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How to Counter with Negative Reviews?

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Sometimes, customers rely on the opinions of others, while making purchasing decisions. That is why receiving online reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Angle’s List is very necessary, especially as effects new consumer acquisition. From a customer viewpoint, negative reviews can harmfully influence your trade and can drive down your listing on the consumer review websites and making it more difficult to find out. While nobody wants to receive negative reviews, but often they happen. Here are the top ten ways to deal with negative reviews. Plus, a top SMO company in Delhi can also guide you step by step for dealing with adverse reviews.

Top Ten Ways to Deal with Negative Reviews

1- Respond Punctually

Responding quickly to the negative reviews displays the consumer that you care and value their opinion. It may be the promoter in an individual who had a bad experience with your trade giving you a second chance.

2- Take Dispute Offline

For any kind of dispute, it will be better to reply secretly through phone or e-mail rather than leaving a public comment to a negative review.

3- Be Polite

An adverse review, mainly one that expresses a strong judgment, and responding just by saying that “Thank you for your valuable feedback”.

4- Request Offensive Reviews Be Removed

Most customer rating and review websites will not permit you to eliminate reviews. In the case of one that is offensive or libelous, request that website take it down. Normally, you should claim your business listing before making the appeal.

5- Monitor Your Online Presence

In order to respond to negative reviews, initially, you should distinguish what consumers are saying and where consumers are saying it.

6- Comprehend How Rating & Review Websites Work?

Every consumer rating and review website has a specific way of clarifying, rating and ranking reviews.

7- Take Negative Reviews Seriously

In most cases, people who leave adverse reviews about you. They are not insulting you. They surely want to express their opinion about the experience. Take such adverse reviews on their merits as they may disclose an area of your business which could benefit from upgrading.

8- Encourage Consumer Reviews

To offset the impression of an adverse review, encourage consumers to leave reviews. Although, don’t try to affect them just by asking they leave only the positive reviews. Yelp depresses such follows. In addition, putting table toppers, signs or window stickers in your location of the business for review websites that you want to promote.

9- See Good in an Adverse Review

Negative reviews can increase the value of your business. If each review is positive and overflows with four and five-star ratings, potential consumers could become doubtful, feeling that the reviews are “manufactured” instead of being left by real consumers.

10- Share Your Reviews with Your Staffs

Verify everyone in your organization is aware of reviews you’ve got, both positive and negative. It will help you to stop the same difficulties in the coming future, so it builds a customer-centric mindset among staffs. Apart from all these tips, if you want to know more, you can choose a top SMO company in Delhi to get important ideas to deal with negative reviews.

Conclusion- Negative reviews have both pros and cons. Negative reviews also show real trust and experience of the customers. So, both negative and positive reviews are very important for any kind of business.