Content Writing Tips- How to Write a Good Content

Content Writing Tips: How to Write a Good Content?

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A lot of people out of the world want to excel in content writing and opt for this as a career. But it is also the fact that it is not an easy job for all. The one who is ready to make a career in content writing field, he/she should be highly proficient and knowledgeable so that can create unique content on various topics. The people who viewed your content will definitely be an over-whelmed. To rank your content in Google, it is very necessary to learn about How To Write Good Content. So here are some Content Writing Tips by which you can create high-quality content in no time. The blog post is all about the tips and tricks for writing eye-catching content.


A Step-By Step Guide For Writing Good Quality Content 

Go through the instructions mentioned underneath as the given tactics and plan will help you out in creating good content. Let’s have a glance at below:

Always Start Writing After Research

Always Start Writing After Research


Try not to post anything without a subtle research. Identify your aim first about the topics on which you want to write up and then start writing. Are you trying to raise traffic, or advertising something or you are doing it just out of hobby. You must also understand what your audience wants and what is right for them. After answering such small questions, you can finally settle to what to write exactly?




Always try to write content without any grammar mistakes. No one wants to read poor-quality English. Use Grammar checker tools like Grammarly to track your grammatical errors so that you can correct them instantly. A little bad job at grammar can dry away your audience. Forget what you learned in school as time to time many things are updated or changed. There is nothing wrong with the rules, it just that sometimes they make modern English sound cumbersome. If your customer needs to pull out a thesaurus, you are giving them a bad time. Write with your natural vocabulary if you want to reach out and capture their focus.

Target Your Keyword

Target Your Keyword


Do you know how your audiences reach your posts? It’s through the targeted keywords that you used in the content. You need to be clear about the subject and try to use the most appropriate and searchable keyword for everything that you run. Not only with your blog posts, even with your video marketing the keyword matters. Therefore, before using any keyword, search them on Google and opt the one who is in trend.


Learn The Art Of Creating Awesome Subtitle

The sub-heading should be self-descriptive about the content encapsulated within it. Looking at the subheadings the reader judges if what he is searching is available in your content or not. Write, erase and rewrite your subheadings until you are sure about the title. The potential customer will simply look at the sub-headings and will decide if he should stay on the page or move on to the next blogger.

Start From Basic

A big question always came in beginners that How to start writing unique content? Start writing with your own personal blog and that’s where you will become a market-ready content writer. Drive your ambitions from the real world by upscaling your skills. Try to read the different post and daily newspaper as much as you can. Reading new stuffs on internet are also a great way to achieve improvement in writing.

Keep It Clear, Concise And Focused

Most important thing you can do for your content is to keep it to the point. To attract the readers, your content needs to be as focused on subject as possible. So don’t glaze over other concepts that aren’t essential to your main point. Remember keeping the content clearly and concise is equally important. Right so your reader will understand the content with no effort and knock it chocked up in fancy talk.

Work In Paragraph

One way to stick people to your content is remember to work in paragraphs and always keep the paragraphs short for easy scanning. Humans are built to embrace success. And this is the same reason why you get to see so many achievements in the video games. Creating a video in blog will be an additional part in the uniqueness of content. With every successive paragraph the reader gains a subconscious feeling of victory which drives them to finish the article.

Editing Is Important

Do a thorough revision throughout your content to ensure that not even a single point is missing to insert in your content, or you don’t have made any type of silly mistakes. As always the finest content will be impactful towards the people. While editing try to find as much errors as you can in the content so that you could fix them in a short time and make your content better. Break up your editing into phases. For the first phase, simply read through the piece of content. Did you get all the points across that you wanted to? Identify the issue and eliminate them from top to bottom. Double check your spelling, grammar and other things.

For deriving better content out of your mind you can also try longhand. When you write something on the particular topic with your handwritten, it forces your brain to slow down and put more thoughts into the text. This may be a key for turning out higher quality material.


Watch Out The Length

Ensure the length matches the depth of the content. Explain subject clearly and easily understandable as per the requirement. Not many people like to read lengthy paragraphs. So watch out your length while writing.


Read What You Have Written

Read the text loudly and see where it gets too wordy. Most people are self-vocalize which means they read the word aloud in their head which makes disruption in the flow of text. Save this step for the last since you will be editing most of the text. Never ever try to mix things together as it doesn’t give quality content. Make sure you do not make mistakes in use of some words like “there, instead of their and they’re, then, than, bed, bad”. Nothing will undermine your credibility faster than those.


Make The Content Actionable

Make The Content Actionable


Talking about your success in writing field is fine but what your customer really wants to know is how they can do it too. By creating actionable content, your audience will be insisted to try out the provided items immediately. This will be a strong and good reason to make people visit to your article again and again. A good way to do this is to create a list or highlight key task in your content to help the reader specifically identify what they need to do. It builds trusts because you have given them tasks and they can try for themselves in order to experience immediate results and nothing sells like positive results.


Add Images

Images can take a decent post and make it great. The key to sharable content is to find relatable graphics. See it for yourself and then consider while you are reading an article. One is simple text based and another is included with relevant graphics. Which one would you like to visit? Make sure the images that you will use are relevant to the subject. Otherwise there is no point to add images in the content. The image that you use in the content should be fruitful to the reader. For example, using a picture of blank computer screen when writing about technological issues is completely pointless. Instead you could try using a shot of man pulling his hair out. When you find images that are emotional appeal, your customer who are likely in the same position, will be better able to relate to your content. Lastly, try to find a creative and infographic by having graphics paired with your content, you are offering material that’s easier to read and understand.


Try To Provide Facts

Try To Provide Facts

You need to beef up some areas with more facts and statistics to attract the reader. For example some facts as,” According to Forbes, when people started to use images in the article, views increased by about 94%.  That’s a too large percentage to pass up.” Statements like these increase the weightage as well as quality of your content. Using facts and statistics in the content makes reader think they are getting right information that they were actually looking for and hence calculated information about the subject. This also generates trust.


Provide Answers

No one wants to finish an article with more questions than they arrived with. Again, people are hitting your blog and giving it their time for a reason, keep in mind that, in the headlines, you have promised the reader to get a content that they are searching for. So, you got to be sure that you provide people what they are looking for. If you have trouble in knowing about whether you have sufficiently answered the questions or not, try reading your content from the perspective of a customer, and then think of questions they might ask. It can be difficult to explain to a beginner a topic you are well versed in. but by putting yourself in their shoes, you can eliminate all of their complications in a short while.


Where To Find Blogging Ideas And Better Thoughts?

Are you beginner and want to start career in writing field? If yes, then before writing first you need to find the blogging ideas, topics and outstanding thoughts. It is very common for the beginners to come-up with the relevant trending topics to write about. So, here are four things that could assist you develop topics that your customers want to read about. Give a glimpse of the following statements:

Where To Find Blogging Ideas And Better Thoughts


  • Interview Your Customers: 

Take couple of times from your quality time to communicate with the customers and find out what information they want to see on your website.


  • Need Content Ideas? Quora Is Your Answer: 

Quora is the platform where questioning and answering activities are done. It is the place where questions are asked, answered and followed by people accessing the website. Through this platform, you will get to know what people require and hence will be helpful in develop content ideas.


  • Consider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

It is highly suggested to all to insert FAQ section in their website if they want to Write Good Content.


  • Optimize Old, Top-Performing Blog Posts: 

This sounds simple and easy, no? Well, it’s actually a quick and effective way to rank higher for the blog post, and get additional organic traffic to your website. Look for your top-performing blog posts and add additional perceptive information. Though the content may be evergreen, there may have been additional updates in the industry that can be added to your content.



These tips are very easy and simple to get a better understanding of a way to Write Good Content in less time and effort. It’s not like writing great content is reserved only for poets, play writer like Shakespeare. Anyone who focuses on the basic rules and sees some common observable things can attain it and write whatever they want to in the best way. I have tried to sum up everything regarding How To Write Good Content? So, you can take effectual ideas in order to write an article in the correct format. I hope this article was very much useful for you. Thanking you to spend your precious time reading the post.