Website Redesign Without Hurting Rankings

Tips for Website Redesign Without Hurting Rankings

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It is very simple for any website to become bulky and difficult to manage, both for the webmaster and visitor. As your business grows rapidly, your website should familiarize, but you might add new pages in a fairly haphazard manner. Over time, your website can become unwieldy and dated. When some websites can be pinched, many times a complete redesign is the best option.

Before you begin creating your new website, it is very important to rest and consider how the redesign will affect your SEO. Expecting issues and designing solutions is better than attempting to resolve the errors after they take place. Here are some important steps to redesign the website without hurting your website’s rankings. Website redesigning company helps you a lot to redesign the site without affecting your SEO’s Rankings.

Website Structure-Website Structure is an Important Part of SEO

Your website’s structure is an important part of search engine optimization. One of the main errors, people make during a redesign is to decrease the number of pages. By all the ways, come out from pages, which have thin content or unfixable structural errors and duplicate content. For the most part, it is better to retain those pages and establish 301 redirects to the fresh and improved pages.


Varying your website domain can harm your site’s search engine rankings if not you plan a strategy in the advance. If you do not move from the old website to the new one, you will have the same or identical content in two places. So, search engines will avoid new duplicated web pages. The best process is to hide new website using, “ index” meta tag until you are fully prepared to flip the switch. Check carefully 301redirect all of the old webpages to new webpages on the new domain.

Backlinks- Backlinks Are the strength of SEO

Backlinks are the backbone of search engine optimization. They indicate Google that yours is a relevant, important website that other websites admire. Other webmasters are not possible to search via their links and change them to point to your fresh site. It means that their links to your old website will result in the dreaded 404 page not found errors. It provides poor user experience and weighs down your search rankings.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays an important role in the redesign procedure. You need to audit any pages that you are paying attention to Title tags, meta descriptions, headers(h1, h2, h3, etc.), and of course, content on the web page. While creating new pages, check they are rich in authoritative content, and 100% concentrated on the keywords you’re attempting to rank for in the search engines. Check the internal linking structure carefully that it is logical, clear, and easy to follow.

Off-Page SEO- Effective Technique of SEO

Off-page SEO denotes to all the things that indicate Google that your website is worth visiting like the number of websites connecting to your site. When you are not able to control over such factors, planning for them is similar as it was for your previous site. Create top-quality content that users want to read and share, use remarkable headlines to induce them to click, and make it simple for users to share your content through social sharing options. Apart from all these tips and tricks, just by choosing a website redesigning company, you can know more about important tips and tricks of the redesigning process hurting SEO rankings.

Conclusion- Redesigning your website does not mean that it can lose its rankings and SEO results. Take the time to design your existing site and create a plan for the redesign, and you must see only minimal effects from the changeover.