Top web analytics tools for SEO

Top Web Analytics Tools for SEO

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Conclusion- Top web analytics tools are extremely important for search engine optimization procedure. These tools are very helpful to measure SEO success.

Search engine optimization is a multidimensional industry with tons of effective techniques designed and developed to push your website to the forefront. But how do you know whether your determinations are repaying? Certain, you will possibly find that you obtain more subscribers to your website or be obtaining more purchases from new customers on your e-commerce business website, but that is not the right way of measuring your SEO success. So, how do you know just how visible your website is? Thus, web analytics tools may be very helpful for measuring search engine optimization. They are the greatest tools for analyzing the progress of SEO services in India in order to obtain the guaranteed results.

What Do You Understand by Web Analytics?

Web analytics is an effective procedure of analyzing how visitors on your website behave. There are a lot of ways in which it is over and the kind of data you will receive via web analysis. Actually, “web analytics” is a term used to define the collection of data relating to your website’s performance. It is specially designed to provide website owners details on how visible their website is and what kind of interaction is taking place between the website and its visitors.

Why use web Analytics Tools?

Web analytics tools are very helpful to make website analysis simple. The idea is to collect, organize precisely and recent data on your website’s performance for you. The aim of these tools is to make accessing this data without having to read via online sales records, track down how many times a page has been shared or count the number of the comments on every post. These tools are very helpful to make this decision-making procedure simpler for you, therefore you can concentrate on applying your improved approaches compared attempting to comprehend which strategy will work the best for you.

Important Web Analytics Tools Help to Measure SEO Progress

1- Adobe Analytics

Adobe is a leading brand name when it comes to software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, the most popular PDF reader, and numerous other programs stand the company name. Adobe analytics provides real-time analytics to make ground to potential investors and promoters “on the spot”. You will be capable to track user activity on social media, third-party data integration for mobile and videos users.

2- Angelfish Actual Metrics

Angelfish Actual Metrics helps to make understanding and viewing statistics on how your visitors interact with your website. This tool also keeps your combined data within your network’s limitations, verifying complete data safety and building it a valid another option to Google analytics.

3- Awstats

Awstats shows visitors according to their user agent and IP address. It helps to analyze an unexpected amount of details comprising log files from HTTP, FTP servers and gushing media.


BBCLONE will inform you correctly which page or pages viewed by the visitors at what time and for how long they have been active on your website. You will obtain information on how many times that visitor has been to your website and this tool will number your visitors for you too.


Analytics for editors make the complete research the tagline on chart beat’s website and seeing its concentration on real-time data output. This tool gives you alert to any server downtime so that you can follow up instantly.


Clicky is one of the most powerful tools for web analytics in the market that provides real-time updates. The main dashboard might be a little awesome for beginners, but you will soon learn to love the variability of available statistics. It comprises a link report that informs you precisely which external websites and pages are actively guiding users to your own. Apart from all these tools, if you want to know more about tools, SEO services India is the right place where you can get more ideas about web analytics tools. Thus, just by choosing anyone, you can get the grand success in the search engine optimization process. As well, you can view the performance of your website from time to time.