Five Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress Websites

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Summary: Many visitors who browse your business site can have queries about the products you sell and need instant resolution. Adding the blue-chip Live Chat Plugins For WordPress sites is the best way to engage with customers and provide exclusive customer service. Customers will contact your chat-support team and ask for product details.

Are you looking for a way to enhance the user experience and sales rate for your WordPress Website? If really, nothing beats adding top-notch Live Chat Plugins For WordPress to your business site. Although there are a number of WordPress plugins for creating live chat support, choosing the best one empowers you to connect with your needy customers. Hence, you can build trust and improve customer relationships by installing the productive live chat plugin on your site.

In this tutorial, we’ve compiled the best live chat plugins for your WordPress website. So, read carefully and learn which would potentially be the best-fitted for your business site.


Why Do You Need To Add Live Chat Plugins For WordPress Sites?

For business growth, making your client happy by offering quality services and products should be your top-priority job. However, customers are more likely to be interested in browsing your site if you give them access to your support team. So, all you need is to add the best-suited WordPress Live Chat Plugins to your site. The right live chat plugin will lead you to convert your visitors into authentic customers.

The benefits of using Live Chat Plugins For WordPress are noted underneath:

  • Healthy communication with customers.
  • Grow sales.
  • Minimize customer support ticket time.
  • Customers will get a quick response from the support team and get their queries and problems resolved in no time.
  • Time to time maintenance and improving customer loyalty to your business brands.
  • Increasing your conversation rate.
  • Instant and 100% satisfaction service at an affordable rate.
  • Quality branding.


Know the Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress Websites

A list of best Live Chat Plugins For Websites that are beginner-free and affordable is mentioned-beneath. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the gathered live chat plugins. Let’s begin!


1.     LiveChat WordPress Plugin

LiveChat is the leading live chat plugin that is easy to use and more flexible for your business site. It is the number one customer service platform that delights your customers and increases your sales. Most importantly, with this plugin, you will have several options to customize your site’s chat window as per your need. The main motto of installing any WordPress Live Chat Plugins on your site is to have instant interaction with customers.

The Key Features Of The LiveChat Plugin

  • Quick interaction
  • Effortless to set up on WordPress
  • Offers strong customization.
  • Reasonable pricing plans.
  • Flexibility with all the popular WordPress site builders.
  • Immediate Response
  • Unlimited concurrent chats
  • A built-in chat analytics tool.


2.     HubSpot Live Chat Plugin

HubSpot is the complete marketing package that includes customer support ticketing, analytics, and live-chat functionality. It provides a marketing automation facility that helps business owners to send an automated email whenever visitors reach out. Thus, you can chat with your visitors in real time. Moreover, you can offer round-the-clock assistance to your needy customers through HubSpot’s 24/7 chatbots. When it comes to Free Live Chat Plugins For WordPress sites, you can freely to go with this plugin. However, you can upgrade to a paid account if you need advanced features such as transferring chats to different team members.

The Key Features Of HubSpot Live Chat Plugins

  • Quickly and efficiently respond to messages from HubSpot’s inbox.
  • Create notes, store chat history, schedule follow-ups, send emails, and make calls.
  • Live chat and chatbot integration.
  • Quick installation without coding.
  • Automated lead capture.
  • Several tools to manage your customer query.
  • Robust chatbots


3.     Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Tidio is a user-friendly yet powerful live chat plugin for your WordPress-used online business site. However, installing and configuring Tidio is not so tricky and indeed suitable for a website to improve user experience and marketing efforts. Once you successfully create your Tidio account, the live chat window will appear on the dashboard. It helps you to quickly and effectively communicate with your customers. Additionally, you can check user details such as their email address, location, IP address, and viewed pages on your website.

The Key Features Of The Tidio Live Chat Plugin For WordPress

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Smooth and impressive chat box design
  • Customizing chat without interruption.
  • Marketing automation for quick sending emails automatically.
  • Resourceful chatbot
  • Chat analytics integration.
  • Monitoring visitor details and behavior through a live chat dashboard.
  • Seamlessly transfer conversations from one agent to another.

Well, Tidio is a mobile-friendly WordPress Live Chat Plugins. So, no matter where you are, you can engage with your customers even using Tidio’s desktop or mobile app, or browser widget.


4.     Sendinblue Live Chat Plugin

Sendinblue is a complete email marketing package that allows you to set up a chat box for connecting with your customers in a pinch. However, it is simple and easy to set up and operate. So, feel free to use Sendinblue Live Chat Plugins For WordPress sites to organize your team and talk to visitors. Furthermore, you can track your customers’ activity and even can see on what page they are on while speaking to you.

The Key Features Of The Sendinblue Plugin

  • Email Marketing Automation
  • SMS integration
  • Easily set up and manage Facebook ads
  • Landing pages
  • Robust CRM program


5.     Chatport Live Chat Plugin

When you are looking for a better way to talk to your customers, feel free to get started with Chatport Live Chat Plugin. Thus, add it to your WordPress website ASAP to let customers contact you through your website, Facebook, or other messengers. However, your customer support team will immediately respond through Chatport, instead of an individual platform. Furthermore, you can increase your subscribers simply by capturing emails and also boost conversations. With its free plan, only up to 5 executives will talk to visitors.

The Key Features Of Chatport Live Chat Plugin

  • Frequently read customers’ messages before they send them to you.
  • Saving replies
  • Group chats
  • Email chat records
  • Customer tracking for quicker responses.
  • Customizable chatbot
  • Auto invitations to chat and automatic messages to customers.
  • Securely and seamlessly file/email transferring
  • FAQ bot


24×7 WordPress Support For Live Chat Plugins For WordPress Site

Installing budget-friendly Live Chat Plugins For WordPress is one of the best ways to talk to your customers to quick-resolving their problems. Real-time customer interactions literally improve your website’s user experience, sales, and revenue. The above-described live chat plugins probably help you choose and get started with the best WordPress chat plugin for your site.

If you want more advice on how to choose and execute a live chat plugin, consult us for 24×7 WordPress SupportWe will guide you to decide and install a plugin on your WordPress website. So, dial the given helpline number and connect with our deft techies. You will learn to streamline the process of providing chat support to your visitors & customers.