Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Why Should Adopt the Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

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2018 was a race to finish the year for digital India. With 16% rapid growth in smartphone usage, India exceeded the US to become the fastest growing mobile market this year. As internet perception increases, digital marketing trends are also increasing. Top digital marketing company in Delhi will help you a lot to choose the latest digital marketing trends. We are going to explain the latest digital marketing trends and predictions to look out for in 2019.

1- Search to become smarter, quicker and crisper

Google will increase to serve answers than outcomes. All the why’s, how’s and where’s will reply within Google search without a click out. Content websites and brands will require to adapt to provide the answers directly to stay relevant to search engine optimization. Google’s search AI will grow to forecast the following queries and replies with more accuracy.

2- Video Destroyed “Text” Star

The video will remain to dominate social channels live videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. A bigger section of the fresh internet users is very comfortable with consuming content video than on text. Brands identifying this upsurges share of the digital marketing spend to change to video.

3- Users Accepting “Visual Search”

An innovative wave of visual search can boost the search experience for users. Pinterest has tested it with their lens that permits users to take a lovely picture of an article and search where to buy it.

4- Amazon as a marketing channel

It is to grow importantly remaining to its rich client data & being the beginning point for product searches. Amazon’s rising position as a product discovery platform would make Google put great efforts in increasing and servicing the share of its product searches.

5- AIl in Social Media

Many amazing features on social media channels previously have AI working in the background. From image acknowledgment to an auto recommendation of products, AI will rise to power social media.

6- Whatsapp Ads

With anti-advertising organizers creating an exit, Whatsapp is now prime real-estate for Facebook ads expansion. Whatsapp Status will be the foremost and important testing ground and meta-data sharing between Facebook and Whatsapp will upsurge.

7- Evolution of digital adoption in T4 & beyond

It will push video, voice and vernacular to grow in the expansion of regional OTT video content and advertising and voice search. In the rural and semi-urban markets, marketing campaigns and digital product launches to move progressively from Mobile-first to Mobile-Only.

8- Distribution- key in Content Marketing

Content will play a big role in the product and brand promotions as the propagation of ads on social channels saturates and content can inspect for product discoverability in an advanced way.

9- Stories Will Propagate Engagement

Stories, especially on Instagram will continue to grow more features as more brands and individuals take to sharing micro-content through stories.

10- Brands must be on Brand

Brands will progressively attempt to insert themselves into the continuing conversation on Social media. The ones that do it in a special way, will flourish in interpreting that to Digital PR and constant brand presence.

All these digital marketing trends are very helpful for rapid business growth. Still, if you have any confusion related to them, you can ask from top digital marketing company in Delhi anytime whenever you have irritating questions.

Conclusion- With the rising latest technology, the trends are always changing and when it comes to the digital technology world, we should be well aware of all the latest digital trends to keep pace with the competitive market.