is fully compatible with any WordPress theme as well as plugins. With the help of this plugin, you could easily show a gorgeous header with your killer bio and allow folks to know the details of your feed.

Generally, this plugin is a fantastic one. Moreover, you get some really stylish features to use without paying absolutely zero bucks. The plugin gets regular updates and presents terrific support as well. So, try it out right now.

· Social Stream for WordPress

Social Stream for WordPress

Social Stream for WordPress is a superior plugin, which is designed and developed to get you more likes as well as followers on your social media profile and enhance engagement on your WordPress website.

With the help of this exceptional plugin, you can effortlessly create a feed that exhibits content from your Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, and more than 30 other social media profiles. In addition, you could add share buttons, mesmerizing animations, and a search tool to your feeds.

· Instagram Feed Gallery

Instagram Feed Gallery

Instagram Feed Gallery is the finest WordPress plugin for making wonderful galleries as well as widgets of Instagram posts from various profiles and hashtags. With this unique plugin, you also have a big bundle of flexibility. While designing your custom feeds, you could easily modify the color scheme, re-position aspects, select from 4 distinct design layouts, and others.

Additionally, you have numerous lightbox gallery choices. So, if a person clicks on a specific post in the feed, they could look at likes, comments, and share choices.

· Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress

Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress

With the support Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress, you could add up a carousel or a picture grid from your social media feed to your internet site. This plugin is user-friendly and extremely easy to use, credits to the shortcode that you could create immediately within the built-in editor.

To exhibit the most appropriate pictures from Instagram on your internet site, you could source the pictures from hashtags instead of your personal feed. This is particularly useful if you don’t post regularly to your Instagram feed but wish for the images to be cool for your internet site visitors.

· Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

This plugin is very exclusive. With the help of the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin, you could simply exhibit any posts from a non-private profile on single or numerous feeds. This super-responsive plugin seems magnificent on devices of any size. Whether your internet site is being visited on a smart mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop, your feed will seem spectacular.

Along with this, you could easily customize your feed and make modifications in the manner they look to your viewers. The Load More push button makes your internet site load an endless feed for your valuable visitors. This can keep them surfing on your internet site longer.

· Soliloquy


Soliloquy is a tremendously simple-to-use slider plugin for WordPress that authorizes you to integrate your Instagram feed on your internet site sliders. With this exceptional plugin, you could generate featured content completely based on your posts, pages, and custom post types. In addition to this, it is very simple to create a lightbox slider to display case your pictures, videos, and galleries.

Also, you could even switch your PDFs and presentations to your wonderful sliders. The plugin is fully compatible with plenty of other latest plugins too. The plugin is completely responsive and seems astounding across platforms of all kinds.

· 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed is a dazzling Instagram plugin for WordPress that allows you to build picture galleries on your internet site by embedding the whole timeline in your posts. This could either be done by applying a shortcode or the plugin itself. With the help of this plugin, you can effortlessly modify the layout of your feed and present it in numerous pre-built styles. Incorporating your Instagram feed with your internet site in this style can give users a more complete view of your brand.

Furthermore, this plugin also permits you to exhibit solo as well as blended feeds on your posts and pages. The plugin gets regular updates, and it will automatically inform you the second the update is accessible.

· Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social facilitates you to create your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube content for your internet site by utilizing a lovely, customizable layout. With the support of this outstanding plugin, you could include your Instagram feed to a sidebar, post, or page completely depending on how significantly you’d like the pictures to be seen.

The nicest part about this plugin is that it comprises two push buttons at the top and bottom of the feeds you import to your internet site, encouraging visitors to like and follow your social media accounts. You’ll have the possibility to improve time on the page whilst increasing your social media aura.

· Modula


Modula is an Instagram plugin for WordPress Gallery that permits you to exhibit your photos attractively on your internet site. You could integrate it with numerous social media platforms too, comprising Instagram. With the support of this plugin, you can show media from your Instagram feed. The plugin presents amazing filter choices that you can effortlessly use to enhance the manner your pictures look.

With its unmatched drag and drop builder, you could modify your galleries swiftly and simply. In addition to this, you can utilize it to resize your pictures and create your own custom layout.

Modula also authorizes your visitors to browse via your galleries by categorizing them based on dates, hashtags, and more.

Instagram Plugins For WordPress: The Final Thoughts

We hope this blog post assisted you to explore top Instagram Plugins for WordPress. Now you can start exhibiting your magnificent pictures directly to your internet site. Your visitors can even select to follow you right on social media without navigating through link after link to arrive on your Instagram profile.

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