Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Top 10 Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers- Must Know

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Digital marketing is among the hottest areas which are expected to rise in the coming years and therefore, there are innumerable Online Marketing Agencies offering Digital marketing services, internet startups, eCommerce, and various other companies hiring digital marketing professionals, offering creative services to small businesses as well as top brands. 


Digital Marketing Interview Questions


If you wish to make a lucrative career in this domain, you will have to keep yourself updated with online marketing trends and make your company believe that you can assist them in earning more profits online than offline. So, to prepare for your interview related to Digital marketing services, we have come up with the top 10 questions which are trending today.

Trending Digital Marketing Interview Questions with Answers


What is Digital Marketing according to you?

Be clear and honest about what you know but don’t miss the basics. 

Tell them Digital marketing is all about the tactics to market the products/ services (according to the company you applied) via online channels. It includes various sub-categories like SEO, SMO, Link building, Content marketing, Email marketing, PPC, etc.



What are the most efficient Digital Marketing tools you have worked with?

Even if you are a beginner, you must know that Digital marketing is all about the tools you use. Name a few common ones like Keyword Planner, Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. 


Can you tell how keyword targeting is connected to SEO?

A keyword is the basic fundamental unit of SEO. A keyword can be a single word or a string of words searched mostly by our prospects on Google so we can insert them at various places on our website and blogs to get visitors.


What are the bad links and how you characterize bad links?

Bad links are basically links which are not favourable or relatable for the website. They can be characterized as:

  • Irrelevant Website links 

  • Low Pagerank and Low traffic links

  • Broken links

  • Link from the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites

  • Links from those sites that are not in Google index

  • Spam links etc.


What is the best way to get a natural backlink to your site?


We can post relevant and informative guest posts on various websites in our niche with strong DA and PA. This increases our credibility and we can get good backlinks.


Why do you believe that online marketing can be beneficial to our company compared to offline marketing?

The answer to this question is subjective. Tell them why they should opt for online marketing. How with technological advancements, they can get ample opportunities to grow and get a wider audience.


What is your strategy to improve our current business through Digital Marketing?

Do not go with any strategy you applied in the past. Get information about the company, its competitors, its market strategy and then take your time to make a strategy.



What do know about the responsive website and how is it connected to your website ranking?

A responsive website with less response time gives less bounce rate and attracts more visitors. Thus, it’s important for every business irrespective of the niche.


Where can you do keyword optimization?


Keyword optimization can be done in-


  • Website Title

  • Website URL

  • Meta tag

  • Headings

  • Web page content etc.



Do you do a competitive analysis? If yes, why?

Yes, competitive analysis is crucial to sustaining in the market. It’s important to identify the competitors, their strategies and targeting techniques etc. With this analysis, you can establish a good marketing strategy and therefore decide on how to modify your digital marketing services to attract your target audience and how your competitors are getting their customers.