A Tour to Know Responsive Display Ads in Detail

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You can’t turn your face to the fact that in this digital era, competition is way too high in the field of digital marketing. Every digital marketer is competing with thousands of other competitors in their respective domains. To prove themselves better than each other, everyone is just putting their best efforts to represent themselves in the best possible manner in front of the customers and get the first rank on search engine result pages. To take you ahead in this race, responsive display ads are playing an effective role.

A Tour to Know Responsive Display Ads in Detail

Are you thinking about what responsive display ads are all about? Don’t worry; here you would get a comprehensive guide on these ads along with their incredible benefits for your business. Let’s first know what are responsive display ads.

These ads are adjustable according to available space on the Google display network. Responsive ads adjust their sizes, format, and appearance easily. These kinds of ads are called Responsive display ads. They are mainly used for standard display & smart display campaigns. For creating these outstanding ads, you need to upload images, logos, videos, descriptions & headlines). With the information given by you, Google generates ads automatically for showing it on the Google display network.

A new format of Responsive display ads:

Now you can include up to 205 characters of text. In addition, now you can upload images twice large as before on the Google display network. A new format of the ads supports digital marketers and aids in increasing their business by attracting a large number of customers.

Benefits of Response Display Ads

1- Save time and efforts

You can save lots of effort and precious time by using responsive display ads. These ads reduce your time to manage portfolios. Also, you don’t need to perform the A/B testing on these ads. In addition, there is no need for handling various campaigns.

2- Optimize inputs for more conversions

The best part of these responsive display ads is that Google makes the best combinations from the information given by you. Google makes the best performing ads with a few given inputs by you. These ads can have up to 5 logos, 5 descriptions, fifteen images, and five headlines. These ads are highly beneficial for bringing large traffic to your website and increasing your conversion rates and overall sales.

3- Monitoring the performance of each asset is possible

In responsive display ads, you can easily track or monitor the performance of each asset such as image, title, headline, description, and others. It is an advantage of using these ads that you can analyze where traffic is coming or which asset is performing better.

4- Ideal with the dynamic remarketing

You can use responsive ads with dynamic remarketing campaigns. Responsive dynamic ads are ideal to display in static as well as dynamic formats.

5- Able to adjust in various ad placement

Responsive ads are ideal to fit in several ad placements across the web. These ads manage automatically their format and size. It can be displayed as a text ad even in a mobile app. In addition to this, this type of ad can be visible as a banner ad on the sites.

How to create Responsive display ads

Creating Responsive display ads is very easy because these ads can be created by using the AdWords interface. For creating these ads

  • Firstly, you have to go on the Adwords interface and then have to select the “+Ad” button.
  • After that, you have to choose “Responsive Ads” from the drop-down.
  • Now you would be able to specify the descriptions for ads, headlines, advertise names,s, and other information.
  • Then, you would get the option to choose your own image for the ads or you can take the pictures which Google will provide from your websites as suggestions.
  • You can preview how now how your ads would appear on the display network.
  • Ads would work as a wonderful tool for SMB advertisers.

The best part of these ads is that anyone can make these attractive ads on the Google display network that even without a graphic designer. So, without thinking much, you can use responsive display ads for your business because they can be a game-changer for your business.

Responsive Display Ads advantages for business

Responsive display ads are good for the business because they drive traffic to your website. These ads are ideal for attracting a large audience to your website. When there is an increase in traffic, there would be a huge conversion which means more sales. Overall it contributes to boosting the business to the next level. The main advantages of ads are that they bring huge traffic on any website that even in very little time.

In addition to this, these ads are extremely good for any business because they represent the products/services in an eye-catchy way in front of potential customers. Apart from this, these ads are wonderful for explaining the attractive details of any business.


Responsive Display ads are the best because they develop the creative outcome that even within less time. These ads are rocking nowadays because, in very less time, you can drive huge traffic to your website and introduce your brand to a large number of people. Apart from this, it has various features such as video assets, Ad scorecards, combinations tab, and others that make it unique and perfect.