Amazon PPC Strategy Guide

Amazon PPC Strategy Guide: How to Create Your First Campaign?

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Amazon is one of the most popular advertising platforms, which is giving a successful platform for sellers to make more sales. Advertising on Amazon is the excellent way for sellers to generate sales quickly. It also helps business people to build brand awareness. If you want to advertise your products on Amazon, a popular advertising platform, you may have some questions such as-


A List of Questions While Advertising Products on Amazon


while advertising products on Amazon


  1. What Is Amazon PPC advertising?
  2. What is the cost of Amazon PPC?
  3. How can you create an Amazon ad campaign?

By studying this guide, you can learn more about Amazon PPC advertising strategy and how to create first campaign. You will learn whole process how to create first campaign successfully.


What is Amazon PPC Advertising?


Amazon PPC is the quickest process as a pay-per-click advertising via Amazon advertising as well as Amazon’s ad platform. By using PPC, Advertisers have to pay only when a users makes click on the ad. Mostly sellers use Amazon advertising PPC to make more sales, build brand awareness online, and Make Amazon store visits and many more.


What is the cost of Amazon PPC advertising?


Advertising costs on Amazon, a successful advertising platform change extensively. The average cost per click is nearly $0.77. The advertiser pays when anyone clicks on their ads. This amount is very average; therefore you can have lower or higher PPC costs on Amazon, a popular advertising platform.


Learn smart tips to work on Amazon PPC, a successful advertising platform


Before starting work on Amazon PPC, you must learn smart tips to know how PPC works on Amazon.  A complete Amazon PPC Strategy Guide will help you to work on Amazon PPC successfully.


How to work on Amazon PPC?


  • An Interested shopper finds Amazon for “Toilet Paper Holder” keyword
  • Amazon accumulates all desired and relevant ads that is mainly targeting “Toilet Paper Holder” keyword
  • The Amazon Ad with the maximum bid wins the sale
  • Amazon, an admirable advertising platform shows the winning ad
  • An advertiser or shopper clicks on the winning ad rightly
  • The winning advertiser pays 2nd highest bid

The main fact that Amazon executes on a 2nd price auction draws the attentions of countless advertisers or sellers.


What is a second price auction? What is the real meaning of second price auction?


If you don’t know exactly what a second price auction is, it actually means that winning bidder does not pay their winning bid.  In its place, they need to pay the bid of the second-highest bidder. For instance, if you bid $5 firstly, your business partner bids $4, and another business associate bids $3. Finally, you would win the auction and pay $4. It is so because it is the second highest bid.



What types of ads can use for Amazon PPC?


What types of ads can use for Amazon PPC


While choosing Amazon PPC, you can select three kinds of ads, which are explained below. You can learn more about Ads that can display on Amazon, a winning advertising platform.


1-What are sponsored products?


Sponsored products are known as Amazon ads that advertise only a single product. Sellers or advertisers use the right keywords to target sellers or shoppers with these Amazon ads.

For Instance– an advertiser or seller can target the keyword “Toilet paper holder”, and “mental toilet paper holder” to reach out advertisers or shoppers seeking for a fresh toilet paper holder.


Know the people, who can use sponsored products-


You must know about the people, who can use the sponsored products. Here is a list of party that can use sponsored products.

  1. Professional sellers
  2. Vendors
  3. Book vendors
  4. Kindle Direct Publishing  authors
  5. Agencies


Important Note- It is very important that products must match some types of requirements for becoming a sponsored product. They should be qualified for buy box category and engage one of the given categories sufficiently available for advertising. The declared categories, which cannot use sponsored products are refurbished and used products, adult products as well as products in the bunged categories.


Where do sponsored products display?

You can get the sponsored products in the following locations on Amazon, a right platform for advertising.

  1. Top of search results
  2. Along with search results
  3. Within search results
  4. Product pages

In conclusion, sponsored products can display on both mobile and desktop gadgets.


What can be an estimated daily cost of Sponsored Products?


The lowest amount on a daily basis for sponsored products is $1. Importantly, Amazon strongly suggests a budget of $5 or more, even though your bid and budget will depend on many factors like keyword selection, your product and competitors. For the excellent outcomes, you need to start with small budget firstly and increase your budget based on your ad performance.


2- Sponsored Brands


Sponsored brands can help sellers to advertise three products and an Amazon store. Just Like sponsored products, sellers or advertisers can use keywords appropriately for the sponsored brands to target the shoppers or buyers. Sponsored brands can create the product sales and build brand awareness for buyers as well as shoppers finding their buying options suitably.


The parties, who can use sponsored brands

  1. Vendors
  2. Book vendors
  3. Vendors Agencies
  4. Professional sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry program

Products advertised through sponsored brands should be fresh and can’t be the following product categories-

  1. Adult
  2. Used
  3. Refurbished


Where do sponsored brands display?

Sponsored brands can display in the following locations on Amazon, an advertising platform-

  1. On top of search results
  2. Along with search results
  3. Within search results

Important note– These ads can show on both desktop and mobile gadgets.


What is the cost of sponsored brands?


The lowest amount on a daily basis for sponsored brands is $1.


3-Sponsored Display


Sponsored Display Ads can be used to promote only a single product. With Amazon PPC ad, sellers or advertisers can target buyers or shoppers based on their shopping activities such as products sight or relevant purchases. Sponsored display does not target the keywords. In its place, it totally depends on automation and machine learning to generate huge sales of your promoted product.


The parties, who can use sponsored display?

  1. Agencies
  2. Vendors
  3. Professional sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry

Important note-Advertisers can’t advertise products restricted by Amazon for sponsored display ads such as-

  1. Adult products
  2. Alcohol
  3. Recommendation drugs and gadgets
  4. Weapons such as fireworks, pepper spray, and Air soft guns


Where does sponsored display come into view?


Sponsored display ads can show in the following locations-

  1. Third-party apps and websites
  2. Product information or product associated pages
  3. The ads will appear on your targeted location

For instance-When you target on “Interests”, your ads will show on your product information or product associated pages on Amazon, an advertising platform. By targeting interests, you are highly targeting users with a verified interest in the product classes associated to your promoted product.


What is the cost of sponsored display ads?


You can spend small or big budget on sponsored displays ads, it totally depends on your investment. There is no limit for sponsored display ads. As you know very well, you can begin with a small budget. Starting with a big budget will measure the performance of your ads and find out how much must you invest in your campaign and ads.



Amazon PPC : Steps to Create Your First Campaign


Steps to Create Your First Campaign


If you want to advertise your products using Amazon PPC advertising, you must learn smart tips to create your first campaign.


Step1- Select your products to promote or advertise


First of all, you need to decide which products to advertise. Whether you want to create sponsored display ads, sponsored brands, or sponsored products, you will possibly choose some products to promote up.  If you’re going to launch a sponsored brands ads, you must think more about how your products will work mutually to make more clicks and generate more sales.


Some important factors that you can use to select your products-

  1. Product sales
  2. Product ranking
  3. Product popularity

For instance, you might promote up a high-selling product in a sponsored brands ads and to increase the brand awareness. Or you might use sponsored products to advertise a new brand and low-ranking product from your organization.


Step2- Research your targeting keywords


When you’re making a guidebook campaign, you choose your products and research keywords. When you advertise or promote up on Amazon, you have the appropriate option to make manual or automatic campaigns. Using the automatic campaigns, Amazon accumulates the right keywords for your ad to target automatically. On other hand, manual campaigns depend on you to provide the targeted keywords.

Amazon strongly suggests starting with automatic campaigns and after that moving on top of manual ones. If you look for researching and compiling keywords, you must use a tool such as keywords everywhere or Sonar to find out the keywords. These tools will help you along with the monthly search volume, average CPC, and competition for searches on Amazon, a successful advertising platform. When you find your keywords, ensure that they should match your products and search intent.

For Instance– If you search “Wood Toilet Paper Holder”, and you sell a metal toilet paper holder, you desire to ignore targeting that keyword.


Step3- Optimize your product listings rightfully


When you look for to use manual or automatic campaigns, you must optimize your product listings. Optimizing your product listings for SEO will assist you to make your ad campaign budget. It will be very helpful to rank higher in the organic search results on Amazon.

If you observed right keywords in the former instruction, you need to incorporate them into your products

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Features

When you finish optimizing your product listings, you are fully prepared to create your Amazon PPC advertising campaign.


Step4- Create your Campaign


You must start on your first campaign just by following these instructions-

  • Sign into your Amazon account
  • Click on “Advertising” button
  • Choose “Create campaign”

You need to choose the right option from three ads-

  • sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display

Now let us concentrate on creating a Sponsored Products campaign. When you select your ad category, Amazon will ask you to give the following details-

  • Your campaign name
  • Your start date
  • Your end date (optional)
  • Your daily campaign budget

For the excellent outcomes, you need to create a campaign name that follows a precise format to keep your campaigns planned.


Step5- Select you’re targeting


When you complete the primary campaign setup, Amazon will have you to select your targeting setting. So, you need to pick up between manual or automatic targeting:-

Manual Targeting: Amazon uses properly your supplied keywords and bids to provide your ads.

Automatic Targeting-Amazon users your product details to target your ads.

Amazon strongly suggests the automatic targeting, while launching a new ad campaign. That’s reason because Amazon will provide you with keyword data over time, giving you along with the details about which keywords perform excellently, that you can use to start a manual campaign. No matter which button that you can choose, Amazon will ask you to complete the following things-

You need to add any ad groups such as one for product A and one for product B.

You must choose which products to promote up

You need to set a default bid for all types of products that you can customize correctly

If you chosen automatic targeting, Amazon will start and review your campaign successfully

If you selected manual targeting option, you must go for next step.


Step6- Upload your keywords


By using manual targeting for Amazon PPC, you can make the best usage up to 1000 keywords per ad group. You can upload or add keywords along with your full keyword list. If you try to add keywords manually, Amazon will strongly recommend the keywords to add successfully. You can select below keyword options-

  1. Broad
  2. Phrase
  3. Exact
  4. Negative phrase
  5. Negative exact match

You can understand various keyword match categories can assist you to create an affordable ad campaign. You must update your targeted keywords on a daily basis using your campaign data that can assist you to find the negative keywords to target mainly.

By performing above methods, you can create the first campaign by using Amazon PPC advertising.  PPC on Amazon provides your business a profitable way to advertise or sell your products on the most admirable largest e-commerce platform.





If you want to advertise your products on Amazon using PPC, you must have knowledge to create the first campaign on Amazon. If you don’t have full knowledge about Amazon PPC advertising, you need to perform above procedure to create the first campaign on Amazon.