How To Measure Brand Awareness

How To Measure Brand Awareness – 8 Ways

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Have you ever wondered what makes a few brands extremely successful while many around keep struggling to earn the name? Well, some of you might argue that product quality has to be blamed or the latter might not be having a prompt after-sales service. Though that’s not wrong, there is one thing to add on, that’s how much you have invested in a brand promotion or simply said how much your brand awareness is there in the market.

With rising competition on social media, having a well-established brand awareness campaign becomes an integral part of the business strategy. Still, most businessmen struggle with how to measure brand awareness and deciding what’s important for their brand and what’s not. Well, that might sound the trickiest task to do, but with this guide, it will be much simpler for you to measure your brand awareness and get established in the market. Let’s get started.

8 Ways On How To Measure Brand Awareness

1. Conduct Surveys

Surveys have been one of the oldest ways to measure your brand perception and awareness. You can do it in different ways by email, through the website, or via telephonic conversations. You can simply ask your existing customers randomly that from where they got to know about your brand and then re-strategize your business accordingly. Moreover, surveys also help you in knowing that people recall your brand or not.

2. Study Website Traffic

Study Website Traffic

Website traffic is another source from where you can grab the maximum knowledge about your brand awareness in the market.

It consists of reviewing the stats on the Google Web Analytics program which provides you relevant information about your brand’s growth by:

  • Tracking the number of people who entered your website URL into the search engine address bar.
  • Bookmarked your website.
  • Click over your website’s link over an email or from another source.

The more people would recall your brand name, the more you will be searched through your brand’s name. Also, you should pay attention to the bouncing rate, if that’s lowering, it means people are least interested in engaging with your brand and you have to take some measures to engage customers.

3. Monitor the Earned Media Value

The publicity or promotion your brand is getting through earned or free media is a crucial factor to measure the brand’s value. It helps you to know where and how frequently you have been mentioned. By simply assigning the monetary values for the engagements you should be able to monitor your ROI. Several tools are available that you can use to calculate the estimated earned media value.

4. Check the Search Volume Data

Check the Search Volume Data

What if you can learn the number of searches for your brand name! You can get accurate data to measure your brand awareness. That’s where the Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner comes into action. With these tools, you can track the search volume for your brand name and track the growth as well. However, you might feel a bit uncomfortable using the tool if your brand name will have generic search terms.

5. Measure the Referral Traffic

Measure the Referral Traffic

Analytics gives you another way to measure your brand awareness through referral traffic. The quality and quantity of traffic matter here. You should ensure that the referral traffic is increasing at a constant rate also it should be valid and relevant to your website.

However, the referral traffic is not always good, such as, in case you are getting referrals from penalized sources, then that will lower your quality scores. That won’t allow users to see your website and your website’s visibility will worsen which further impacts the brand awareness.

6. Leverage the Social Listening

Leverage the Social Listening

That’s another tactic where you can learn what people are talking about your brand on social media or other online platforms. This strategy includes listening to the organic conversations about your business, and brand, hence allowing you to have thorough knowledge about customer’s thoughts. Social listening fills the gap in surveys where people usually can’t give proper feedbacks due to the pattern in which the questions are asked.

7. Measure your Backlink Success

Measure your Backlink Success

This brand awareness measurement strategy includes tracking the backlinks you have gained. In two different ways, you can measure backlink success. The first one is to track the organically gained backlinks which show that your content is reliable and well perceived by the audiences. It means that people are finding you an authentic source of information. Another factor could be your backlink rate is low, which means that the correct audiences couldn’t find you until now. That’s where you have to overhaul your SEO or SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategy and work towards increasing your authority.

8. Search Popularity

Search Popularity

Here you need to search for your brand as well as your competitor’s brand on Keyword Tool. It informs you about the popularity of your brand and tracks brand awareness. You will find a few other tools on the web that allows you to make a search for some limited time frame. For accurate findings, you can store the previous data to increase your range for measuring brand awareness.

Get Your Brand Awareness Measured and Monitored From Experts

These extremely powerful brand awareness techniques have been offering some great results for businesses across the world. If you are still figuring out how to measure your brand awareness, then simply get in touch with smo experts at PNJ Sharptech and get your brand awareness measured hassle-free.