Top 5 Reasons Why Ruby On Rails Is So Popular

Top 5 Reasons Why Ruby On Rails Is So Popular

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Have you ever wondered why Ruby on Rails is so popular among web developers?


If yes, then today, you will get answers to all your doubts.


Ruby on Rails was initially released in 2004, almost 16 years ago. To its surprise, it is still considered as the most reliable and top website development framework all around the world.


Ruby on Rails, also known as just Rails is an open-source server-side web app framework. The framework is written in Ruby programming language under MIT license.


In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why Ruby on Rails is so popular not only among seasoned developers but for beginners too. This blog will also help you understand if Ruby on Rails matches your requirement and serves you as the best web apps development framework.


If you are also a startup struggling to find a decent web app development framework, then you should read this blog and find out how Ruby on Rail can be the best bet for you.



What You Can Build On Ruby On Rail?


What You Can Build On Ruby On Rail?


Given below are the web solutions that can be built on Ruby on Rails:


  1. APIs and Web apps
  2. Applications for Smartphones and PC
  3. Various sort of command-line tools
  4. Java Web-based applications
  5. Client-side web APIs
  6. Test suites for testing non-Ruby apps
  7. Mobile games for PCs as well as Smartphones

And many more.


A lot can be done with Ruby on Rails, but you can get the most out of it if your web apps belong to any of these classes.


  • Content Management System (CMS): If your goal is to develop a web solution focusing on exhibiting articles, audiobooks, videos, etc. then Ruby on Rail is the best bet for you.


  • E-commerce or Marketplace: With a modular approach, ROR can develop efficient and user-friendly web solutions of your dream.


  • Solutions for Customer Database: No matter what your business model is when it comes to managing databases on a higher level, RoR is the best choice of developers.


  • Subscription Sites/Social Networking Sites: Whether you want to build a subscription-based website, or sites offering social networking services, with a wide variety of plug-ins available, you can make your site stand out of the crowd.


Some of the top websites built on Ruby on Rails are Netflix, GitHub, Twitter, Slideshare, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Zendesk.



Why Is Ruby On Rails So Popular?


1. It’s Free To Use


If you are looking for a web development framework that is not only fabulous but cost-efficient, then you’ve got your answer. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework which means it is absolutely free to use for anyone interested in it.


Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development framework having massive community support, yet you don’t need to purchase the software to use it.


You can simply install it on your supported device and get started right away. Although the framework is easy to use, one can also learn its way around ROR quickly with the help of its wide variety of documentation and tutorials.


In short, you are getting everything plus more with Ruby on Rails without putting any strain on your pocket.


2. Easy To Understand


Whether you’ve already heard it or not, Ruby on Rails is famous for its simplicity. Even beginners can learn to use this framework pretty soon if given proper efforts and time.


If you are a developer looking to switch your web development framework and don’t want to spend too much time just learning another programming language, then Ruby on Rail is the best bet for you.


In comparison to other frameworks, it would be easy for beginners to develop web solutions on ROR.


3. Massive Online Community


Having a massive community says a lot about the reputation of technology. It is also one of the reasons that make the framework handy for developers.


Whether you encounter an issue or need help learning the new language or simply have a query, you can find answers to all your questions online without the need of calling for support. While with other not so popular frameworks, the same thing can waste a lot of your time due to lack of documentation and tutorials.


You can easily find multiple websites, chat systems as well as forums dedicated to Ruby on Rails and get answers to any of your questions right away from the experts.


4. Developing Websites and Web Apps With ROR is Quick


Time plays a vital role in web development. The faster you could develop a website or web app, the more you’ll be able to focus on other important aspects.


The easy to use interface and features on ROR allows developers to create sites and applications faster as compared to its competitors. Moreover, Ruby on Rails has an extensive library, readymade templates, modules, etc. that speed up the entire web development procedure incredibly.


With the large libraries, modules, and tools available on Ruby on Rail, there’s no need to start from scratch or even look anywhere else.


5. Utilizes Best Development Practices


With Ruby on Rails, developers won’t have to waste their time in writing long codes. The framework supports the convention of writing less and being able to do more. This is one of the significant reason why Ruby on Rails is so popular.


Another best thing about ROR is that it focuses more on REST (Representations State Transfer) that helps developers utilise the standard HTTP verbs instead of creating new every time, eventually saving them time and effort.


With Ruby on Rails, you can build codes that are clean and include fewer bugs as it is based on DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.





Therefore, Ruby on Rails is free to use, easy to understand and use, a time-saving, secure, popular, and error-free web development framework.


It can develop any kind of website and web applications of any niche without compromising with the quality and yet saving you time.


We personally recommended using Ruby on Rails, if your goal is to develop e-commerce websites, social media sites, customer database solution, etc.