HTML Over Flash

Why We Should Use HTML Over Flash?

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After domain registration and hosting process, your website undergoes the process of development. An important question comes in the mind that how your website will create? There are many design languages that you can use, the most popular of them Flash and HTML. Let’s see both pros and cons of HTML and flash, which language is the best for your website. Best SEO services in India are extremely helpful to make you capable of choosing the best design language.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is announced in the Internet’s beginnings in 1991. It is designed to organize and manage content well. It permits you to build web pages, and HTML code is written to text, images, post links, and more to these web pages. The latest version is HTML5, bringing video and animation integration straight to your website.

Pros-HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

  • Compatible with all screen formats, making your website readable and accessible from any type of devices such as PCs, tablets, and mobile.
  • Search Engine Optimization- If you have important keywords in the content of your website, your site will optimize for the search engine.
  • Quick Loading. No more plugins are compulsory.
  • Simple to learn and easy to use. Even a beginner can obtain the hang of HTML swiftly.
  • CMS Integration- Simple to use and install, hundreds of pre-built CMS will permit you to use HTML without identifying a bit of code quickly.

Cons-HTML in the Comparison of HTML vs Flash

  • Browser support is a key factor. The latest browsers support HTML5. You will discover that older browsers do not give you a similar improved browsing experience as new browser version.
  • Media Licensing Concerns. Despite licensing problems, media should crush in a wide variety of the formats to make it compatible with the browsers. It takes a lot of time, but this problem might address in the form of updates.


Macromedia’s Flash provides you the power to add animated content and video to your site. For flash content to work, you should have a flash plugin. Web designers love it very much. They can make engaging and extremely interactive web page elements to gratify the user.


  • Adding animated content is very simple.
  • Interesting website. Along with flash animation improving your site, users will find out the design more appealing.
  • Fast to download and display, in fact, it is more disk space efficient rather than bitmap formats and making it small in the size.
  • Bandwidth well-organized.
  • A big community of designers to offer support when required.

Cons Pick Up HTML in the comparison of HTML vs Flash

  • No SEO Aid. Search engines do not take care of the flash content.
  • Not compatible with all the screens. Those seeing your page on their smartphone or tablet cannot observe your elegant a flash animation.
  • One more download for the user. To be able to read the code, the user should have flash player installed on their computer system.
  • Adobe selected to end support for flash after 2020. Companies websites and applications would upgrade to the latest media platforms to create safe. Tools are also available to convert Flash to HTML5.

You can limit Flash to detailed business functions away from the additional network if you don’t want to remove it. Still, if you have any confusions, Best SEO services in India may be the better option for you.

Conclusion- Flash has been seen long as a better alternative to add audio, video, and graphics to a website. Yet, today with the introduction of HTML5, HTML based websites are no longer confined to the static pages and can be more interactive than ever. HTML5 is previously supported by mobile OS and devices.